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EasyCar / poor customer service

1 London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:

Like so many other people I have been shocked by Easycar's complete lack of customer service.

I rented a car back in May in order to help my sister move and provided Easycar with my age (24 years) at the time of the booking - when I arrived at the airport I was told by Budget (the company Easyjet had chosen as the local contractor) that they would not rent a vehicle of that size to anyone under the age of 25... something that does not apply to most other car rental companies.

I called Easycar's shockingly expensive (60p a minute!) "help" line and was told that I would simply have to accept a smaller car and I could apply for reimbursement of the cost of having booked a larger car later on. I explained to the gentleman on the phone that this would not work for me as I had chosen a larger vehicle because - and I know this seems shocking! - I needed a larger vehicle! I asked if Easycar could put me in touch with another Car Rental Company (of which there are many at Stansted Airport) in order to honour their agreement and was informed that no they could not and I would have to take the smaller car.

I walked over to the National Car Rental desk and inquired into their policies and was told that they could rent me a car the size of the one Budget was refusing me. Once again I braved the "help" line in order to inform Easycar that I would not be picking up the Budget car as they had breached the contract that they had made with me by failing to provide the product I had paid for. Much to Easycar's dismay I had the audacity to request that I have the money I had pre-paid (over 140 pounds) reimbursed – to which I was told I would have to apply to the company to get my money back.

This application apparently cannot be submitted by email - despite all's transactions being over the web - so not only did I have to print off my Easycar Booking Voucher (something that they already have a copy off in their computer system, since they were the ones to email it to me) with my attached cover letter, I then had to pay postage from Canada in order to get these documents to them.

So, so far Easycar has not only failed to provide me with a Car, their mistake has also cost me a more expensive car rental as a result of not pre-booking with National Car Rental, the cost of calling Easycar's "help" line in order to be told that they were actually unable to provide any assistance, and then finally I'm now paying for postage in order to get reimbursed the money that I lost as a result of their ignorance of their Contractors Terms and Conditions.

So I've wasted enough of my time and money on this Easycar debacle so far - but wait - there's more! I receive an email from them a few weeks later informing me that they "regret that [they] cannot refund [me] for [my] booking" because I failed to read the Terms and Conditions which state that "The Minimum rental age is 23 years depending on vehicle group".

But wait! Remember the part where I'm 24 years of age as specified in my cover letter and during the process of making the booking - and since the Terms and Conditions governing the Vehicle Group is dependent on the Contractor, a piece of information that Easycar does not provide until after you book - and have provided your age - it is really up to them to make an informed decision as to who to Contract out to... but clearly the the Customer Care agent is unable to actually read the Cover Letter that I have spent $7.50 to post to her... so now I have to explain Easycar's Terms and Conditions and the format of their bookings process to one of its employee - and the person in charge of Customer Care no less, which lets face it says a lot about the quality of its staff.

I get an email back within days letting me know that I will be refunded my money. Now remember how I booked the car back in May? Well its now August - so Easycar have held on to my money for 4 months - and have only agreed to return it after considerable effort on my part.

As far as I'm concerned all of these complaints are basic breach of contract issues, which put Easycar clearly at fault, and as such they should be working for their customer - 'cause let's face it, I'm never going to book with them again and after hearing my horror story nor will any of my friends and family.

It is my personal opinion that Easycar's staff are not really as unorganized, technologically inept and untrained as they would like you to believe, but rather that these are tactics in order to avoid returning the money that they have illegally held on to. These people are unscrupulous. Stay very far away.

And if you're unlucky enough to already be caught up in this web of corporate corruption just persevere - they are in the wrong and if you keep fighting it they will eventually email you those magical words: "We would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to you."

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  • Re
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    EasyCar - no car!!
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 0906 333333

    i booked and paid in full for a car to pick up at midnight from gran canaria airport last sat 9th aug 2008 and was in a queue behind another lady who has crying her eyes out, i soon realised why when we were both left stranded late at night in a foreign country with no car despite having full prepayment vouchers as confirmation. The supplier goldcar were extermely nice but told me there was nothing they could do and that this was a regular occurance with easycar. We hunted the rest of the airport to hire another car but as it was august nobody had any cars and we ended up having to find cashtills to get some currency so we could take a taxi from the airport. to the hotel, very traumatic at 1am in the morning stranded in a foreign country and not at all what we expect from a "reputable" company. Tried phoning the easycar emergency number all weekend and it was closed, left three messages and my phone number, explaining the situation but still waiting for them to return the call. contacted another number today to be told i had to put it in writing and they would then consider if i get my money back or not!! Quite unbelievable!! looking at internet, this has been happening to people all over the place for years and nothing seems to be being done about it!!

  • Jt
      2nd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    My advice is that you NEVER rent a car to Easycar. I rented a car for a week this summer in Geneve. When I reached the airport the instructions were to contact to Alamo Desk. When I reached Alamo desk, they told me that there were no reservation in their reservations system. I have to call back to Easycar in Spain, and after complaining, they gave me no solution. Alamo Desk stated clearly that was Easycar's error, they were also talking to Easycar and told them that no reservation was introduced in their system.
    I had to find a car by my own going desk by desk to all car rentals companies in the airport, I had to pay for a new car rental again, and a more expensive one as they were no cars available.
    But the problem didn't stop here. I was said by the Easycar rental phone support that all additional costs will be payed back. When I reached my office after my holidays, I found a mail in my box saying that there was a ticket open for the incident. I checked it in the easycar web, and the incident was closed. I reopened the ticket whit my complains and they started to ask for a lot of documentation that I had to send them to a postal address!!! Is was incredible for me that in 2008 an "internet company" (or something like that...) ask me to send something by postal mail. Also all the reservation process was in my mather tongue, but when I had to complain there were none talking Spanish. Even more, all extra costs that I had to pay for rental a new car in Geneve were not included (this was not stated by Easycar support), and were only explained by mail... So, please NEVER NEVER NEVER do any business with Easycar: they are not a car rental company, they only contract services to a real car rental company, they can't provide solutions, they do not know how to support their customers and finally, they do not keep what they say in their customer support phone.

  • Ki
      22nd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I also had a similar problem with EasyCar. I booked and paid upfront for a rental car in Reims. In Reims I found that the car hire place did not exist on the map I had been provided and also all the customer helps numbers they gave me were useless.
    We had to rent another car from another place and I am still waiting for my refund from easyCar. They of course while the take your money straight away are very slack in returning it.

    I would advise anyone NEVER to book a car through EasyCar.

  • Ga
      11th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes
    EasyCar - No Car and Charged Anyway
    United States

    I recently booked a car through Easycar to Christchurch, New Zealand. I did not realize but they do not actually have an operation there like the others (Hertz, Avis, Jucy, Maui), but instead work through a third party contractor. The third party company did not have a car for me when I arrived, and would not pick me up at the airport for me to even talk with anybody as they did not have any cars (there is a direct line phone in the airport to request pickup).

    They said that they sent an email back to Easycar saying they did not have any vehicles but I never received any notification from Easycar. They also said that I should not be charged and not to worry about it. However when I got home yes indeed the charge was on the statement. I replied to my initial confirmation email from Easycar to request that they remove the charge but they are saying I will have to send a copy of my confirmation and my credit card bill through the post to their offices in England as their email system cannot handle attachments. I replied with the date, amount, and reference number on the credit card statement but they responded saying that I would need to provide physical copies of everything, otherwise they will not look into the issue. (Note also that if you need to call Easyjet customer service-- to correct their screwup-- you must pay for the call.)

    As I scan other comments on the web I find that I am not the only one with similar complaints against this company.

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