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Enmax (Easymax) / irregularities in billing

1 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: (403)3102010


I have been harassed by irregulaty in easymax billing. A few month ago they did mistake in billing and they did correct their mistake after repeated calling from my side. last month they sent me the correct bill and this month they have added an bill for delivery which they said was not added in my last bill.

As a result of this, I am getting a extra amount of bill at one time which does effect my monthly money plan.

I am approaching you since I belive calling them will not solve the problem. I want a regular, legitimate bill and want all my extra service charges (which arised due to their administrative problem) to be removed from my bill.

Kumud Deka

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  • Ch
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    I too have had multiple problems, I keep calling to figure out my problem and they treat me like I am dumb and that what I had previously discussed with the other agents are wrong and the bill is the same. I feel like they are saying anything to get me off the phone and push the problem till next month. I have worked at a call center before and I understand frustrations but I also sincerely tried to help the people. Not enmax. It is poor service and cant wait for the day that I get the right bill...If I ever will!?!

  • Te
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    EnMax recalculated my Nat Gas bill for the last year. They said I owed them some more money (OK) BUT what they did was charge me $73.93 for GST. At 5% that's $1, 577 worth of NG. I paid GST thru the last year. So, what EnMax did was charge me for GST for the whole year based on the new calculation, but not give me the credit for the GST I paid. I explained this to them, but they are a big corporation. They don't care. Ralph and his cronny's suck!

  • Da
      12th of Sep, 2008
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    Hi There, not really a complaint. But I've tried your 1800 number for some time and can't get thruough. I want to paymy last bill with you that is due this month. Please email or call.

    Dave Peoples

  • Ra
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    Enmax is full of dirty tricks. They work with NCO Financial, a collection Agency that breaks the law.

    Enmax was called to connect power to a rural farm house in Alberta, but would not connect the power because there was a lock on the meter. Enmax wanted to charge the customer $400.00, and when the customer refused to pay, Enmax decided to play a dirty trick on the people.

    NCO Financial, from Belleville, Ontario harasses people, by dialing their phone number every few days, for six months. NCO Financial does not identify themselves, nor make any effort to speak to the people in person. The only purpose NCO Financial has, is to harass the people, by dialing their number, almost evey day for six months. This is illegal.

    Enmax knows this. Enmax is a 'dirty trick' Corporation that can also be considered to be doing things illegally - harassing people without making effort to solve the problem.


  • Ba
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    I wait for the day when Enmax monopoly will be broken. The company is worse than useless, but because there is no competition, they do whatever they please.
    I was billed for a tenant's electricity usage and when I called to complain, I spoke with a supervisor, who asked me to fax the tenant's lease, which I did.

    They have since refused to do anything

  • Tr
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    Enmax stinks.
    I switched from direct Energy to Enmax. What a big mistake I made. I was renting a Condo I had the service for about a year and a half. In the winter of 2005, I with my girlfriend bought a Condo of our own. I informed Enmax that I would be moving and needed my service switched to a new address. I was told by disconnecting my service I would be breaking the contract. I moved and was fined $1, 400 for breaking the contract. I continued to call Enamx over the next six months but I was always refered to a supervisor who would call me back but never did.

    It eventually went to collections. I told them I would never pay it on principle alone. I never wanted to break the contract just transfer it, they broke the contract not me. Now they have a lean on my house. Thanks a lot you clowns.

    Never ever sign with Enmax, they stink.

  • Cu
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    I've been with Enmax for 7 month. Bills paid regulary. Couple of days ago i received a bill for 500$ extra. Called em they said that forgot to charge me for water for the last 6 month. My last bill with water included is 82$. Water only in it is 38$. Now 500 divide 6 is 83.3. I'm still trying to understand how thouse 6 month are different from the last one that i manage to spend twice as much water

  • Mr
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    In April 2009 my wife and I bought our first home. As part of buying our home we had the city install a water meter, and contacted Enmax and informed them that we would like to be billed on metered water service.

    The water meter was installed April 7th, 2009 by a City of Calgary approved agency.

    Every month since that time Enmax has billed us for flat water fees. Every month I have contacted Enmax about problems with our billing.

