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Enhanced Recovery Corporation / Automated Systems

1 Jacksonville, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 18006580054

I recieved a call from this company today. Here is the email I sent to them after trying to get a hold of them.

I received an automated call from your company which is fine. I wrote down the numbers that it said and called them. No problem. Attempted to get through to a real person to no avail. Press 1 if you are calling about your account. Okay. Pressed 1. Transferring you to an operator. Fancy piano music. Girl comes on the phone. Automated again. Press 1 if you are calling about your account. Maybe it’s broken. I don’t know any extensions for your company so pressing 2 is out. Press 4 for a last name directory. First of all what happened to #3? Second, all the girl said on the original call was her name was Chelsea. No last name. So that’s out unless I want to start calling everyone on the list. Which I would but I don’t have that kind of time. Press 3 for the corporate receptionist. Maybe they can help me. Pressed 3. Sends me back to the nice lady telling me to press 1 for my account. Frustration ensues. I listen for any more numbers I can press and at the very end it says to hold on and someone will be with me in a moment. Waiting….. Waiting… Please press 1 if you are calling about your account. *click*

If you are going to use an automated system that is fine. But please have people there to answer the call after they run through the system.

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  • Ba
      17th of Jun, 2010
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    Fuuny, Chelsea was the same person mentioned as the person to get in touch with at Enhanced Recovery. I doubt hightly that this is the real name of anyone at Enhanced Recovery'.

    Here us my complaint;

    I have had the misfortune of having the last same name as the person this company is trying to contact. It is apparent that they are using master phone lists and calling everyone that has the same last name. They state that if the the matter does not pertain to you, to ignore the message and delete it. They were told last year, the first year this started, that there was no person within the family who had the name "Howard". Nowhere within the recorded messages that they leave, do they state that if you are not the person that you need to take time, (yes, your own private personal time) to maybe give calling them at the number they left for "Howard" to get them to leave you alone. Then year two came around and they started calling for "Howard" again. When I called them to tell them no "Howard" is in the family blood line, they were extremely rude, stated they would take me off the list and then, without any apology abruptly hung up. There should be a law against using Master phone lists, like those used by politcal action groups and your neighborhood Goodwill Organization in an attempt to harass innocent people in pursuit of getting as much dough as they scrape up for the company coffers. I have no sympathy for those of you who that we should be more understanding. I've read some of your comments and you are way off base. Nobody should have to put up with this, even if they once were acquainted with the offending perpetrator or not.

    My wish is that someone at the congressional level will get wise to what these people are up to and put a stop to it once and for all. We as Americans deserve to have our privacy respected.


  • Ti
      3rd of Nov, 2010
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    I have hopefully reached resolve today...from the above complaint and company information (I inserted copy of info below) I spoke with a real live person and she pulled up the account attached to my phone number asked if knew the person trying to be reached and I said no and she said ok thank you I will remove your number.

    Company information:
    Jacksonville, Florida
    United States
    Phone: 18006580054

    I also added that there is a ton of negative chatter, posts, and other information out there on the company to which she said that's how it is for collection agencies...I corrected her and said no I am also a business person, have been an accountant for over 10 years, have managed my own share of collecting money from patients and I would not want a company I work for to have this kind of reputation, mistakes, whatever...and for my example, the negative chatter and other problems is regarding the company's way of trying to get a hold of people who don't even live where you are calling and in my particular case, ma'am, the automated phone calls every single day for weeks that lists the phone number for a telemarketing company that has nothinig to do with ERC and she has no idea how her number has been listed as the call I pointed out that even if was the person they were looking for I could not have called them back...she then said..."oooo, ok, that is not good..." I gave her the number and assured her again i am not the person they were looking for and no one at this number is or has ever heard of him.
    I also told her the crazy 45 minute search to find a phone number where someone can answer the not that Crystal who answered the phone will be able to fix all of that, she did atleast answer the phone and said she would remove my number.
    So on a wing and a prayer, this will be resolved for me and this post can help someone being called regarding a collection that is not theirs.
    God Bless!!!

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