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Enbridge Gas & Direct Energy / Unbreakable contract

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On Jul 14, 2006 I called Enbridge Gas Company to cancel my Heating Protection Plan effective immediately. Their sale representatives transferred my call to Direct Energy Customer Service; I told her I want to cancel my plan. Direct Energy Sale Representative told me “I can’t cancel your plan; you signed up 12 months contract with us from Feb 2006 to Feb 2007. You do not get refund the money”. I told her I didn’t sign up any contract with Direct Energy. I signed up my Heating Protection Plan contract with Enbridge Gas Company since Feb 2001. I paid full year for heating protection plan. Now I want to cancel it but I don’t get refund back.

In February 2001 I signed up a Heating Protection Plan with Enbridge Gas Company. Every year I called them renewal my plan in January. Two years ago, I called them to renewal; their sales representatives told me “you don’t have to call every year, if we don’t hear from you, your heating protection plan will automatic renewal”. I said to her “it is a good idea; it saves my time to call”.

2 months ago I received a call from Direct Energy; one of their sale representatives asked me my gas bill account information. I told them I don’t have any contract or account with them, I won’t tell her my gas account information. I told her my gas company is Enbridge Gas. She told me according their record they have my account. I told her “No, I don’t”. After I hang up the phone I was curious! Next day I called Enbridge Gas Company, I asked one of their sale representatives “Why Direct Energy told me I have an account with them?” Sale Representative told me, their company distributes gas only; Heating Protection Plan is under Direct Energy. I was so shock. How come I don’t know? Why I didn’t receive any letter from Enbridge Gas Company? If I know, I will stop my heating protection plan. I don’t like to deal with Direct Energy. I never pay attention my gas bill because it was set up pre-authorized withdraws. I trust Enbridge Gas Company but they betrayed me again.

Why I said again? It was a long story. In 1997 my furnace was broken; it was a cool winter. My house was so cold without heat. I called Consumer Gas Company came to check my furnace. A technician came to check my furnace; he told me “it needed to replace a new furnace”. I told him “OK”. He called Consumer Gas to send a Sale Representative to my house for estimated. He told me “your house needs a high efficiency furnace”. I told him it is OK. Please install the new furnace as soon as possible. 2 days later they came to install the new furnace and I paid the high efficiency price. 3 years ago when I installed new windows, Window Company applied the Government Rebate Program for me. They sent someone to check my house and furnace before installed the windows. He told me “you have a medium efficiency furnace”. I replied “No, it is a high efficiency furnace.” He said “No, it is not.” He taught to me how to read medium or high efficiency. Few days later, one of my friends came to visit me. He is a licensed air conditioning technician. I asked him to check my furnace. He said, “it is a medium efficiency furnace, not high efficiency”. I was so upset. Next day I called Enbridge Gas Company, I complaint to them; he told me Gas Company has been changed to Enbridge Gas Company; they can’t do anything for me. I was so mad and upset. I thought big company wouldn’t cheat their customers; I was wrong. I trust them; but I got cheat from them.

I just want to let other consumers know, don’t 100% trust the big company. Think carefully before you sign the contract with Direct Energy or Enbridge Gas Company. It’s hard to break the contract with them.

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  • Dj
      13th of Jan, 2007
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    I just received a renewal notice from Direct Energy. I have no contract with them, never have. I have had them harassing my at my door and had to demand that they leave. I will be reporting this to as many agencies as I can as it is fraudulent business practice. These business practices alone tell me NEVER TO DO BUSINESS WITH DIRECT ENERGY

  • Ma
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    Mary Sinclair
    Barrie, ON L4N 4T8
    Account #
    Date: January 13, 2007

    Customer Resolution
    500 Consumers Rd.,
    North York, ON M2J 1P2

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am contacting you regarding a situation I had when I tried to call Direct Energy to cancel my Heating Protection Plan. I was told that I could not cancel the plan that I had signed a contract and could only cancel when I was sent a letter sometime in August asking if I’d like to cancel the service.

    I asked the representative to send me a copy of the signed contract. She replied that she could not that the contract was done verbally over the phone. I then asked her to send me copies of the letter’s that where sent to me in August asking if I’d like to remain on the plan. A month later and I have received no correspondence from direct energy. I have been on the plan for approximately three years.

