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To whom it may concern.
My name is mrs julie ndhlovu and i am writing to you with an official complaint as my family was traveling from Birmingham to Johannesburg via dubai on the 10/12/2016.

We was told by your Emirates staff at Birmingham that my husband could travel on his UK travel document to Johannesburg but one we had reached Dubai we was all taken to the immigration office and was kept there for 4 hours without anyone coming to see us, everytime I asked somebody what was happening they all ignored us and never told us anything.

After more than 10 hours of sitting there with no food or drinks we was told my husband would need a visa to travel with is travel document.
We asked if he would be able to travel to Botswana to his cousin's and get a south african visa from there or to travel to Lusaka which we was told by the immigration officer there he did not need a visa and they would apply for a south african visa from there.

We was all treated very badly in Dubai by the Emirates staff and made to feel like we was criminals and not worth anything and I must remind you that me and my daughter are British citizens by birth and I have never in my whole life been made to feel so worthless.

Me and my daughter was taken away from the flight with my husband and was told that if we didn't make the flight they would sort somthing out then tried to charge us.

After trying to arrange to sort out a flight for my husband this was after 20 + hours of waiting and me doing all the chasing as no one ever came to speak to us we was told that emerites would not fly my husband anywhere except back to England and refused to fly him to another country so we booked a flight with another airline but they were not happy about this either.

Your staff in Dubai was friendly and courteous to other customers that was quiet clearly Muslim, I am not being racist with this comment as I have Muslim friends and I am married to a african.

Since this has happened we as a family have now been separated over Christmas and new year and have lost out on the money for my husband's return tickets.

I don't know how some of you staff say one thing and some say others do you not have a company policy to follow no matter which country your in.

I am not happy with the service that was provided to us by your staff and want to lodge a formal complaint and have the money refunded to myself for our loss accrued.
I will provide bank details to you for the refund once it's confirmed
I will also be letting people know how badly we was treated via word of mouth and print if this is not resolved asap
And I am sure You know How fast bad news travels.

Our booking reference number is PCVQSW
My email address is [protected]

Yours sincerely
Mrs Julie ndhlovu

Jan 25, 2017

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