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Ms Guerrero:

Re: Contract [protected]

As you can see from the attached document my season is Platinum and not gold as per your records.
I am requesting one of the following weeks as per our discussion and added 2 additional possibilities:
June 19-June26
July 3rd-July 10
July 17th- July 24
July 31st-Aug 7th

Please note these are the only weeks I can go that my son will be at home from the Navy. I cannot go any later due to my older son
getting married and my daughter leaving for college will not be able to go. This is probably the last family vacation we will get to go on as a whole.
I would prefer one of the weeks highlighted in yellow. The date highlighted in pink is the last in order that I would like.
I hope this matter is cleared up as to the correct season. I will expect a phone call prior to noon today at [protected]

Also please change my email to debra.[protected] with an alternate email of [protected]

I have also forwarded this to Mr. Duffy and Mr. Cloobeck as well
I have been an premier platinum owner at mystic dunes resort of a 3 bedroom lock off for many years. Then we added to our timeshare by becoming a platinum owner at Dunes Village on the odd years. I begged by husband to purchase this property and to be honest I have kicked myself in the ### ever since. Not once have I been able to get a week I wanted. One year yr we invested both property weeks into points to find out 8 months later when we had multiple weeks accrued in points that that they did away with the point system and we lost all the points we had been saving to rent s 4 bedroom. When I called I was told they did away with the point system AND WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED. Now I called to book our dunes village for a summer week when our son was home from the navy and was told 1. I could not book during the summer weeks and 2 since I was a gold member I could only book 90 days before. I told the girl I had my contract in front of me and I was a platinum member she basically called me a lair and their records were right. Said I needed to email her the contract and she would get back to me after she reviews it with her supervisor. I explained I expected a call back within the hour. Well that was about 5:45 est. the email was read at 6:07 and I have not heard a word from them
I have been asked at owners meetings when you go on vacation and they want to meet with you to see how everything is going. feed you a crappy breakfast and try to hard sell you additional weeks. Why we never bring any friends to see the see the resort or give a list of names and addresses and I flat out tell them because it's basically a scam. We never get weeks we want. We were told we could use our mystic dunes week at dunes village since they were sister resorts. Which is the reason I wanted the dunes village. But guess what that wad a lie too. I frequently post when I see people talking about buying a diamond resort not to do it and have been very loud in making my unhappiness know at member get togethers. And now I am not contacted by noon today I will be hiring an lawyer for a breach of contract suit. My mystic dunes I always break up to a one bedroom week and a 2 bedroom week which gives us 2 weeks even years and with the week at dunes village 3 weeks of time share the odd years. Now that our kids are out of the house my husband and I could relax in comfort. But what really pisses me off is I wanted my sailor to have a nice week at the beach while he was home and my daughter a nice time before she heads to college. Our room sleeps 8 so they would have each been able to take 2 friends and now it looks like that won't happen. DIAMOND RESORTS YOU REALLY BLEW A SAILORS VACATION

Feb 03, 2015

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