EasyJet / rude staff

England, Greater London, United Kingdom

I use easyjet on a regular basis as I travel alot for business. I was on flight 8992 from Thessaloniki to London Gatwick on 07/04/2010. As usual flight was on time and no delays occured. Trouble begins when we boarded the plane and were "welcomed" by the most unprofessional flight attendant I have come accross in the 20+ years I have been an air traveller. The flight attendant called Darren, was probably having a very bad day and though of relieving his anger on the passengers. When I was boarding he said nice to see you and and pointed towards the aisle with his arm. As soon as I was next to him he swinged his arm round into my face and shouted that he needed to see my boarding pass in a vary arrogant way. Speaking with some other passengers on the plane they also thought that the attitude of this guy is unaxeptable and extremely rude. Just the way he was talking to the passengers was frustrating and upsetting. As the cherry on the top of the cake, he woke a passenger up by shaking his seat in a very violent manner, and the passenger woke up in frustration and had to told the steward to relax and calm down.

And I ask EasyJet is this the best they can do? Hiring flight attendats that cannot control ther emotions and be professional at all times? I paid £450 pounds for my ticket and I demand some respect. People like Darren should be sent home.

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