Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani / 5 pockets pant style 6x5j23/5nphz with [protected]

Shop 39 Birkenhead Point Shopping Center, Drummoyne, New South Wales, Australia

White pant was bought on 31/12/2018 at shop 39, Birkenhead Point shopping center Drummoyne NSW Australia. A label (in dark blue color) with Armani logo on is sewed to the pant. Washing it before wearing it. The color came off the label and get the white pants in blue color.

Came to the shop on 6/1/2019 and talked to Simona. She then took the photo, invoices and sent to the head office and said the head office would call next day. No call was from the headoffice in next 2 days. Customer called Simona in the outlet again. Then a lady called the customers, recognised that the color did come off from Armani's own lable fixed to the pants but refused for refund. This lady said she was from headoffice but refused to disclose her name.

Reasons for refund request
1. Color coming off from Armani's own label. It is Armani's own product causing the problem hence Armani should refund the customer
2. No warning message from any tags warns the customers to remove the label as the color could come off from the label
3. Armani should fix the label to the pant, which indicates that it is not supposed to be removed before washing
4. Armani should not use the label of easily color dyed on its product and claims to be top brand

Other complains
5. Armani outlet misleads the public by giving 2 difference receipts with one showing Armani outlet and the other one showing Giorgio Armani to confuse the customers, ie using top brand name to sell its cheapest goods at high price.
6. Armani is selling goods at difference price from the price on the price tag. Fair trading office of Australia requests any sale item should give 2 prices, ie the original price and discounted price. Armanir does not follow this requirement
6. Poor customer services. Armanir staff shows no care of customer's feeling. Outlet staff misled customers of giving untrue information.
A lady called from Armani headoffice called the customers but refused to disclose her name. She was so rude and even lied to the customers that Armani received zero complains ever.

If the above could not be resolved within 2 weeks, customer would lodge this to Tribunal and claim compensation.
Customer could be contacted via email [protected] or please obtain customer's contact from Simona at Armani outlet where pants bought

Jan 08, 2019

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