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+971 800 018 2449(UAE & Middle East) 13 12
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YuppTV Complaints & Reviews

YuppTV / yupp tv/ subscriptions; charging without permission since past 7 months

Jun 09, 2019

Yupp TV is channel charging me without my permission, since last December. I don't know what to do, I am briefing the amount they detected unnecessarily. 4-11-2018 - 7 days AED11 19-11-2018 -1 days AED1 1-12-2018 - 7 day AED 11 15-12-2018- 2days AED2 3-01-2019 - 7days AED11 24-01-2019-1day AED...

YuppTV / money taken from account without consent

Jun 05, 2019

I recently (31st May, 2019, order no.6966551 ) watched a movie through yupp movies and was asked for one time payment to watch the movie. I payed the money with my card and the next day, I saw that a monthly fee for movies had also been charged from my card (charged on June 1st) in...

YuppTV / yupptv icc world cup live

Jun 05, 2019

Subscribed for World Cup live streaming and paid through Apple Pay, but the subscription is not getting active even after multiple attempts. In fact ended paying twice for the subscription through same account, for which have attached required screenshots for your reference. Have logged off...

YuppTV / need to stop automatic recharge every month

Jun 01, 2019

Hi I m using Yupptv online watching, please need to stop every month automatically recharging my account. please inform to me how can avoid auto recharge my name Thenkarai Maharajan, my mobile number 00971 528750574, my mail ID [email protected] lost one month I was not using...

YuppTV / servive

May 31, 2019

31st May 2019. I have subscribed your channel last week the order no. 6800353, while subscribing I opted to take one year subscription as per your ad that ICC World Cup 2019 Live is free with the yearly subscription. When I tried to view the ICC World cup live yesterday its saying " The...

YuppTV / icc cricket world cup 2019

May 30, 2019

I have big request. Please stop showing advertisements abt icc world cup to subscribe for it. time when we start to watch match. I understand it showing once when you start yupp tv but not each time when we start or start to watch something else. Please try to solve the problem and make...

Yupp TV / channels streaming issue

May 24, 2019

My first email concerning a streaming issue was sent to the support department on Tue, Aug 28, 2018 soon after I had subscribed to Yupp TV. The issue was resolved briefly but popped up a few days later, then another complaint went from my end which met with the same fate. Multiple times I...

[Resolved] YuppTV / card being charged even after requesting cancellation

May 12, 2019

I have asked to cancel my subscription over a month and a half back but Yupptv still keeps charging my card. I have spoken to their rep named Rajesh on the chat support who said it would be cancelled but my card still gets charged at least twice a month.. I DONOT WANT YOUR SERVICES SO STOP...

YuppTV / yupptv deceiving and unprofessional robbers

May 11, 2019

My email: Why was I signed up for recurring trxns when I only opted for the month of Jan? Why was I not given a trxn update for any month but the month of Jan, by email? Why does my transaction history show no trxn but that of January? Stop the fraud and deceiving practices and RETURN MY...

[Resolved] YuppTV / malayalam channel

Apr 30, 2019

Hi First of all I am not able to get through to your when I try to call you: 08000868286. I have been trying this number for the last couple of days several times. It just cuts off. Asianet channel seems to have problem when I switch on the live streaming at 2.30 pm. This I have been...

[Resolved] YuppTV / money deducted without consent

Apr 27, 2019

Hi, I did not subscribe for yupptv package and never spoke/logged in yupptv account however they still deducted 197.99AUd without my consent! Isn't this illegal? I trief to reach yupptv support but no support line seems to be active not even 24/7 ones. I have written to their support about thi...

[Resolved] YuppTV / yupptv app

Apr 06, 2019

I have subscribed for yupptv sports channel to watch ipl cricket matches, it is very annoying to see ad popping every time channel is changed, when I pay for my subscription why would I end up seeing ads. I have feeling this is especially happening when I stream matches in yupptv app in...

[Resolved] YuppTV / unauthorised debit card charges

Apr 05, 2019

I would like to report a fraudulent payment made on 30 march, 2019 using my card details without my authorisation. On 30 March, I received a debit notification of 107.99GBP at about 12.12pm UK time, using my card details. I did not authorise the payment and I have never enjoyed any of your...