    In June/July I filed a complaint via the Better Business Bureau, and shortly after Enmax credited my account and refunded service fees for billing and handling for the period up until that current billing. They then charged me for flat fee water again on my next bill. I contacted their customer support and they claimed to escalate to investigations. At that time they refunded the entire water component of my Enmax billing for our billing history with Enmax. Since that time they have continued to bill us flat water fees.

    On my most recent statement for September/October Enmax has billed me for flat water usage from April 30, 2009 to September 23, 2009. The billing totals $299.45 in water charges, and $223.29 in wastewater and drainage charges, a total of $522.74 in incorrect billing, which has made my current bill highly onerous and quite a shock.

    I have consistently contacted Enmax about incorrect billing, credits, and our water services every month since April. I have even contacted them and given them the meter number and readings on two occasions. I have also notified the City of Calgary about the problem. This has become an insane monthly ritual: I get my mail, I open my Enmax bill, I call Enmax and complain.

    They have told me three times they are escalating the problem to investigations. They have told me each month that the problem lies in the City of Calgary. They have told me each month that they will sort out the billing. On my latest communication with the customer service department at Enmax I gave them the lifetime meter reading on our meter, 67.34 cubic meters as of today. The customer service person informed me that the current rate for water billing is $1.25 per cubic meter. That works out to a total of $84.18. Wastewater and Drainage is calculated at 62.62% of the monthly water fee, which works out to $52.71, for a total LIFETIME water usage of $136.89.

    To date Enmax has over-billed us $385.85 since April 2009.

    I am sick of this. If there was an alternative to my water service, I would use it. But there is no alternative, it is a monopoly situation, and I am sick of the wasted time and money.

  • Dd
      13th of Nov, 2009
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    I moved into my house in Oct of 2008. At that time I hooked up Enmax and all was fine. My bills every month were around $140-$180 a month. I thought that was pretty standard. During the summer months my bills dropped to around $45 to $60 a month. Then two months ago I recieved a bill for over $500 dollars. OUCH. I called them and had them excalate it to a manager. All she was concerned about was setting up payment arrangements. I asked them to investigate this further and was told that I should be more on top of my bills that it wasn't my fault if they i didn't notice that I wasn't being charged for one component of my bill. Again, my bills had been pretty standard since I moved in. So after persuading her to look into it further, someone had canceled this component when the former owner called to have her Enmax hooked February. So my bills are the same from Oct to Feb and from Feb till May...hmmmmm. So again I told them that I am not willing to make payment arrangements until they get it sorted out. I have been paying more then my billing amount to help bring the amount down and today I got a disconnection notice. WOW. I need am wondering if anyone knows of a governing agency to report these scam artists too. I think I am moving over to Direct Energy. This is bull. Any advice would help. Thanks.

  • To
      25th of Nov, 2009
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    Same thing. Missing Gas or Eletricity on bills for last few months. Called them yet again and they said it take between 60 and 90 days to get a response from the resolution center?? They say just estimate my bill based on previous bills. Rediculous.

  • Mr
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    ddraig01 - there is nothing you can do, you need to pay the bill out and then move towards getting a refund on your future billing. You should file a complaint with the BBB ( ) and your local Alderman ( or ) and inform them of your problems.

    tonytech - In Calgary you can switch your Gas and Electricity to other carriers based on where you are in the city. Direct energy will typically cover you for both gas and electric. Sadly Water is billed exclusively through Enmax, the City of Calgary has given them carte blanche to make your life hell. You should file a complaint with the BBB ( ) and your local Alderman ( or and inform them of your problems.

    Over all there is a HUGE problem with Enmax doing water billing, they seem unable ( or unwilling ) to pull remote signals from water meters. There also seems to be a disconnect between the City of Calgary Water Works and Enmax, they don't seem to share information on meter installation and new home ownership.

  • Co
      3rd of May, 2010
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    Wow--I had no idea so many people were going through similar/same things with ENMAX. I just received my May due bill, and it had an extra $1029.00 tacked onto it. Apparently, they had not been charging me for natural gas (NG) consumption since last August, when they noticed some discrepancy in the meter reporting that they needed to 'investigate'. It took them 8 MONTHS??!! And no notification or heads up that this 'investigation' was going on, and that I should prepare for an extra whopper of a bill come tax time?!! After talking with the manager, I got them to 'forgive' 40% of the bill, so now I'm looking at less than $700...Still, I have to wonder how a UTILITIES company can operate with such gross negligence bordering on misconduct? Apart from reporting them to the BBB, I wonder if there's any way to demand a public accounting/investigation of this company--maybe a mass boycott or something? --3 years ago, a similar thing happened too, where they didn't charge us for 6 months, blaming it on changing their tech system/access to local (Edmonton-ATCO) reports.--So why the h--- should I be paying any admin fees if no communication is happening anyways? ON this current bill, I just noticed the ATCO fixed + variable charges, plus the Municipal Franchise Fee total over $400!!! That's more than half my reduced outstanding bill, and over one third of my original outstanding!!!

