Emirates Group / / denied duty free purchase prior to boarding and unfriendly treatment

United Arab Emirates

This complain may have come in earlier than now. But due to some unforeseen circumstances I couldn't get it across.
I had a very terrible experience with your airline on my way back to Lagos from Dubai with flight number: EK 783.

I made alot of purchases of gift items from Dubai duty free at Dubai airport for my kids, family and friends that I left behind to attend a conference in the United States.
When it was time to board the flight, we were asked to weigh our hand luggages before boarding. I weighed mine with inclusive of all the items I had with me to board the flight, I had a total of 16.5kg. I was told that I was only allowed to go on board with only 10kg. That I need to pay $650 for the 6.5kg excess.
I was shocked to hear that because I have been flying Emirate and have never encountered such.
I went as far as pleading with your staff that most I items I had with me were purchased from the Dubai duty free at the airport and that they were gift items and also that I wasn't aware that it's only 10kg that is allowed on board inclusive of all purchases made at the airport.
I also pleaded so much because I had no checked in luggages and that I don't have up to $650 with me to pay. Again, if I have to return those items to the shops I got them that I will miss my flight.
But they insisted. I had no option than to take off the baggage excess of 6.5kg which included Educational toys I bought for my kids, perfumes and some chocolates and left all there at the seating area by the boarding gate to board my flight.

This experience was so hurtful to me seeing my kids cry when I told them that I left their toys at the airport. Your staff were so rude and unfriendly too. And also loosing a good amount of money at this hard time was so painful too.

We planned to book a family vacation this summer with Emirates to visit Dubai but am not sure my family and I will EVER use Emirates for any travel.

From information gathered so far, this awful rule is only carried out on flights from Dubai to Lagos, Nigeria without any notice and proper sensitisation to your customers.

Jun 10, 2017

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