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EasyHome / monopoly

1 Fall River Plaza, 272-274 Torbay Road Unit #103St Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 709-739-1800

Easyhome came into our home, damaged our carpets by not having carpet rolls.

Easyhome is now coming to take our furniture back that we have already paid double of what its worth and still owe on it.

If we keep the couch bed and a freebie kitchen table at the end of paying it off, I would have paid 7000.00 for a 1200 dollar couch and a 400 dollar bed with a 300 dollar kitchen table which we received with burn holes all in the kitchen table, I own no animals, I shower twice a day and am a very clean neat person, the couch smells like a bum been sleeping on it for months with the scent of dog urine.

I truly do not understand how they are allowed to monopolize the middle to lower class people.

This makes me sick.

What may be done about this?

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  • Co
      18th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I agree, someone should do something. I do think it is outright theft to charge these prises for used products. If enough people complaied maybe they would come to know that happy customers are loyal and less likely to seak out about bad business practices. Because the worst kind of advertising is word of mouth by disgrunteled customers, but still they continue with their bad practices. When they were before the courts a few years ago, (although they hadn't admitted any wrong for overcharging customers) their stock dropped rather quickly on the stock exchanges. Maybe ... this is what they need again !!!

  • Pa
      20th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I am an Easyhome customer, and I have paid off some of their furniture. However, with the overall price that I paid it is aggrivating that the furniture is breaking down, cheaply made, and over priced. I do remember at one point I had lived in Minnesota and rented furniture just like this from a similar Rental agency called Rent-A-Center and they were slapped with a class action lawsuit and all the customers were given some compensation for the over priced furniture that they were jipped out of. I hope that someone takes action against this agency and researches the quality of the furniture, the harassment the customers are receiving from the Easyhome stores, some of which are breaching confidentiality by letting one paying customer know that they are " Looking for "joe blow" to go pick up his furniture" now you tell me if that is not a breach of confidentiality? My friend also literally heard one of the Easyhome representatives make a racial statement toward a certain First Nations community!!!
    Thank You!!

  • Bs
      26th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes


  • Bs
      26th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am an easyhome customer of two and half years from Minden ontario, Are problem started from the get go, our coffee and end table showed up to our door by truck after getting them into the house we noticed the edges were marked up as if they had bin rolled around in the back of the truck or something. Two years has gone by and the replacement of our end and coffee tables never happened. However they gave us a bottle of stain to touch up the repairs. We pay 400 plus per month for new furnishings and this is what we were given and still have, and still are paying for.
    Also, we have a fire place that showed up suppose to be bran new it had markings all around the bottom of it it showed up with a pill bottle full of stain, either the light of the electric fire place or the heater of it, one or the other would work or both wouldnt work. I brought this to there attention in November of 2008. last week well making my regular monthy payment, they advised me they would be sending me a new insert for the electric fire place, once they were able to fix another broken one they have at there shop, i asure that the person fixing the one at there shop better be a licensed electricion serviceing this unit. this fire place was to be new as well...well i was there also noticed a used couch set similar to mine, sitting on display in there show room they couldnt even be bothered to wipe the dirty foot prints off the couch cushions, to try to lease it out to someone else. if anybody has any knowledge they can give to me or if they would like to contact me post a comment as i have to unhappy minden leaser, and i will respond, thx...

  • Bs
      27th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    also ihad not mentioned soon some of are furnishings we have leased and paid for 4 times, are paid up, 3years later, mabe thats what there waiting for then they wont have to fix or replace them we have paid over ten thosand already for a used fireplace marked up new coffee and end tables couchand a t.v still have 6, months to go and waiting my neighbor i reffered got a new table w, chairs they came the legs of table looked as if adog had chewed at them however had about enogh and will contact thr head office and b.b.b again some advice would b a god send thx

  • Ea
      27th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree, their furniture is not very durable, I have a living room suite, dining room suite, bedroom suite, fireplace and refrigerator from Easy Home, the living room suite has fallen apart, the bottom of the love seat just gave out after only a year, was repaired in a very sloppy manner, and now it has totally fallen apart... they delivered my fireplace with a huge scratch on it, and listed it as a 'new' item. They know people who do not have credit, or have bad credit, that they can get away with charging way more then what an item is worth. I think it is VERY wrong that they can do this.

