dyson Absolute DC17 / vacuum doesn't work correctly

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I find it ironic that Dyson has come out with a pet hair attachment, considering my vacuum recently began gathering hair in the belt department which results in the vacuum overheating and shutting down. I've had vacuums for 30 years and have never had a problem like this.

Due to the gathering hair around the belt, I'm forced to pick the hair out of the compartment for a half-hour session before every use. I called Dyson and explained my problem - and was referred to the local warranty shop, where the repairman/owner belittled me and accused me of purposely ruining my vacuum. He refused to look at it but insisted that there is nothing wrong with it. I'm not sure why he would tell me that there was nothing wrong with it, and then accuse me of misusing it. He told me that he gets plenty of business from Dyson and he's not worried about whether I complain to the company.

I wrote an email to Dyson but haven't received a reply back. IMHO they're so busy trying to invent and sell that they don't value their customers, nor do they support their products. I not only will never buy another Dyson product, but I'm also passing the word about both Dyson and the repair shop. I wasted hundreds on a product that only cleans if the floor is already clean and the company comes up with a pet hair product?

Laughable. I'd like my $300 back, please.

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  • Ks
      Feb 07, 2011

    I have the Dyson DC17 and have had nothing but problems after 6 months of using it. The animal hair or other fibers get caught around the belt & gear and you are left sitting for at least 30 minutes picking with tweezers to get rid of it. Dyson has sent parts trying to fix it, sent it out twice to have it worked on only to find it wasn't fixed. Now they are shipping it to corporate (at least another 2 weeks of not having it) and Dyson is telling me that this is a maintanance issue and that the word pet in the name is only because of the pet attachments to clean your furniture. They say that the reason the hair gets stuck under the belt is because the hair your sweeping up must pass by this belt to be sucked up in your sweeper. They refuse to acknowledge that this is a manufacturer defect and do yourself a favor, do not purchase this machine unless you want major headaches. The DC15 ball is fine, no problems. Oh and if you have problems with your Dyson, expect long hold when trying to call.

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