Duke Energy / my husband and I signed up for septic coverage and we were scammed

Raleigh, NC, United States
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We signed up for Duke Energy's septic protection for around 10$. My wife Kate and I called in to have our septic looked at. I was presently surprised that a contractor came out the same day or next day which was pretty awesome customer service. The contractor came out and basically did nothing. he looked at some pipes none that were the issue. I was baffled and when i tried to explain what was going on i was rudely interrupted several times.

Part of my septic was line was blocked or broken I'm thinking. I'm not an expert however it is a big house and has 3 lines that feed to the septic.

The contractor then said I'll be right back and got on his phone while in the car. He then came out a few minutes later and said that " you have a dry well" I then asked what does that mean. He stated " Some of your lines are running in the back yard to a dry well." I asked where he couldn't tell me. I asked so what does that mean and why. He said " we are not going to cover it because it doesn't connect to your Septic tank. " So whether he was trying to get out of a tough job which it was it was. He also would not let me ask questions about his methods. Which he found an old piece of pipe way behind my shed which it was which is about 120 feet away from my septic. So yes I am upset and so is my wife and it seems like some fraudulent behavior is going on with the Duke Energy Contractors are doing.
If we as consumers expect some level of customer service then it would be appreciated if you could maybe teach your contractors to be able to actually explain why they think the diagnosis is what it is and not shrug off your customers questions because we will not stand to be scammed which this feels like. So Duke please talk to your customers as well maybe get feedback.

Jun 26, 2017

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