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I originally ordered a $12.50 Web Plaque Belt, they sent me an $80 pair of Guide Pants that I called and informed them of and they sent me a free return label and I shipped the pants back. They acknowledged the return and told me they cancelled out the order and I had to order a new one, well this time I ordered 2 new belts and the next day ordered 4- 1/4 zip womens fleece tops for $61.80 with tax or $15 each. First the belts came in like child size and the buckles were all marked up and the finish(buckle color) was bare in spots, they were sent back and it took them weeks to credit my account the $25 they cost. Then the 4 Fleece came and 2 were also like kid sizes and ran exceptionally small and like the belts all from China. I wanted to exchange the 2 that didn't fit for 2 larger sizes but instead they took another over 2 weeks and multiple calls and emails as they said they couldn't locate my returns even though I had the receipts and tracking #'s that said they did. Well after much frustration and continual calling complaining, they refunded only a portion of my original purchase price after sending me an email(which I still have) stating they were sorry for all my inconvenience and they were refunding my entire $61.80 for my troubles, not only was that a TOTAL LIE but they even took money from my 2 fleece I wanted to exchange! Then get a load of this, now there is a pending charge of $12.50 from my original 1st order of the Web Belt back on my PayPal account. This once good company now is THE WORST, avoid them like the plague. Crooks.

Jan 21, 2019

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