Englert LeafGuard / gutters estimate

Not surprised by all the negative reviews. We agreed to have someone come out for an estimate. The appointment was for 6:30. We were to receive a call either the Sunday before or earlier that day. We did not get a call and intended to cancel. No one showed up at 6:30 so we thought they forgot. A little past 7 someone shows up at our door and it is the estimator /sales person. I don't remember her name and it doesn't matter as she was just doing her job. It seemed to take forever for her to finish the measuring and whatever else they do. About half an hour later she comes back and sets up her presentation and all I can think is really. I just wanted an estimate. The whole time I'm siting through this hard sell, I'm wondering if these gutters are that good why don't they sell themselves. Now an hour into this appointment we get the first estimate of $10, 284. This is for a 1000 sq ft bungalow. Oh but wait they will take so much off and it brings it down to $8000+. I politely tell her that my husband and I have to talk this over and we will decide later. She proceeds to reduce it down more and I tell her the same thing that we were not making decision tonight. She calls her boss or someone to negotiate the price down. What a game. They went from $10, 000 plus down to $5900. A third time I repeat myself. An hour and half has gone by and when she continues to talk to the boss to further reduce the cost, my husband says all we want is the estimate and that this has gone on to long. Finally she gets off the phone and leaves. This hard sell felt more like being harassed made me very distrustful of this company. To start out so high and then be able to give so many discounts. Do some people fall for this scam and shell out the top dollar. It's taking advantage of people as she was trying to make it sound like the $8000 was a lot more reasonable.

We will not have these gutters installed. There are so many negative reviews about this company. I walked way from this thinking all that was said was a lie. I'll stick with my old gutters that are working fine. I have no waterfall rain problem or icicles in winter.

May 30, 2018

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