  • Ma
      27th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My husband and I wanted 2 laptops, we got them on what we were told was a 12 month lease because the laptops had been previously owned. I called the other day knowing we were getting close to the end of our lease only to find out we still have 121 weeks left on them. For two acer laptops we would end up paying over $6000. That is utterly insane!!! Not to mention how rude and iggnorant the people who call you are if you are only one day late on your payment!!! We deal with the stoney creek branch and I will NEVER deal with them again. Needless to say we are not paying on them anymore and they are coming to pick them up on the weekend. I will miss having a computer but I can go to walmart and buy a whole new desktop for $400 so as far as I am concerned, Easyhome can kiss my (_|_)

  • Wh
      19th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    so, let me get this straight. you entered into a contract where you knew you were going to pay an arm and leg for a product and when you did end up paying said arm and leg you got mad?

    1. take a real good look at what you're buying at the store. most of it is used and even the new products aren't in great shape sometimes (falls off the truck/whatever else).

    2. if the product gets to your house and it looks like trash or smells like dog urine refuse it. don't sign the delivery slip. especially if they said it was new.

    3. don't shop at easyhome. no matter how tempting it is or how good the deal looks. i mean seriously, do the math: a 37 inch Sony tv currently priced at $27/WEEK over 156 WEEKS is never a good idea. for those of you who have trouble with word problems that's $27 x 156 +tax. In 3 years you'll finally own your TV for $4759.56. Lets walk over to futureshop and see what they're selling that SAME tv for: 1399.99+tax. 1581.98 tax in. A Savings of 3177.58.

    easyhome is great for someone showing a house or maybe a group of guys sharing an apartment for a couple months.

    my whole point is if you're going to be thoughtless enough to enter into their contract you need to look in the mirror before you start blaming people.

  • Ea
      24th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I've had a similar experience with them as well. If your payment is due on Saturday and you miss it, your phone rings off the hook on Monday demanding payment. Then they start calling your references. They then tell your references that you are in possession of stolen goods, and will also charge the contact if not contacted. I'm a little fuzzy on Canadian Law, but I believe threatening theft charges for stolen goods not only violates the privacy policy, but possibly slander as well? One of my contacts was an 82 year old relative, who they would continuously threaten, telling her that they didn't care if it was harrassment, they would continually bother her until I called. A call to the police had that stopped, so they moved on to the next contact, so apparently they don't quite grasp that concept either... and again the same thing, I paid for new, got used, and was told thats the only model they have.

  • 1m
      15th of Jul, 2009
    +2 Votes

    we had product from them, my husband and i had lots our jobs, he had gotten another job and his paycheque bounced, i had just statred a job, and was in contact with the store, and i told them when my 1st pay would be, as both my husband and i had found jobs and his paycheques were not being bounced. they were fine with that said they would see us on the date i had given, no problem, or so we had thought, the next day at the supper hour there is a knock at my door here are 3 employees from easyhome and a cop . i had no choice but to give up the product. now my family members being 2 teenage boys are sleeping on chair cushions from the patio set on the floor.

  • Ea
      19th of Aug, 2009
    -5 Votes

    For all of you that rent from Easyhome, let me point out some obvious points you seemed to have overlooked. First, noone twisted your arm to come into our store. Chances are your credit is more beat up than the merchandise you've been complaining about. So if your couch or Tv is a little used, be thankful there are companies like Easyhome that are there to help you. Secondly, I'll bet if I pulled up your payment history, not a damn one of you are a consistent/on time paying customer. If you dont like the service or the merchandise simply return it, just like our commercials say. And if youre kids dont like sleeping on chair cushions, try paying your bill on time or get off your can and go get a job like the rest of us and buy some furniture you own.

  • Jo
      26th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    By the way, look what your employee has done & took HOW long to get it fixed? Whats that 4 weeks or oh No 6 weeks?
    Here lets take a better look at what your employee have done after pounding on the window of the door, you guys can Go To [censored].


  • Me
      26th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Ha, I was a customer for 6 years, always made my payments on time, never once did i miss my payment . I paid off a washer and dryer set, bedroom set, game system and a few others. I still ended up getting screwed over by easyhome . They would call me for payments that have already been paid, payments would magically go missing with no record only my receipt. Recently a few workers at my local store were discovered to have been robbing money from the people paying and charging fees where they were not supposed to be charged and pocketing the money. Also if you call working at a company that thrives from lies and ripping people just because they may have had credit problems in the past then you really need to get a life and a real job. Easyhome needs to close and people would be much better off. They would be better off saving the money and buying second hand from a used store then paying the interest and triple the price for products.

  • Di
      2nd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm a customer of easyhome (Stupid me, *smacks forehead*) These idiots called me yesterday 4 times just to tell me about a stupid promotion involving referring people. I said, and you felt the need to call me 4 times about this? She said, "Well yeah we had to touch base w/ you". I said WHATEVER and hung up. Today my payment is due and they have already started again w/ the calls asking me when I am going to come in to pay (I'm rarely late, I always pay my bill even if a few days late)... they even called from a Private Number today... These idiots need to be shut down or take a course on customer service..

