Duke Energy / disconnected

Lake Mary, FL, United States

My power was turned off 10:15am..
You service guy was outside disconnecting and he was asked by my husband to please wait 1 second while he paid .. he didn't listen and turned our power off.. I am Disabled!!
My medicine in the refrigerator is very expensive... I have called several times begging and crying that I need my power back ASAP.. and here it is 1:44pm and still NO power..
The service guy was right around the corner parked and resting by my Subdivision Lake..
My power should of been turned on right away..
Also want to file complaint again the tech that came ou to my house to disconnect!!
There is a big sign and speed limit is 20mph..
Several of my neighbors are very upset the way this tech was driving !!!

May 11, 2017

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