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Found DSL EXTREME online when looking at the most cost effective service which at the time it was. Had the service for a year and it actually worked. About 5 months ago I was fortunate enough to find a home for myself and my children. When I moved in, I tried connecting the modem to use the internet. Found out that there were no services available in the city that I now am in. Contacted and spoke with the manager about canceling my services. He said that he could not do that and I have the option in either paying out the remainder of my contract which was another 5 months or be charged a cancellation fee. Let him know that I felt that it was ridiculous that I had to pay out my contract eventhough they were not able to provide me a service. He proceeded to read what was on the contract. Nevertheless, I was very upset at this since I felt as a consumer, I was being taken advantaged of. I understand that I was in a contract, however, there should be some way for the manager to take it case by case. In this situation, it was not my choice to sign up for new internet services that actually worked in my area on top of having to pay for additional services, at DSL EXTREME that I couldn't even use. It is ridiculous! Once I hung up with them, I emailed the Consumer Affairs about this complaint in which I was redirected to the Attorney General in charge of Utilities. To make matters worse, I tried calling customer service today and she is telling me that I need to either email, fax or write them to cancel. Can they make it more difficult for consumers like me to cancel. Needless to say, I am extremely upset and disappointed in how I was addressed when trying to cancel services that I do not need. I plan on taking them to small claims court. I am also going to use the complaints on this site as proof that it is not only happening to me. Thank you all for taking the time to hear my case before it goes to court. Companies need to always do what is in the best interest of their consumers to avoid their day in court!

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  • Mo
      Nov 08, 2011

    I have their service in MD (near Annapolis) and am having similar trouble disconnecting their service. We were completely without any internet service last week for 4 days, so my wife signed up for Comcast (she must have internet for her job and university work). I explained to them that they have not provided me with the agreed upon upload speeds in my contract, and that I had this same issue with them back in July. They keep pushing me back to their tech support team to have them verify the problem even though I have lots of measurements over the last 2 months showing they haven't been meeting their agreed specs. Customer service keeps insisting that I will have to pay $250 if I terminate early because I have a year contract (and we're about 7 months into it). I keep insisting that THEY (and Verizon) have not kept their end of the agreement with the poor upload speeds I continue to see. Back in July and August they spent about 4 weeks diagnosing the trouble, got it working well for a month, and then it went back to the same old crap. These guys are scammers. Their support never call back when they say they will, AND they have called me after 11:30 PM at night (3 times now) to talk about the problems! I'm ready to post a complaint to the FCC or FTC...

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