Emmerdalelexi's infertility

I want to state how upset I am by the total lack of understanding shown in Emmerdale about the story of Lexi's infertility. Lexi was supposed to have had an ovary & tube removed due to an ectopic pregnancy, with her one remaining tube damaged by scar tissue therefore making her infertile. I myself have had a tube and ovary removed due to adhesions, with my other tube damaged to the point I cannot have children. Firstly, when I had my operation I was in hospital for 5 days and off work for 16 weeks. I couldn't drive for a minimum of 8 weeks and it was so painful to get up and walk about, even just to the toilet and back. The hospital wouldn't let me go home unless someone was able to look after me for at least two weeks. Lexi seems as though nothing has happened - she was allowed home almost straight away, she is getting to/from hospital appointments alone, walking around the village without any problems. Talk about make light of a very serious operation! And the way Lexi is dealing with her infertility is almost insulting - try having your heart totally broken, pulled out of your chest, thrown on the floor and trampled on every day when you see a baby or someone who is pregnant - then you might just start to understand how it feel every single day! Can't wait to see what they do about the IVF. I've been told that because my partner has children from another relationship I can't have IVF on the NHS - I have to go private which costs around £5000 minimum each! How are Lexi & Carl going to afford that - or have the Emmerdale writers not bothered to check the details again and just let them have NHS treatment!

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