Empowrlack of air drop, and non payment of $558 mission wheel coin sin

Re today's airdrop. I had my wallet, with the equivalent of €60 worth of Etherium in it (over the minimum amount required) set up two weeks ago. I had a public address, registered on my profile account, and had listed it in the required place so that empowr 'knew of its existence'. This screen print shows that you knew of my public address, so there was no reason I can see of, that I didn't get my airdrop of coins today. I also can't complete the last item on the list (my daily goal, because it hasn't been possible to share for at least 10 hours today.) I have an unbroken record of 156 days of completing my daily goal, which you are stopping me from completing it today and thus gaining another 10 coins.

Re my second complaint.
I won a mission wheel spin of $558 and should have been able to complete a cash out with it, but was held up and the point where I asked for it to be put in my Pay Pal account, and nothing was forthcoming. At the time, towards the end of January, I was aware that my SC wasn't getting paid, but I really didn't think a mission wheel win of cash would be withheld.

Oddly, the record of that win, on my profile page has disappeared I wonder why? The only thing left is what I posted after a request to say what I was going to do with my winnings: which is still there. I have had more than one discussion with my SC who has asked about it on my behalf, those above him. Their response has been to suggest that I had already spent it.
That was not possible, because it was never listed in my balance, so I never had it to spend.
I am getting a distinct impression that there is a great reluctance to pay me what you owe me.

My SC throughout this time has been Pete Moss, a more helpful coach doesn't probably exist on Empowr

I am 71 years old, living on a basic pension, and that $558 would make a great difference to my current situation, as would the airdrop and promised multiplications of those coins. I look forward to your comments.

Regards, Lesley Thomas (Mrs).

Apr 20, 2018

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