Enbridge Gas Inc.product: unlawful charges

Two issues with enbridge that might be resolving by legal way:

Account no.: [protected]

1. We, avb paralegal services p.C., are in receipt of an invoice # [protected] for the period of december 6 2016 to january 6, 2017, indicating that for that period was spent 1000 mȜ of gas, which is in 5.5 times more than in regular winter month. Moreover, our landlord notified embridge about heat system broken on december 30, 2016, and repair took place on january 3, 2017. We did not monitor our gas meter at this time, however a technician must have notified us about wrong gas meter reading, and make calibration if necessary. We request investigation in this matter, as well as all gas meter calibration documents with respect to great number of gas meter reading for the period of december 6, 2016 to january 6, 2017.
2. We are new small business, and cannot afford to pay a deposit of $500.00 upfront. It is not in our agreement to pay such amount. However, we attempt to pay it partially. In the last bill we noticed an interest calculated on a deposit amount, and disagree with it. That is against the law to calculate an interest on deposit.
We request to resolve these two issues in timely manner.


Anna bon
Licensed paralegal
Avb paralegal services p.C.
470 champagne dr.
North york, on m3j 2t9

Jan 25, 2017

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