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I received a call from a collections agent on 19.07.2018 at 1pm name Mandisha. The above-mentioned process that has occurred was an incorrect one as I have missed the payment by give or take one week and this resulted me in being incorrectly handed over to the debt collecting agency which should have never occurred if according to the NCA is more than 3 months or 2 in arrears, whereas this occurred in the very first month and damaged my credit record/score. I am applying for a new place to stay and this can negatively affect me from getting my new place. I feel that this is absolutely bad service and is now I might not even be able to get my place I'm moving into due to an incorrect follow up procedure. Please advise me what the NCR terms are, as I have not missed one payment with my Edgars account except the above mentioned.
I am really battered by this as I have been trying to get this place for a really long time.

I really need some feedback asap on [protected] or leon.[protected]

Jul 25, 2018

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