Dysoncall back request

Dyson is quite literally the WORST company to EVER deal with. Their Customer Service is hands down the WORST you will ever find. Once you purchase their products, you are stuck. Dont expect to be treated valued or have them stand behind their products. The lie, hang up, refuse to assist, wont give you their real names, never have any supervisor support or quality control, wont return your calls, are rude, clueless about the products they sell and just brush you off.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Rome, NY Inquires go unanswered, they pretend like they arent getting your emails or live chat questions, their call center reps are awful. It is an absolutely arduous process that will leave you with a bad taste and regret for ever buying anything with their name on it. Their Social Media and every online review is filled with similar complaints. I will NEVER recommend or buy their products again. They have gone down hill and have a horrible reputation. Zero customer centricity and garbage products. They refuse to assist and the service is pathetic.

Dec 05, 2018

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