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Easyjet´s economic abuse of a 17 year old girl.

My daughter has been in england for an english course during the month of july 2014, leaving with easyjet from valencia to gatwick with flight nº ezy5226 on the 28th of june 2014 and coming back on the 27th of july 2014 with flight ezy5221.

Due to the extremely strict luggage regulations of easyjet she did have one suitcase of exactly 20kg. And one hand luggage with the exact measures of 56 x 35 x 21 cm. The maximum sizes of the hand luggage allowed by easyjest are 56 x 45 x 25 cm.

On the way to gatwick, flight nº ezy5226 on the 28th of june 2014 she passed all controls, even the control of the measurements of the hand luggage in valencia without any problem, due to the fact that the sizes of the hand luggage are inferior to the maximum sizes allowed by easyjet, there was no problem whatsoever.

So far so good… nevertheless on the 27/07/2014 in gatwick she passed all controls without any problem until she got to the gate and was stopped by an easyjet employee and was told that she had to pay 45 pounds because of the fact that here hand baggage was too big.

As she was very much aware that the sizes where inferior of the maximum sizes allowed, she defended herself indicating that she travelled with the same hand luggage from valencia to gatwick without any problem. The easyjet employee got kind of unpleasant and informed my daughter that she had to pay otherwise she could not take here flight back home.

My daughter informed the employee that she did not have 45 pounds with here; she had spent the money during the month she had been in england. The employee informed her that this was not her problem, she had to stay and could not go home to valencia.

As you can imagine my daughter of only 17 years old got very nervous and tried ones more to solve the problem informing that the sizes where inferior to the maximum sizes allowed by easyjet. The answer of the employee was “I don't give a damn” you are not going anywhere if you don´t pay.

Being desperate now she asked a friend on the same flight for the money which she got without any problem. She went back to the very unpleasant employee to pay the 45 pounds in cash. When she arrived and wanted to pay she was told that payments could only be done by credit card.

My daughter of only 17 years does not have a bank account or a credit card so she informed the employee about this, ones more my daughter was told that this was not the problem of the employee…
Finally the problem was solved by the same friend who paid with her credit card and my daughter who had almost gotten a nervous breakdown, could finally fly back home to valencia.

This has been a case of economic abuse to a minor by a multinational; easyjet, which I think is unacceptable.

Aug 03, 2014
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  • Sb
      Sep 01, 2014

    I had the same problem on an Easyjet flight EZY896 on 12th August 2014 flying from Glasgow to Gatwick, I was traveling with my 2 young children (10&8 ) and I had a small handbag which I was ordered to put in my holdall ( smaller than a suitcase ) which was the size stated on the boarding pass. I couldn't get my holdall zipped up and was then told by the supervisor at the departure gate my bag was too big and she ordered me down to case measure area( I was told to leave my children unattended in the queue as we were eating to board the plane ), I put my holdall in but it wouldn't go right to the bottom and she then informed me to pay £45 and I explained I never had the cash and she then told me in front of all the other passengers that she was getting airport security to escort my 2 young children and I away from the gate and out the airport. I was humiliated and had to call my husband who paid the £45 so I could get on the plane. As I was going back to the end of the queue I noticed about 10/15 other passengers with larger bags than my holdall and 2 items of hand luggage, I brought this to the same supervisor who charged me £45 and was told by her " well that's tough then " as she shrugged her shoulders. I complained by telephone and e-mail on 14th August ( I forwarded the same complaint e-mail to Sir Stelios owner of Easyjet ) I got a response from someone on behalf of Sir Stelios and was told I should hear back in 14 days ( I haven't heard a thing from them ), I am now in the process of sending yet another e-mail regarding the same complaint. In my opinion I was treated unfairly and differently to other passengers traveling on the same flight.

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  • Tr
      Dec 22, 2014

    Hi Jaannes and SB37,

    I do believe there is a policy of profiteering (or economic abuse) as you have both eluded to ... my wife travelling from Gatwick to Larnaca suffered remarkably similar treatment as you have both described. This leads me to believe it isn't a coincidence that "vulnerable" (apologises for the term!) individuals are being targeted to gain financially from each flight ... I can't imagine a team of rugby players being targeted in this way!! My wife's situation was uncannily close to SB37's, In that many other passengers with a handbag and one piece of hand luggage were being allowed through, whereas she, travelling alone from her best friend's funeral and clearly distressed, was pin-pointed as being easy pray. Again changed £45 or would be refused boarding to the flight. The check-in desk didn't mention the 2 items she was carrying, only when she got to the point of no return did the Easyjet (or Menzies Ground Handling, not sure who is who) target her and insist on the extra luggage charge. The small print does indicate just one piece of hand luggage, this is not my point, the problem is the rest of the passengers being permitted to take what they wanted - hence my conspiracy theory.
    I'm very concerned and angered that this situation has occurred and will follow it up relentlessly. If Jaannes and SB37 do not mind, I will quote their experiences as evidence of a damning pattern - Anyone else suffer similarly at the hands of Easyjet/Menzies Ground Staff?

    Disgusted of Cyprus

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