Enmax - Calgary / Power shut off due to Enmax mistake - no apology

ENMAX Corporation 141 50 Avenue S.E., Calgary, AB, Canada
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I was Enmax customer for almost a decade. I always received my bills to epost, and I always paid my bills electronically (Enmax was set up as a payee on my bank account). All this was going on for ages, will one day my power was shut off (although the bills were paid up to date). I was working oversees, and I was really puzzled as why the hell they shut off my electricity. Well, it appeared that I have TWO accounts with Enmax - the old one, and the new one they created without letting me know. Customer service provide a reason for creating a new account as something like "contract can't be combined with regular services", or something along those lines. Anyway, I was stupid enough to sign the contract with Enmax for the fixed electricity price, so they changed my account number, took a large deposit for a new account (again, without notifying me), and cut off my electricity as a result of this mess - mess, created by Enmax bureaucracy for their own convenience. WHAT A SERVICE. No apologies from the Customer Service rep, of course. I am looking for a new electricity provider - there is no way I am going to stay with Enmax after this incident. You, Enmax corporation, are arrogant and irresponsible, and you don't deserve my money.

Dec 21, 2015

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