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1 WIRacine, WI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-891-0896

Within minutes of placing my order for kitchen and bath faucets using, I called the company back to let them know that I selected the wrong shipping type by mistake. Right away, I realized I selected wrong bath sink faucets and wanted to select the correct ones. I am in the middle of new construction and I needed a series of faucets that were not available through local supply companies.

When I was placing order, great service. When I needed help, they were quick to simply quote "on-line policies" over and over, with no regard to helpfulness - even though I was willing to pay for the corrections. I didn't want anything for free. And, even though all items were displayed as in-stock on the website when ordering, most were not even available. Some are now taking up to 4 weeks for delivery! I was surprised that they could initiate the electronic transfer of funds from my bank, if the items were not even available. A week later I finally received my order.

Even though I received emails stating the order (minus 5 specific items) had been shipped, I did not receive anything I needed on-time for our plumber. When I finally reached someone in customer service (Becky, and the manager, Savanna), they offered no explanation, shunned me for being naive, and basically laughed with every word I spoke. A little empathy would have been nice at that point. We are building this house on a tight budget and are in the middle of finalizing our home loan. Pulling $3500 out of my personal bank account twice to pay for the faucets caused a great hardship for me. has horrible service and they need to revise their policies to "help" the customer. Two plumbing supply houses here in my area heard of, and said they heard they are the ultimate rip-off to unsuspecting consumers.

I was willing to eat my mistake but efaucets just continued to dig in the knife over and over again. I have filed complaints with the BBB in Wisconsin, and the federal trade commission. Interestingly, there were other complaints against at the BBB in Wisconsin where efaucets is located.

Buyer beware when it comes to this company. And to add insult to injury, when I reordered with a local company, the local companies prices were far better than efaucets. For example, the local company provided the roman tub faucet for $50 less than efaucets. That was painful.

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  • Se
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    I agree with this. I ordered a shower enclosure kit in Jul 09 and have been fighting with eFaucets ever this writing it is still NOT resolved. They did not deliver the doors with the shower enclosure walls at first, then did not ship the "right" doors for many weeks, then these doors were not correct, then wanted us to pay shipping back to them, then they took many more weeks to send the "right" doors and again these were NOT the correct doors. After all this they now refuse to give partial refund, let me speak to a manager, and can not even confirm that Fed Ex is going to pick up these wrong now after 8 months they still do not even care that the homeowner still does not have a working sad. I will have to now file BBB complaint as well. Do NOT do business with this company as there model is only to get the order over the web and then do as little as possible on customer service.

  • Ok
      5th of Jul, 2010
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    1.5 months ago I ordered several items. Bathtub arrived on time but it was delivered crashed and ruined (I keep the small broken pieces in plastic bag until I figure out what to do with it). Other items: was not able to ship to California one ordered faucet. I went to Home Depot and bought the same type item from the same manufacturer for 25% less. After that I requested refund for the ordered item that were not able to ship. No response. Instead, they took a liberty to charge my account for another faucet to replace the one they could not ship. How is it possible in America to charge someone’s account for item not ordered? Explanation - FRAUD. My other ordered faucet was in limbo – provided no information. After about 15 emails and hours spent on a phone, Roxanne stated that she intercepted delivery of the item they charged to my account without me ordering it and that I do not need any confirmation number for refund – just do not accept if anything arrives. Never heard from Roxanne again. The other faucet has never arrived; I have never obtained its status. I went to buy in a local store similar item requesting cancellation and refund from No response. Overall charged my account for approx $1, 200 and I ended up with a broken/ruined bathtub, a towel holder that does not fit in our bathroom, a charge for two faucets (for sink and bath) both not delivered, and an unauthorized charge for replacement faucet also not delivered. Our contractors found that the bathtub was broken in shipping. In the midst of construction, after hours waiting on a phone with, we gave up on waiting to informing them of ruined bathtub and we continued on with the construction by making changes in our project. We bought everything what failed to deliver twice. We were never able to get any help or refund from Even if we were able get them on a phone, they would be ready to provide some excuse such as manager is not available, or they can not issue refund, etc. Most my emails were ignored while other emails were responded by customer service in intimidating or retaliatory manner. For example, I am asking about the faucet that after 1.5 months we still do not have info on. The response from customer service: thank you for your order – we just shipped you a toilet seat and you now owe us another thousand dollars. To sum up: I lost approx a thousand dollars because did not deliver or delivered a broken bathtub; I also got a threat that I owe them another thousand dollars for the toilet seat which I did not order but they allegedly shipped to me. I had to change the construction project due to change in fixtures which cost me additional approx 1, 500; and I spent another thousand to buy the replacement items in local stores which did not deliver or shipped broken. After posting this comment, I will wait for a couple of days for any reaction from and proceed with BBB and other means to get my money back. My bill to is now $2, 500 consisting of failed deliveries, broken items and additional construction costs due to changes in project. The construction is now completed. I will keep you informed on progress and will post later how long will it take to get money back from Good luck with your orders.

