Duke Energy / tree trimming to clear power line

On Nov 17 a company representing Duke Energy came by and told me that he would like to come into my yard and clear the power line by trimming my tree. I told him that would be fine, I had allowed this before with other companies clearing the power lines. I was appalled when I looked out and saw what they had done to my tree. I can understand trimming a tree like this when it is on the side of the road but to come into someones yard and destroy the tree is totally uncalled for. I feel this could have been avoided by simply cutting the top of the tree off, not simply cutting the tree in half while still leaving the limb sticking out the side that runs just under the line.
I would like for them to come back out and shape the tree, if it's even possible to shape it, or replace the tree with a healthy well established tree.

Duke Energy

Nov 20, 2017

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