    Really, if anyone on here is a lawyer, please aren't companies required by law to charge total billing per month, else suffer the losses due to their own incompetence? SOMETHING MORE HAS TO BE DONE!! contact me @ if something effective can be organized. Thanks.

  • Bl
      12th of Jun, 2010
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    I've also just received a bill from Enmax for a computer error on there part and now they want over$1100.00. Administration fees that are over 55.00 for what!! Not sending me the proper bill for 8 months! I already paid it once on the original bill so why should I have to pay it again. They decide to tack on a $200.00 deposit fee!! And they are claiming there is a balance forward of $120.00 which I've not seen anything on it before. In all out of the 1160.08 only $420.00 is actually the energy charge all the rest is all the extra crap they added on to it, stuff you can't even argue about because you don't know what the hell it means!! After reading all the blogs on this issue I strongly believe a Class action law suit should started. As a single parent of 3 children I'd like to know where they think I'll come up with this kind of money. We have to have water, power and gas. If any one knows how to fight this company or has had luck in fighting down there bill, please tell me. I really don't know where to turn now. I will certainly complain to BBB but I really don't know what else to do, consult a lawyer I guess? Is this even legal?
    Any help would be much appreciated. You can also contact me at Thanks

  • Is
      20th of Jun, 2010
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    I have been having troubles with Enmax for about 3month, april 2010 I received a bill 684$ I tried to contacts them to fix the problem so I can pay the correct bill, that was a big mistake, the customers service treated me like a [censor], I e-mail them, then they e-mail me back to say just sorry for that.
    June 2010 I received a 1300.00$ bill, I have no Idea why and what can cause that kind of extreme billing, for two people living in a house! This is like we have a restaurant or business in the house to pay 700$ a month...

    If, you are planning any mass complain, count me in...

  • Fr
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    I just received a letter of collection from Nor-Don collection Network this morning on behalf of an amount for 168.81 from Enmax Utilities in my name. I have been on EasyMAX since 2008, having everything billed under one account# which is in good standing ...I get my billing via EPOST and everything is managed and paid for through online banking. I called ENMAX today about it as I was upset to see a collection notice arrive. Apparently sometime back in 2009 the suddenly decided to bill one of the services separate from my arrangement with them (all under one EASYMAX account) and they are saying this account remains unpaid and was sold to collections. I have not received any billings or warnings to my knowledge until today.

    I have a problem with this because I take pride in managing my affairs with the utilities and if they can "out of the blue" set up random associated billing schemes (who even knows what is the purpose of this rogue account?), as you can understand, it becomes difficult to track these services you're billed for, not to mention costs me money in time and administration for having to deal with it on my end, sifting through billings, calling for clarification, waiting on hold. I told them that any new accounts set-up without my consent (whether for adjustment purposes or not?? ) need to be resolved through my active account arrangement. They said this was not possible and I still don't understand what the purpose of this additional or supplementary account# is...

    Is it fair to expect me to pay just because they are the utility and they should know what they are doing? How is it now that I must deal with a collection agent on this issue? Speaking of class-action suits, everyone on here should summarize their dealings with ENMAX down to the hours they spent pursuing clarification on an issue; Action should be taken against this company for chargeback of all Administration fees charged to accounts where there is evidence of misconduct or improper billing pratices, or even utter incompetance in handling an account. Then they should be sued for the sum of those hours that everyone spent in their own Administration efforts dealing with ENMAX's screw-ups.

    I agree with the fella that stated, i'm paraphrasing, "All utilities should be forced to bill for entirety of services only within that billing period, eg. 30 days, and any missed billing due to their own incompetance should be taken at a loss to the company."
    In my mind, the only historical adjustments on account that should be made are those that are in favor of the consumer. This or the billing of Administration Fees and service charges is completely unjustified. This is a utilities company, their service is providing us with power, water, gas, sewer... administration is a part of doing accounting terms :Overhead, it should be unlawful to pass this off to the customer, only in the case of offering special services should this be allowed.

