Engen Tara Road Service Stationeunice, cashier at the quick shop

My family and i have been using the services of the above service station for many years. We have built a professonal and friendly relationship with the forecourt staff and we have never had any reason to complain until this evening.
As usual we filled petrol for R600 and while the petrol attendant was filling, we decided that we would take a chance with a lotto ticket. I approached the window to buy a lotto ticket, the lady who was serving at this counter was assiting customers inside the shop completing lotto cards. I stood waiting for service for +- 10 minutes. When the lady (Eunice) did come to the window, she asked me, "what are you waiting for now, talk, what is it that you want?" I was taken aback because of her tone and also her attitude. I then suggested to her, "should you not greet first because ive been waiting for so long?" Eunice then turned away and continued helping the customers that she had completed the lotto cards for. When she returned, she took my cash and gave me lotto tickets which i refused to take, saying that this is not what i requested. I refused vehemently and she took the tickets back and returned my money. It was at this point that Eunice began to verbally abuse me by using vulgar language at me and swearing my mom in her absence in isiZulu. Eunice had no idea that i am isiZulu and therefore swore the most rotten of swear words at me in the presence of many customers.
I then went out onto the forecourt and requested the dealer's contact number of which i was furnished with, i tried calling and i eventually left a voice note and sms.
Strangely, the forecourt staff were talking amongst themselves, saying how is it that some customers must wait outside the shop to be served with lotto tickets and other are given the priviledge of being served inside, because the common practice at this service station is that customers buying lotto tickets must wait at the designated window outside the shop and not inside. All spoken in isiZulu.

This sad and unfortunate decision of us wanting to buy a lotto ticket is that Eunice has brought the Engen brand into disrepute as she was acting in the capacity of Engen Petroleum. The dealer could experience a drop in his shop sales because of the attitude and poor customer service rendered by Eunice. Unfortunately i am not sure if any soft skills training will benefit Eunice because she chose to use the abusive language in isiZulu thinking that i would not understand. She made a decision to ignore me at the window and to be rude without any thought of apologising. My suggestion is that Eunice is placed on a performance acceleration programme to afford her the opportunity to learn about customer centricity and also for her to secure her much needed job.

I would deal with the forecourt staff at this particular service station on any occasion as they are more customer focused, friendly and professional.

Colleen Kleinschmidt


Wednesday 25/07/2018

Jul 25, 2018

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