    I informed the representative that I would no longer be paying the $19.99 that is on my Enbridge bill. I did however, pay last month because I did not have time to write this letter before the payment due date and did not want to reduced my Enbridge bill by this amount until I sent you an explanation.

    I pay my bill online. My current bill is due on Jan 29th the amount due is $130.14 I will only be paying $110.15. All subsequent bill amounts will be reduced by $19.99 I will also be looking into buy a hot water tank so that direct energy does not get that business either. I will be in need of a new furnace in the very near future and I will not be purchasing one from direct energy or purchasing my natural gas from them ever, even if Enbridge does supply them.

    After I had copied this letter and sent it to direct energy I received a phone call stating that everything would be taken care of. So I decided not to mail out this letter.

    When I received my Enbridge bill in February I was billed $75.00 from direct energy for a furnace cleaning I NEVER RECEIVED. I am requesting that my bill be adjusted and this fee be taken off my Enbridge bill along with any other charges occurred from the heating home protection plan that was cancelled.

    Enbridge should be ashamed of themselves. They bill on behalf of a company (direct energy) that is impossible to deal with. As a customer I feel I am being held hostage because I need gas to heat my home yet have been unsuccessful dealing with direct energy in the matter of my home protection plan. I now have an outstanding balance and have been told by an Enbridge representative if I don’t pay it my gas will be cut off, shame on you!!!

    I will NOT speak with any one from Direct Energy which is why I am once again writing this letter and will be mailing it this time. I do not feel comfortable speaking with anyone from direct energy regarding this matter…the stress in the past was unbearable and not worth getting myself upset over.

    I will continue to write letters until this matter is resolved.

    Should you have any questions you may contact me at home.

    Mary Sinclair

  • Ro
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    I received this month's Hydro invoice and to my surprise, there it was, a charge from Direct Energy. Earlier this year I received a renewal notice, at that point I called and said that I absolutely did not want to renew, and I assured the contract would not renew.

    Well that was a lie. Back in June my mother informed that she had been paying extra on her utility bill for Direct Energy charges which she did not consent to as well. When I contacted them on behalf of my mom, they said that the contract was renewed by phone, when I asked by who they told me it was my dad; well my father passed away January of 2005. This was disrespectful and underhanded on their part, and I caught them red handed. They refunded my mom at that point and cancelled the account immediately.

    In my case, I asked that my account be cancelled and they told me they would have to investigate before they could cancel it. I asked who my lawyers would have to contact to resolve the situation and I was told that they cannot give out the contact information. I was then turned over to a supervisor who assured me that my account will be cancelled immediately, and it would take a couple of billing periods to happen. Not good enough.

    As I 'm writing this, I'm patiently waiting for my lawyer to call back and see how this can be resolved quickly without anymore surprises, and also have him file a formal complain to the governing bodies.

    This a reminder to be very aware when dealing with Direct Energy, anything can happen. Avoid them at all cost.

  • Ka
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    I also refused to re-sign for gas with Direct Energy Marketing yet their charge was on my Union Gas bill at a rate much higher than Union Gas (which is why is did not re-sign). I called them in October and explained my problem. I was told that my complaint would be looked into and that someone would get back to me within 10 days. I'm still waiting. I was told at the time, that if I was incorrect and had re-signed, they would send me a copy of the paperwork I signed. They continue to harass me with telemarketers asking me to sign with them for a furnace protection plan. As if! I keep asking them to have someone call me to no avail. These people are scammers and I don't know too many people who have dealt with them who would ever deal with them again.

  • Kn
      27th of Dec, 2007
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    Hi, I just wanted to say that before you post a complaint about Enbridge or Direct Energy, make sure that you understand that they are two separate companies with no affiliation. Enbridge is a regulated utility company under the government, and Direct Energy is an unregulated service provider. The only thing they have in common is a bill, since Direct Energy has no billing system. If there is an issue with appliances, protection plans, or anything after the meter on your house, it is not an Enbridge issue, and there are no contracts for any services. Also, if someone comes to your house without an appointment saying they are from Enbridge, they most likely aren't, and they are probably gas marketers.

  • Gr
      27th of Dec, 2007
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    Unbreakable contract- Rowen Ako - learn how to ###ing speak english b4 you post on the internet.