[Resolved] YuppTV / unauthorised charges - renewed & charged the account without authorisation

Mar 19, 2019

I was using YuppTV services earlier and never opted for a renewal.I have recently moved out of UK.YuppTV, without any authorization, has renewed and charged 169 GBP from my account.As i have moved out of UK, my balance was zero in my UK account and this charge made the balance to...

[Resolved] YuppTV / pointless number of advertisements

Mar 16, 2019

I prefer changing channels to surf through the channels, but every change involves a 30 second ad. It is beyond annoying, and I end up just using another platform altogether. Given that I pay yupp more than netflix and prime by a bit, it is annoying that a subscription based platform...

[Resolved] YuppTV / channels stuck even after good wifi and no support from customer service.

Mar 16, 2019

Channels get stuck while watching live tv and sometimes gets this unknown error. Also catchup will be circling always, got to trick something to watch always. Won't get full channels list while watching live tv, have to go to main screen to go to another channel. Been trying customer...

[Resolved] YuppTV / 2019 tamil movies

Mar 07, 2019

As many others have complained, yupp tv has not added any new tamil movies in 2019. I have been calling and instant messaging them. They keep saying that new movies will be added in 2 days. This has been going on since february 22. And in addition, they spew the same nonsense that "the...

YuppTV / movies

Mar 06, 2019

Very regret to renew another year... and waiting to leave YuppTV. Not very happy with the new movies updates... l was a happy lebara customer... and since the YuppTV took over the lebara... the movies are really shit and disappointed... updating new movies are very slow and reluctant...

[Resolved] YuppTV / misleading the customers about uk tv licensing

Mar 04, 2019

On 26th Feb 2019, I contacted YuppTV to buy an yearly subscription. Their sales team contacted me immediately after they took my contact number over the chat. The guy (Murali) over phone was very excited to seal the deal however I was adamant until I knew if I needed TV License from UK in...

[Resolved] YuppTV / channel streaming issues

Mar 01, 2019

Hi Team, I have already complained about this issue with Yuptv Live TV. I am getting frequent issues with the streaming of channels and it is now throwing some error also after sometime "Unknown error". Could you please check this issue and re open the ticket which i already...

[Resolved] YuppTV / channels stuck no continuous streaming even after a good wifi

Feb 26, 2019

Hi Team, We are getting this issue every day and really frustrated. The channels get stuck many times even if we have a good speed wifi. Many times we get technical errors and the channels stop streaming which causes frustration. We have other apps like youtube and netflix which work...

YuppTV / Subscription bought

Feb 15, 2019

I bought yupp tv subscription about year ago.they charge me £120 for 14 months.but never provide me proper service.every other weekfacing new issue.piture quality issues.some channel not working every day.ewhen i ring them said problem fromdirect service provider.4 days back i report pitcure...

[Resolved] YuppTV / yupptv hindi channels streaming

Feb 07, 2019

Yupp tv has become unusable as we see following errors frequently - 1. Circle keeps rotating 2. Error code 403 3. Streaming stops abruptly. I have checked with M1 and confirmed that there is no issue with wifi. All other devices have no issues while using various other apps. Also tried...

[Resolved] YuppTV / yupptv

Jan 29, 2019

Dear sir, Today I have purchased with device but now you are saying no device and only subscription. When iam purchasing, i was selected device also. If no device, please reverse my cash to account due to with device available here in hypermarket AED 350. Hence requesting to revise...

[Resolved] YuppTV / couldn't watch peacefully a movie in spite of paying for the subscription

Jan 12, 2019

Hi Its so annoying to see adverts every five minutes during the movie stream while using the YuppTV app from mobile. Already complained about YUpptv ads but now general ads every now and then. The advert first disconnects the mobile from Apple TV and doesn't provide an option to Skip Ad. Then...

[Resolved] YuppTV / advertisements

Dec 22, 2018

Too many advertisements during fastforwording and its irritating. Why do we have to go through even after paying money? They charge too much much money. We called to customer service even before and they are reluctant to address issue. If it continues I will rethink having yupp tv. Please...

