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eHarmony / fraudulent practices

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I was encouraged to join eHarmony by a friend who met her husband on eharmony (this was the only person who responded to her many inquiries) and to be honest, I met someone within the first month. He turned out to be a jerk, so I continued to be a member. I responded to at least 100 "matches" and never got a response back. I wasn't closed out though. Now I know that most of these are probably expired members - what a sham! I ended my membership and kept getting matches. I was suspicious as to why my profile was still up but then got a message that someone had taken the first step. Although I knew in my gut something was wrong with this, I let myself get suckered into rejoining. Of course, it was no coincidence that at the same time I received a message from a match, I also received an email from eharmony asking me to join with a much more attractive subscription fee. The "mystery match" appeared to live just a few miles from me and we got to level 3 when the "match" suddenly closed me out and the reason was "I think the physical distance between us is too far." How could this be when he supposedly contacted me first and only lives a few miles away. That's when I realized it was probably a phoney match set up by eharmony to entice me to rejoin. (and of course, there was no picture of the match, confirming for me this was a phoney). I am only sorry I didn't listen to my gut and let myself get suckered in. I'm no fashion model but I am smart, funny, literate and nice looking so there is no reason in four months that I couldn't even get to another level with more than 1 person. I feel like such a fool and am telling this story so others don't fall into the scam of eharmony. I'm not saying that they never make a legitimate match (my friend is proof they do) but I think they are few and far between and they definitely use fraudulent practices to get your money. You have way more chances of meeting someone by just going out and being social. Dr. Warren should be ashamed of himself. Frankly, I have tried other sites as well and they are not much better although eharmony is definitely the worst so far.

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  • Ja
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    I agree with all of the complaints. I think that everyone that has been suckered into this scam, should come together and demand monies back. I also think that we should come together and build our own singles web-site to help those who are really looking for something special. Nothing wrong with complaining, but lets start action such as building something that would put e harmony out of business.

  • Mi
      3rd of Oct, 2007
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    I had the same problem/situation with eHarmony & I didn't sign up again.

    They refused to refund me my money or even allow me to see this so called new person of interest & it was nothing but a waste of my precious time filling out tons of forms which under normal circumstances I would have thought made the place better, but it doesn't.

    I realized about a year ago I was never going to meet anyone compatible to me on a dating site.

    I've been dating online since 1998 & while I met tons of people at first, the minute I stopped casually dating, & started looking seriously for long term relationships, my choices dried up.

    Over the years I've grown as a person, & I find most people on dating sites are very insecure, have little money (not that I'm rich yet, but I plan to be) &/or are desperate for someone to complete them as a human being. I don't need anyone to complete me, I'm fine just the way I am. I look for companionship.

    I don't work outside my home, so I don't have any social contact with people (I work online), & I've been so busy with my businesses for so many years (since '89), time just flew & I had no real friends to speak of because I only got to Toronto in 1984.

    I still belong to all of those dating sites I joined up with years ago, but I never get any positive like minded people out there & being that I'm not your average person, it makes it that much harder for me to find people, so I've just given up.

    I wouldn't invest any money into any dating site if I were you, but clearly the choice is yours.

    In fact I used to call myself an expert on dating sites because I knew them all, but it seems dating sites have fallen by the wayside, because I'm lucky if I get any responses to my profiles in a year's time.

    Besides the fact that 95% of anyone who responds doesn't read the profile, just gawks at my pic, & is only looking for a quick fix. They don't seriously try & get to know the person via the profile prior to contact (read to see if compatible), they feel I'm a control freak if I demand my profile be read prior to contact.

    I respect everyone by reading their profile (assuming I contact people first), that's how dating sites should be, but it's never been that way & the dating sites don't care.

    In fact whenever I contact people, they never respond back, so I stopped doing that & just waited for people to contact me, but I want quality, not quantity.

    Just thought I'd give my point of view : )

    Good luck everyone!


  • An
      10th of May, 2008
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    I am not looking for some one to complete me, and I doubt that every single person on a dating online sit does. People have different reasons for using online dating. People who malinger at bars and grils in my geographic area, are not exactly brimming with money either. I work outside the home, and I do socialize in that way. Any dating site is going to be a toss up. Its a calculated game of chance. I know that chance is not possible when the matches on eHarmony are NOT even members and have not bee for years. Those idiots need to quit it. I am so thankful that I never became a paying member. To think that some one will be reading my profile and checking out my picture...without my permission.

    That is a violatio!!!
    I'ts wrong.

    A FRAUD like eHarmony needs to be called on the carpet for its fraudulant practices. PERIOD!

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