Elite MobileSlow service and incorrect billing

In March I upgraded my vodacom package via Elite Mobile. I only received my phone a month later after lots of querries and inconsistant answers from them. After a long story, they told me I need to pay the upgrade fee before the phone can be released. I did that, faxed them proof of payment which they confirmed. The phone was released. Now 2 months later, they deducted the upgrade fee again from my account! (After ensuring me in March that it will not happen). I now get replies from them that the matter will be solved in 24 hours (I send the query on the 7th, it is now the 11th), but no luck, I can only see the same bad service thing repeating. They got all the details to fix this, even the correct and incorrect deductions from my bank statement. I will not reccomend anybody to use this service provider for upgrading with vodacom.


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