[Resolved] YuppTV / charging without authorisation

Dec 03, 2018

This yupptv is rubbish company. I signed up on 27/11/2018, they charged me $5 and few cents. And told me you will be charged on 27/12/2018 for next month. This is 3/12/2018 and they charged my again AUD29.45. I did speak to costumer service lady and firstly she was telling me some rubbish...

[Resolved] YuppTV / order no. is : 5900699

Nov 27, 2018

Hi team, Cancellation of subscription is pending more than 3 weeks from your end. I had sent an email to support team on not to renew my subscription but auto renew was done with no response to my request. Even after that i sent multiple emails and tried to call support team but in...

YuppTV / annoying ads

Nov 19, 2018

I have subscribed yupp TV. When I open any channel or any catch up, it is showing an ad & it comes Everytime and the ad cannot be skipped as well. This is totally annoying. I have paid money to subscribe and I did not get any free service so they can show ads. Please resolve it soon. I am...

[Resolved] YuppTV / unauthorized charges and no reply from support

Nov 15, 2018

Yupp TV charged my card 5 times without my permission or any notification. This is ridiculous and unacceptable and there is no response form them. I am trying to find somewhere to report them as they are operating in a fraudulent manner by charging customers for the unknown services. Could...

[Resolved] YuppTV / unethical behaviour and service

Nov 06, 2018

I have been using YuppTv for the past one and half years with Roku. They levied a device activation charge every month.. My account was deducted twice last time. So the subscription is valid for this month October as well. It keep on asking for device activation. When I click Ok, it say...

[Resolved] YuppTV / poor customer care

Oct 30, 2018

YuppTv they are saying download app and watch everywhere, but when I moved another country they are saying I need purchase new and they will not refund my old account it was brand new. I complained to their customer service every time they want 24 hrs time and they will not come back...

[Resolved] YuppTV / interrupted packages... complained million times. fed up with your server switch and hold me over the line and asking me to turn on/off tv/power.

Sep 17, 2018

Interrupted packages... Complained million times. Fed up with their server switch and hold me over the line and asking me to turn on/off tv/power. This is not proper solution. The only time anybody watches tv is at the night, at that time if you' 'Ve to hold the phone line for customer...

YuppTV / yupptv

Sep 15, 2018

I have been a customer with Yupptv for the last 3 years and I am in the UK. Off late, I have stopped complaining because there is no use, I am asked to record videos and send pictures of the problem and then there is no response or the response is ~its the problem from the channel side. The...

[Resolved] YuppTV / no streaming on samsung model tv

Aug 26, 2018

I could not able to access to YUPP TV. When called to customer service they said that the Samsung Model which I have is not supported after they have updated their application. The model I have is Samsung UE65KS9000. I have YUPP TV membership from 2016 and it is unfair saying that after...

[Resolved] YuppTV / catch up tv

Aug 19, 2018

TV shows being few hours late depending on the time zone is acceptable, but delayed by 2 days is very discouraging, unengaging and disappointing. Please work on this issue at the earliest to keep the catch up TV up to date. It's not worth using yupptv otherwise. Have been waiting for thi...

Yupp / subscriptions; charging without permission

Aug 17, 2018

My kid was operating the remote and when I noticed what she did, all I could see on the TV is ' Your payment was successful' . Then I went to see which credit card has been charged, I could not find that information anywhere. The only time I could remember using a credit card i...

[Resolved] YuppTV / yupptv charged for roku services, yupptv has advertisements for all channel changes

Aug 08, 2018

Why does yupptv places ad before each channel changes. Its not good. we are paying for the yupptv subscriptions, then why yupptv places ad before each channel changes???. we are not able to do any changes while yupptv ad is played on. they should avoid their own ads for catchup channel...

[Resolved] YuppTV / advertisement while selecting any channel

Aug 04, 2018

Yup tv recently started showing advertisments which cannot be skipped ( even though there is a skip option) . These advertisements are 25 seconds and above everytime I surf to a new channel and it takes about 30 to 40 seconds for the channel to show up everytime I surf to a different...

[Resolved] YuppTV / yupptv

Aug 01, 2018

In spite of contacting YuppTV so many times, they keep threatening to charge my credit card without my permission. This email is to notify you that your Yupp Malayalam Gold Value_AUD subscription will end in 7 days, i.e. on Aug 8 2018 12:00AM. Please renew before or by this date if you...