  • Da
      3rd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes - misleading shipping / back orders hidden
    United States

    I ordered $1000 in plumbing, online. their status was shipped. i ordered 1 day over night, so paid premium shipping. after 2 days I only received 1/2 the order. called them, they checked and informed me the other items were backordered 3 weeks. never indicated this online order or history. they asked if they wanted me to cancel with a 30% restock - I disputed with credit card company. eFaucets has a defective process where overnight orders are NOT updated with backorders even after 4 days. unacceptable. had i known. . . . .

  • Ke
      24th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes - Now I have two fans which I really did not want and no way to change them
    United States

    The eFaucet web site advertises Satisfaction Guaranteed, 30 Return Policy. This is the picture you see just below the item you wish to order. I placed an order for two bathroom fans. Unfortunately, I missed a trailing letter on the model number and did not receive the humidity sensing fans I wanted. I contacted Customer Service to request an exchange (which the new fans would actually cost me more money) and they told me that those items were not returnable. I told them the site advertises 30 return policy, but the representative told me to scroll to the bottom of the page where it indicates no Parts or replacement parts are returnable. These were parts, they were whole appliances! If they considered an entire fan unit a part, than nothing is really returnable. I asked to speak to their manager, and they told me there was no one else I could speak to. I can;t believe they would not even consider a return for a new order which they would receive more money! Now I have two fans which I really did not want and no way to change them!

  • As
      3rd of May, 2012
    0 Votes - Difficulty with VALID returns!
    United States

    My first opinion of was exceptional...great prices and fast shipping. Unfortunately I change my mind on the finish and returned the bronze fixture for chrome. I returned the bronze fixture according to their policy. The returned was received at their warehouse on 3/16, as of 4-13 I had not received credit or any correspondence. I called customer service on 4/13. The person was very friendly and said she would look into it. She emailed me within minutes with the following response:

    I got the Credit Memo from the warehouse and put in the paperwork to the credits dept. You should get an email from the credits dept within 3-10 business days showing that credit has been issued. If you do not get that email within that time frame please feel fee to contact me back. I will be happy to follow up on it for you. Thank you. Have a good weekend.

    It is now 5/03 and I have not received a credit or any further correspondence. It seems that they are hoping that I will forget about the $200+ refund or just give up. I emailed them back today. Will they respond or do I need to contest the credit card charge? DON"T ORDER FROM eFAUCETS!

  • Da
      17th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    I ordered a shower stall on Aug 1 and the 4th they took my money. I never received my order until I emailed them 3 times and then the shipping company. The shower arrived smashed. Now it has been almost 3 weeks and I have not seen my money. I have had 3 different people tell me that the credit should be complete in 3 business days, and that was the first of September. Do not do business with this company/

  • Su
      25th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    Worst customer service ever!!!
    Website said item will be shipped by a certain date. After a the date had past, I made a number of calls and emails asking about the item finally a UPS ticket was made was finally being processed to get shipped. My contractor is suppose to install sink on Saturday and we have no sink. When I called to cancel the order they said I have a 20% handling fee and a 15% restocking fee. The item has not gone to UPS yet and they refuse to cancel order. I waited on the phone for an hour to get my order/fees canceled, placed on hold forever, and in the end they still charged me the fees. This is ridiculous. I will never do business with efaucets again!

  • Di
      30th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    I ordered a sink from them two months ago. I still don't have it. They have lied to me numerous times. Last week I was told that the manufacturer was shipping it directly to me this past Monday. When I didn't receive it and there wasn't a tracking number I emailed them back. Now they say the manufacturer is shipping it to them next week. Of course they didn't say when I would get it. I'm afraid that I will never get the sink nor my money back.
    I will never order online again without checking the company out. These people are breaking the law and committing fraud. I don't understand why someone hasn't shut them down. I would be happy to join a class action lawsuit if others are interested. They should have to pay for stealing customers money.

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