Dunia Finance / rate is getting higher and very poor customer service

United Arab Emirates

I've been using dunia credit card for about 4-5 years already. I haven't made any complain thought their interest is very high. just recently, I noticed that my Sept bill became very big from AED 2, 400 from the previous months it jumped to AED 3, 085 what surprises me is I never used my card since June 2018. I called them up and asked why my sept bill reached that high but they cant provide me a proper information about that matter. So I decided to apply a settlement for 5 years to make sure that the monthly that I'll be paying is fixed and there will be no additional amount in the future. I provided all the required documents to them and even paid the sum that they were asking me to pay that was 30th September 2018 since them I was calling them almost everyday to follow up my request but they are only ignoring it. I called also one of their financial adviser but his always ignoring my calls too. I was lucky to reach them after several call attempts last 21st October 2018 and the guy said that it was rejected because my salary is less than AED 4, 250 and they need AED 5, 000 salary as per the central bank policy. I AM APPLYING FOR A PAYMENT RECONSTRUCTION NOT FOR A LOAN/CREDIT CARD!. their answer doesn't make any sense. that 's why im applying for a settlement because AED 3, 000 monthly is very big for me and I cannot pay it monthly. and what am afraid is maybe after couple of month they will increase again my monthly due even am not using my credit card. I went to hamdan branch, called the customer service, called their financial adviser and even emailed their Chief Marketing Officer but THERE IS NO RESOLUTION. They don't care what will happened to you as long as they have money. One of their financial adviser asked me to a friend or anyone that can be my guarantor and he provided me list of requirements to submit the Debit/credit form, id, passport and visa copy and cheques.Where in this earth to find a guarantor that is willing to apply loan in replace of mine?? until now I'm sending emails to their customer service and calling them but they kept on ignoring me.

Oct 24, 2018

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