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East Side Mario's / conditions of store and employee treatment

1 Ontario, Canada Review updated:

A friend who I've known for years now got me a job at East Side Mario's in Ontario, Canada which I started at on June 16th 2010. During the first week as hostess, I absolutely loved my job. I thought the environment was great, I got along with my co-workers and I loved head management. After the first week I started to notice some things, employee's were stealing food in the bathrooms on their break, some employee's came to work with hangovers and some even under the influence of alcohol or illegal marijuana drugs. They seemed to be constantly hiring, I noticed kitchen and the "back room" staff started to disappear (either quitting or being fired) and same with servers. The kitchen staff did NOT do their work, the dishes were being half- ###'ed washed and not completely clean and the cutlery/side plates had left-over salad gunk on them (such as soaking wet lettuce, cheese and even meat) I told my Manager (Melissa) and she said she would take care of it, which she did not. There was a 360 protocall that was sent to all employees of East Side Mario's (I did not know what that was at the time) however, the managers said after our shifts we were "NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE BULDING, OR RECIEVE OUR PAY-CHEQUES" that we had worked for previously, which is illegal. Since I am under 18 and I didn't want to sign anything, I called my older step sister who is in HR and she told me to wait. My manager (Jenny) told me I was not allowed to show anybody this (including my own mother) because "we didn't hire your Mother, your Mother doesn't know your job" and I was offended. It said "are you a black sheep? if so this will be the beggining of the end for many of you" I could not believe my eyes. All the servers stopped their jobs including the hostess' and the building turned to chaos. My step sister told me not to sign anything because it was unethical and definitely illegal to withhold pay that I have worked for, and not letting me leave. She spoke directly to Jenny the manager and litterally a WEEK before my 3 month "probation" as they like to call it, they decided to "let me go" because they no longer needed my services. I was humilated but happy as hell to get out of there. Considering all the constant visitations from the Health Department and other inspection offices, I would NOT reccomend working at the East Side Mario's Milton location. They were however, kind enough to renew cheques that had not been cashed into my bank account...

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      3rd of Jan, 2009
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    East Side Mario's - FOOD
    Phone: (705)534-3268


  • Lo
      26th of Feb, 2013
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    We were ignored the whole time,
    • our waitress would walk by us without asking us how we are.
    • We had to ask her for anything we wanted
    • She spilt my wine and took her 15mins to get back to me
    • The place was EMPTY
    • When she brought ONE drink she would leave our empty soup bowl and empty salad bowl we had to start, while we had our dinner too!
    • Therefore we had a lot of dirty dishes in front of us
    • Isn't it custom for a waitress to bring something and take something, that's how I learned when I was younger
    • She went out of her way to ignore us, my friend said excuse me, while she was walking away and continued to walk away
    • So I yelled excuse me, everyone looked, I am embarrassed she has to embarrass customers that way so she doesn't have to do her job
    • I was waiting for the manager after that, and she asked me RUDELY and while giving a crude look is there anything else???????
    • Manager came complimented our dinner said sorry for the bad experience, I had said it's not just that, you wasted our time and money to come and put up with this experience.
    • Upon paying for the drinks we had, she was there I asked her to have her name she looked at me rudely, “no”
    • I was giving her an opportunity to be nice, but then I followed its on the bill anyway that was your chance.
    • She didn't not apologize at all.

    we took the table next to ours phone number, and east side Marios emailed them to say they dealt with the situation. The same server is still serving and giving horrible service. do not eat at ARGYLE location in LONDON ontario, CANADA

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