  • Th
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    How about universal power . I just sign up today , but I really don't know verry well about the plan

    the lady came to my how , tell you sign up to get rebate money for gas ( utility )
    then she made application for 5 year , cost 39.9 cents/m3

    if some one know , it s good idea _ Please give me advice
    I can cancel the plan within 10 day

  • Lo
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    my advice for everybody DO NOT SIGN ANY UTILITY CONTRACTS !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lo
      18th of Jan, 2008
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  • Lo
      18th of Jan, 2008
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  • He
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    I recently experienced a similar problem with Direct Energy. I had signed up for Heating, Air and plumbing contract with Direct Energy almost two years ago when they promised me that if I signed up I would be given a preferred customer treatment when it came to booking appointments for furnace cleaning or plumbing repairs. Guess what? they lied. I had to wait for months to get an appointment for furnace cleaning moreover they will not service your furnace within 12 months from the last service date. I had to take time off from work on three occasions to accommodate a Direct Energy technician to show up at my door which he never did nor did anyone call me to say he was not going to show up. I finally wrote directly to the president of the company venting my frustration. This paid off as a senior executive of the company called me to apologize and I had my furnace serviced and my account was credited for $75.

    Direct Energy has made some recent changes to the plumbing contract. They no longer cover for tap leaks which they had done in the past. They did not inform me of this change as such now the whole plumbing contract is worthless. I would advise people not to sign up for pluming repairs. Also, while booking appointment for repairs they would like to know technical details of the leaks and other precise details or else they say it will cost the customer $49.99 for the technician to show up at your door.
    Direct Energy customers BEWARE ! This business is totally unregulated, it is about time the government takes a look at it.
    To get immediate results in dealing with Direct Energy please call 416-758-8989 or 905-943-6938 to contact the top executives of the company.

    I hope this helps.

  • La
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    I've had bad experiences with Direct Energy as well. Never show your bills to anybody who claims to be a representative at your door. They even lied about Direct Energy being a part o Enbridge. They would make up all kinds of excuses to copy your information off your bills, such as if you don't get whatever updated it's going to appear on your next, WATCH OUT!

  • Lo
      16th of Apr, 2008
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  • Es
      19th of Apr, 2008
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    Direct Energy and, I'm sure other utility marketers are not any better, are a bunch of dishonest, callous, deceptive bunch of people. I've signed up in the past, but when the contract was about to expire, they kept calling to renew at a very high rate, which even I, with my limited knowledge of utility prices, knew was excessive.

    Their "gas Form" had been returned "declined" well within their deadline, but not by registered mail. Of course, they did not receive it, and was unknowingly rolled into a new contract at a rate of .439 cents, double the original rate, and way above the normal rate of .26 cents or so. We realized much too late they were still acting as our provider.

    We've calculated an overpayment of $400 to date, which we are trying to get back. And they have the gall to keep calling about "your hydro account". They don't know what "not interested" and "please stop calling" means.

    And the one's who come at the door, that is another story. Slam the door in their face immediately, because that is all they deserve. They are there to rip you off, not to help you lower your bill! Where do they find these people to work for them?

    I am sure the company will self destruct with time the way they are operating.

  • Lo
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    Comsumer complaint's flooded ontario police station
    forged contract's even signing dead people's name's
    how disrespectful & inhumane.

  • Lo
      21st of May, 2008
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    Direct Energy has NO GUTS TO ANSWER THE

  • Lo
      14th of Jun, 2008
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  • Lo
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    My son commited suicide over de constant harrassment.
    This will haunt me forever . I found his lifeliss body this
    has shattered my life forever.

  • Ja
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    i have a problme so please help me.. and i am not used to speaking English so understanding it.

    yesterday, one guy came my house and said he is coming for 3 month free gas and electriccity and for discounting my prices so i signed-up also he said he is a enbridge agent so i felt strange and said " no i dont want to do this and give me the paper " (which is contained my sign) but he was run away from me and gone.. he lied to me. what should i do?

    and i sign-up with -> Residential Application for Electricity price protection plan and
    Residential application for gas price protection plan. Is it going to work?

  • Ja
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    I am sorry i didn't write one more question.
    i dont want to use direct energy i mean i dont want to change!!
    than what do i do?

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