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Good day

A few years ago we bought a phone on my husbands edgars account, we also took out insurance. 2 years ago we claimed and everything got sorted out fast.

Last year they broke into our car and stole my handbag which had the phone in, we went to edgars silverton Pretoria and submitted all the paperwork. The lady said she will phone us. a month later the store closed down, we have not heard anything from the insurance in over a year. The lady took all our paperwork, now we have no papers to submit the claim again. I don't see why I should pay for insurance when its absolutely useless.

This is so disappointing!

Aug 02, 2016
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      Oct 07, 2016

    Account: 7000100100001864149 - Charges - Edgars book club + Travel
    I have been struggling for months to get the Edgars book club charges (without receiving anything) that NOBODY gave permission to bill my account last year 2015. Since April 2016 i have been receiving my statement with charges on and every month the account is getting higher. My daughter has phoned they REFUSE to speak to her. Then i phoned because i have never ever spoken to anybody from Edgars or given any permission or signed anything, for some travel club charges. We have been sending emails since May 2016 -They are busy investigating. In September month i went to Edgars N1 City branch because there was also something bought on my account for R60 in Jan 2016, They assured me that they credited everything on my account that day, i need to pay the interest on the account. Why do i have to pay interest if everything was INCORRECTLY PROCESSED on my account ??? I paid the R6 interest, and i told them - CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. Now today i received a letter that i was handed over for collection to Accenture Services - How in the HELL can they do this ??? They told me ALL CHARGES on my account was credited and is WAS PROCESSED BY MISTAKE, IT WAS INCORRECTLY processed on my account. I tell you what they do - They need to make there target for sales, so they just bill any persons account, and if they are to stupid to pick up the OVER-CHARGES, They just pay there account- PLEASE SORT OUT THIS MESS. Mrs EC Swanepoel

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