  • Bi
      8th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This is the most crooked company. Damaged goods upon delivery, promises (unkept) to replace product. Another product, a laptop, had no software, not even the windows disk. It had the previous owners informatino on it, even after they said they reformatted the computer. 3 years later, the damaged property has not been exchanged. 18 months later, the laptop has no software (Can't even get it to recognize DVD drive). Someone previously had divided the hard drive, so I get half the drive space as usable.
    They have threatened, harrassed and lied. They expect us to keep our end of a contract with them not honoring their end, and with their level of abusive customer service.
    On top of this, they spew the garbage they do us a favor by extending us with poor credit or whatever, a "chance" to buy from them. Yes, along with your abuse, harrassment and shoddy property. Who broke the contract if someone is late in a payment? The person making a late payment? Or the company, on day one, by not providing a intact product? This company has messed with the wrong person.
    I fully intend to take Easyhome Inc to court. If I lose, I lose. But I want my day in court. I want to know what makes them be able to use mafia type illegal harrassing tactics to CUSTOMERS. I want to know why they can provide goods that were not agreed upon. Why they can break promises and never fulfill them yet demand that we take their annoying calls all the time.
    So, small claims court here we come. Free for me as I am low income. So I don't pay to file. I fully intend to get legal help from a legal clinic and see what I can do about this. I also plan to pursue in court for damages following 3 years of lies and harassment. I'm glad I found this web page!

  • Mi
      9th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Although I cant say much about easyhome I still think they help in most situations. My parents got a bedroom set and a tv, although the dressers where a bit scratched, the tv is working great, yes overpriced but something they could never afford upfront so easyhome was the way to go. I am getting the pc cruser gamer pc from them today, still way overpriced but my computer blew up so I need a new one soon. I do not think I will keep it though, I will kind of "rent" it from easyhome and save up to build a new one which will be a lot cheper then fully paying off easyhomes pc.

    I also write this rewview on my parents acer labtop, not the best thing in the world but my sisters love it, it runs well and even plays some nice games like Sims 3 and Spore, hopefully that pc im getting will be much better.

    As for the topic, yes I guess they are running a monopoly but when you cant afford something upfront this is the only way to go.

  • Us
      10th of Nov, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Get a Job, pay out your debts and rebuild your credit score !!! Get a Life !!! Stop ### and complaining like ###s !!! That's it ... when you have no credit or bad credit ... what do you expect ... to be treated like someone who worked his ### off in this society !!! Fix your problems ...and by the way ... make sure to give EasyHome a call to thank them trusting giving ya a Big screen TV ... that you might afford ... but might not deserve as a good law abiding responsible credit payor!!! Bless ya !

  • So
      2nd of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    First of all to USblood's comment people don't always go there cause of bad credit or because they are ###ing criminals for instance I am an ex u.s. soldier not a criminal my wife is in college and I am opening a business in 4 months we currently use easy home because we just moved to a new city and it is temporary because I cannot get anymore credit mine is to the max but it is not a good service and Easy1234 why don't you shut the ### up talking bout people you have a pathetic job here is an idea get a real one easy home is fine for a temporary fix and thats it but they have these problems with these types of customers because THESE ARE THEIR TARGET MARKET so when any employees of them come on here complaining get a new job your company targets out the poor so obviously you are gonna have these problems as for the collection methods they are illegal god help them if they pulled any of that crap on me I would sue the hell outta them

  • Ti
      9th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I was a employee of easyhome and i can say first hand this company is a joke!!! and rips people and employees off.the harrasment not only to customeres but employees is sicking and it is disgusting these people are allowed to get away with it

  • Ky
      6th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    i was babysitting at a close friends house when easyhome came knocking on the door
    the two men walked right into the house. they were not invited inside, they stuck their foot in the door and pushed in. all because they were late in their payment.
    it was insane, and i was honestly afraid at that point, for not only myself, but the two children i was watching.
    this company is clearly not legit enough to follow trespassing laws.
    they even jumped the balcony and tried to get in.
    i think a neighbor called the police after i screamed at them for quite some time, and then 2 days later i was receiving phone calls at MY HOUSE because i was a reference.
    as a law student, i can say for sure that this company better pull itself together, because i personally observed them breaking the law twice that day, and although i didn't want to trouble the authorities, one day a customer will not be as timid with the issue as i am.

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