EcsiTerrible communication and customer service

For a couple years I paid off my Perkins loan completely on time. I had a second Perkins loan for graduate school and expected that the two loans would be accessible from one account - the same as SallieMae, WellsFargo, Fedloan and every other servicer I know of.

I continued receiving monthly notices from ECSI letting me know what was currently due and continued to pay on time. Then I was surprised by a threatening letter claiming I was 60 days past due, on a second account that I had never received any information about - no notices, no login information, nothing. I immediately called and offered to pay.

All the associates were rude.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Coraopolis, PA One claimed they had sent me mail that was returned to sender (despite reaching me just fine with other notices). A second claimed they had only emailed me, and it must be my junk settings. The third decided to immediately accuse me of lying and insist I didn't receive two different stories about attempts to contact me. I finally called in, upset, and a fourth woman was much nicer, but said nothing could be done except a rehabilitation plan. I finished the plan, made sure they reported it on my credit (which has gone down 50 points), and paid off the rest of the loan.

Terrible treatment and iffy practices - if you can, avoid any borrowing from this company. I have one more loan to pay off with them, and cannot wait to be done.

Mar 25, 2016

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