  • Fr
      30th of Jun, 2010
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    Alright, I'm reading what everyone has to say and I am beyond disgusted! My room mates and I are students, trying to get through school and have enough money to eat. Now we're expected to pay a $1300 bill this month! I'm trying to work with Enmax but it's ridiculous and doing nothing. Let's put Enmax to shame. Please send me what you want to say and I will work on getting our voices heard. Email me at

  • Co
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    OK--I actually started writing here @ 4:32 pm July 6, 2010, while on hold to talk with another supervisor regarding the "Final" disconnection notice I received today, despite their lack of applying the Credit we had agreed upon back in May 14, 2010 when I paid my agreed upon 60%. This is absolutely ridiculous. I let them know I was extremely upset, despite keeping a level voice, and that I was considering legal/class action against them. Over one hour from when I called (which also made me late for getting to daycare), their standing offer was to give/grant me another $215 off the total over $1000 bill, reversing the arrangement so that they would essentially cover off 60% while I was still expected to pay 40%. Their logic is that 90 days was acceptable turnaround time for an investigation/response, and so out of the 237 days I had not been billed, I would pay for the 90 days that they deem 'acceptable' (all their numbers).

    I demanded that the amount they failed to bill me in an accurate and timely fashion should be completely removed from my bill (viz., the full 'unbilled' bill for Natural Gas). I cited their own "Meter Reading" policy on page 2 of every bill, stating "Meters are read at regular intervals. If your meter is not read, the current charges will be estimated based on previous use history for the property." I argued that as such, consumers are led to believe and trust that they are paying their total bill, actual or estimated, EACH month, and that THEIR failure to bill us in an accurate and timely fashion constituted a breach of trust causing psychological, emotional, and physical harassment due to these disconnection notices and time detracted from regular living in order to resolve this issue.

    Their argument was that when an account goes to 'investigations', they are required by law to ensure the correct amounts are on the bill before printing them off. Balderdash! If such a policy is in place, then great if it works in the spirit of the policy, which I would assume was implemented for the purpose of Consumer Protection. But ENMAX is trying to use it as justification for their failure to bill, even an estimate based on the prior year/month's consumption (really-it takes 8 months to check my consumption from last year?), and offload the admin/fees/delivery costs to us in a massive un-notified lump sum down the road. I told them that any other company that failed to bill someone for services/goods already rendered 8 months prior would be laughed out of the business into bankruptcy! (maybe i hit a nerve?)

    At any rate, I've considered their offer, but after taking a look at my 'recoup' bill more painstakingly in detail tonight, I discovered a few more things:

    1) I did pay for NG along with Electricity for the month of August 2009, which they are charging me for again in this recoup bill (am I being charged double?)

    2) My total Energy Charges/NG consumption for the 7 months outside of that contentious Aug09 bill are less than $500! My Recoup Bill total was $1, 113.41! Over $600 / over half my bill is NOT for Natural Gas consumption.

    3) The GST for the net total $1029 recoup 'NG bill'--some $51 dollars--they would still charge me for.

  • Co
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    Are people really serious about doing something about this as a group/class action?

    If so, let me know asap

  • Td
      13th of Nov, 2010
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    It appears after repeated phone calls and repeated attempts to get my billing straightened out that I too am on the rollercoaster Enmax has self prescribed. I would also be interested in a class action lawsuit if one so exists!

  • Cl
      7th of Dec, 2010
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    I have problems keeping up with my Enmax bills, even though i have been paying on a monthly basis but still can't seem to catch up. Last month i paid $300, t he month before that $200 and so on. They have told me that if i don't paid the full amount my electricity will be partly cut-off and it has been cut-off for over 3 weeks now even though I been paying as much as I can. I called and they told me that I cannot have my electricity back until I pay the full amount of $309. As a single parent it has been so stressful but I am telling my story so that is well known that companies like Enmax or Direct Energy don't care about the regular people, the working people that are trying to make an honest living!! I am so disappointed and mostly very sad that these companies get away with this type of behavior. Very Sad!!!

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