Emirates Group / / disallowing motorised wheelchair onboard plane even after approval sought and approval given.

Singapore, Singapore
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My dad is wheelchair bound and so we have submitted the MEDA (medical) form and the specifications of the battery operated wheelchair to [protected] on 21st April to gain approval to travel with the wheelchair and have gotten approval for both traveler and wheelchair. However, we faced no issues in checking in the wheelchair with the battery on flight EK404 from Singapore to Melbourne but the battery was denied onboard EK405 from Melbourne to Singapore after the ground staff checked with Emirates Dubai office. May I know why this had happened - we were allowed to check in the battery from Singapore to Melbourne but not on the return, furthermore the MEDA form and specifications were sent to the Dubai office for clearance prior to flights and was approved.Now the battery is stranded in Melbourne and we have to incur high costs to send the battery back to Singapore as cargo shipment and arranging cargo assignment remotely is proving extremely difficult. I would expect an explanation on this situation since it's only upon approval by the airline that we brought the wheelchair with us for this trip!

Jun 23, 2017

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