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Enbridge / Cut us off for non payment

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we currently rent and the bill was set up in the landlords name so we did not get the bill so we were cut off and asked to pay over 1,000 dollars which we did. we then changed the details and asked to be put onto a budget plan and we ere told no their was still outstanding balance. We still continued not getting the bill and now once again we have been cut off we have been told that we are signed up to ebilling so we dont receive any paper bills which we are not set up e billing and we can not cancel it as we dont have a password and enbridge said they cant either.

We have now been told we need to pay 1600 to be put back on but we dont have that money all at once we have 3 young children and we can not cook,wash and have no heating they have now put our children at risk. We will not have that sort of money for over 4 weeks but still they wont make payment arrangements with us

We have contacted all the local helplines and they said we either dont qualify or the money has ran out and we dont know anyone who could help us.

Back in the uk where we lived they could not cut us off for non payment and i think this is wrong we dont believe it was our fault that we did not get the bills and out kids are now suffering

Please can someone help us?

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  • Lc
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    Adding onto simliar sentiments, I feel that enbridge is an apathetic despot. My personal experience is as follows. Being an average family living in the suburbs we have many bills to manage. Owning a seperate property (other than the one we reside) there are many bills to oversee. Our property had been vacant for several months, According to enbridge, the bills had not been paid for since the months of August-September. For this reason they decided to shut down the heat for the house. The result of this action has been extremely financially crushing. It had taken until early February to realize the effect of enbridges thoughtless actions. The freezing seasonal temperatures had caused virtually all the water pipes in the house to burst thereby ruining all drywall, ceilings, kitchen, bathrooms, basically gutting out the entire home's interior. This has cost an estimated $50, 000 minimum in repair damage (more than some people's yearly salaries)

    Firstly, I'd like to state that yes there is partial liability on the client’s part for not managing their bills, however, a huge monopolistic energy company like enbridge should be EXTREMELY responsible for contacting clients to follow up with these bills. It doesn't take anyone of high caliber to understand that a company like enbridge has ample amounts of resources and at least some sort of customer communications system. Gathering from their policies there is no doubt that enbridge collects individual clientele information at a constant rate. With this said, upon contacting enbridge, their response for not reaching us for unpaid bills was that they "tried to contact us". As proof from the above experience, their attempts were obviously unsuccessful which I find absolutely ridiculous. Such “professional” company should have absolutely no excuse in finding ways to reach paying customers. From a business standpoint it would be absurd to not have a means of collecting money for services delivered, especially a company that heavily deals with HUMAN clientele should have NO EXCUSE and NO REASON for not being able to reach a customer. The only type of people I can think of that falls into an “unreachable” category would be those who are convicts, con artists, or basically anyone TRYING TO EVADE payments. Last time I checked, this DOES NOT include normal people who live in one spot, have daily jobs, and are willing to comply to late payments or otherwise. This may be a reflection of how poor the policies or customer service system is in enbridge (which may bring even LARGER ISSUES concerning a MAIN community energy provider). Situations involving people can not be treated as black or white where NECESSARY services are withheld. Especially with long time clientele and unproblematic clientele with decent histories, this mere fact should speak volumes about the reliability of the customer to the patron.

    I would also like to add another important issue in specific to my experience. A LARGE company such as enbridge dealing with specific services such as heat CAN NOT admit to ignorance of the DIRE consequences of WITHHOLDING such a utility to a home. Correct me if I am wrong, but it is not new knowledge to know that there would be extremely high risk of many things such as water pipes in a house to burst/become damaged due to freezing temperatures. Any sensible person can realize that these damages ARE SERIOUS and COSTLY. When selling services advantages and disadvantages are always brought up to either entice a customer or scare a customer into purchasing. Tell me HOW a “specialized” and “professional” company can be so negligent in ignoring the IMPORTANCE of heat to a home?! OR if they know full well the consequences, then how can such a people oriented industry not make sure/ put on the highest priority to reach the customer?!

    For those wondering, yes there is contemplation in pursuing the issue further, but currently it would be tough to individually manage daily business and pursue this matter at the same time. From my experience I’m not sure how many others have gone through the same thing. Looking for possible suggestions or others put in the similar position so that maybe we can do something so that we and those in the future will not be victimized from the unprofessional and irresponsible monopolistic enbridge (or other like companies).

  • Da
      3rd of Oct, 2012
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    It's leading to a large financial loss for my family. I am home all day so contacting us is never difficult. We also have email and a phone and we also check the mail box everyday. Was too much effort to contact us and give us a chance to pay the bill before the dire consequences. How do we know it's not deliberate. Did Enbridge know that when they cut off my gas that'd I'd be breaking my contract with Summit energy which has me now looking at another penalty of $495 dollars. "So that's how summit energy makes money " Does Enbridge get a piece of that? Sure is a big price to pay just for having my gas cut off a couple days. Sure was worth there while not giving me a chance. Shame on them for gouging warmth. Good thing I"m too broke to buy a thousand torches to start a rally. Would love to return the favour of heat.

    future damage. in about a week I'II get a threat from Toronto Hydro. Certainly didn't have more for them after giving enbridge $960. I'II look on the bright side. At least they'll send a cut off slip to my door giving me 2 weeks to pay. Too much for Enbridge to do that for families.

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