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DSL Extreme / Never trust

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DSLExtreme's service was intermittent at best but I canceled my service because I moved. When I called to inquire how to return the company's modem, I was told I should wait for a box to be sent to me. I waited a month but the only thing that came was a demand letter for payment for the modem. I called again and was told a box had been sent, but that another would be forwarded to me. After another month, it didn't come. Only a second letter saying my account had been sent to the collections department arrived. Last email to collections resulted in a message and another phone call where I was told that the company's contract says it's not its responsibility to send a box to return the modem.

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  • Bv
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    After almost three years of services with DSL Extreme, I cancelled. They asked me to return the Modem and that I provide the cost and packaging of mailing the Modem. In addition, they claim that I verbally agreed to continue renewable 12 month agreement. I have had other DSL services including Earthlink, Verizon, etc and none of them required the return of a modem after a 12 month of continuous services and if there was a need to return a defective modem, they will send the package box with everything paid so I could return it. DSL has threatened to report me to collections and damage my credit, if I don't return the modem and pay a cancellation fee. This amounts to extortion. I am trying to find out if there is various consumer complaints against DSLextreme filed with State of California - Consumer Affairs. If anybody knows, let me know. Thanks for any assistance on this matter.

  • Ar
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    A month after I ordered their service, someone came out to the house. Then they sent the modem, but it did not work. I finally got a hold of tech support and they said no signal was being sent to the house and that they would send someone else to the house on Tuesday. He also said that I might have to hire someone to work on my house with Cat 5 to make it work. No one ever showed up, so after 5 weeks without internet I cancelled DSL Extreme and ordered interent from the cable company, which they had running in two days. I talked to the Billing Customer Service Supervisor who said "no way we are going to refund the money" and also imformed me that they are going to charge an additional $250 for cancelling. If you want to pay $300 for a headache, order DSL Extreme!

  • Fr
      24th of Oct, 2008
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    When I signed up w dslextreme, I was very pleased w the service. In the past couple of months I am unable to send or receive messages. I tried to notify the company of the difficulties; the web addresses did not respond. I called & spoke w a tech who told me the changes are "behind the scene" & do not affect the service. Not true! I contracted @ a higher monthly cost and have received no benefits.
    Freda Hermann

  • Fr
      24th of Oct, 2008
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    How many times do I have to write my complaints?

  • Da
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    DSL Extreme since they partnered with google has been a nightmare... the BBB needs to investigate their practices and I will surely spread the word that DSL Extreme will cost them dearly...

  • Fr
      11th of Apr, 2009
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    i got dslextreme for 3 months with my at&t dsl modem got slow internet speed on there end with only 150k of speed not even close to the speed they offered me in my plan, after the 3 months i got a new home telephone number with a new telephone service provider not knowing if i loss at&t service i would loss dslextreme, called them asked if i can close my account out with out them chargeing the 250.00 fee, they got nasty about it and refused to close it unless i paid there fee.even though they dident offer the internet speed they say they did, so i bull ### them on the phone about i'll just keep there service and going back to at&t to keep my dslextreme account open, but really i called my bank and reported my bank card lost and there going to send me a new one with different credit card numbers so dslextreme cant run any further monthly payments off my visa bank card. they should have thanked me for even being a customer for there ### service and makeing them a profit for three months off of me and waved the fee as a curtusey but no they had to be money hungery. dont get dsl extreme there nothing but fraud artest.

  • St
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    I have been a DSL Exteme customer for 2 years. I have moved and they cannot provide High Speed Internet to my new address but I am still locked into a contract and have been told it's easier to pay $185 cancellation fee rather than the $250 fee that AT& T may charge. I called corportate and they basically told me they do not deal with customer complaints and to deal with the California office. They are worthless. Word of mouth means a lot, so tell everyone you know NEVER to use DSL and the terrible customer service they have.

  • 86
      7th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had DSLExtreme for a year. After the contract expired, I cancelled the service. I was told by the service representative to send the modem back within 30 days. I sent the modem back within the first week that I canceled the service.

    5 months later, I recieved a letter from DSLExtreme saying that I needed to send the modem back. I ignored the letter because I already sent it back. Got another letter from them threatening me to either pay them $99 for the modem or it would be sent to collections.

    Why did they send me the letter 5 months later if they never recieved the modem back?

    Is this EXTORTION or what?

    STAY AWAY FROM DSLEXTREME! There are better companies out there for the service and it does not come with any extortions.

  • Co
      15th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you plan to sign up with DSL Extreme for their advertised low cost plans, think again!! Three months ago, my 12 mo. contract with DSL Extreme finally expired. I canceled immediately... Just when I thought I'd never need to deal with that company ever again, today, I received a letter from their Collection Dept that I owe them $99 because I haven't sent back my modem. What!? Where's that written?? When I called in to cancel my plan, their service dept. made no mention of it, or I would have returned it... I used other DSL companies before, never once did I need to return the modem at the end of contract, it never even crossed my mind. Besides, I clearly remember that I paid some $$ for the modem in the beginning... Further, when I initially signed up with DSL Extreme, I picked the Express plan. However, the speed I was getting was slower than their Basic plan because they said I live too far from their service hub (but, of course, they didn't tell me that when I was signing up). They said the speed I was getting still meets the minimum speed (written in the small prints) so I can't change to their Basic plan or cancel the contract unless I was willing to pay several hundred $$ of early cancellation fee. Thus, for an entire year, I suffered with painfully slow Internet. And now, they are threatening to damage my credit if I don't pay them another additional $99. Is there still law!?

  • Ds
      15th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    BEWARE!!! Do no deal with these people! If you try to move or change any of your phone services you will RENEW your contract to another 12 month contract! I called because my internet stopped working after i changed my phone service and they said unless i renewed my contract to another 12 month contract they couldn't give me service but i would still have to pay for it or pay a $250 early termination fee. I'm on a 2nd year with them and i was waiting till july to cancel the service when my contract expires but i can't now. I will have NO internet and they still want me to pay them.

  • Du
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I got on the website and ordered the product. When it came I tried to use their instructions but my computer kept saying thar the program was for a Mac, I have an HP no workie da. I called and talked to the people but even after giving them all the info and the numbers off their box, they still said it would work, wrong. It screwed up some of my programs, so I called them back and found out what I needed to do to send all the stuff back. Now they have sent me a bill for $368.00, 4 months after I sent the crap back. I guess they were still charging me even after they cancelled my subscription, they want a lump sum but as I live on less than 2200.00 amonth they will just have to take payments. I tell everyone I know and some that I don't never to get on with DSL EXTREME as they will screw YOU!!!

  • Qu
      3rd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am worry now, they ask the same thing, return modem or $99.00 charged, why did we see that 2 years ago? it's totally bummer!

  • Sa
      17th of Feb, 2011
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    I have been dealing with these jerks again and again. September '10 I cancelled and sent the modem back Oct '10. December '10 they send me a final notice that they never received my modem and i owe $99.90. I get papers from UPS with my tracking, signature of the receiver, everything and they tell me I'm good to go, my account is clear. Feb '11 I get a call from collections saying I owe DSL Extreme $99.90. Again I gather all my paperwork and mail, email and fax it. I spoke with billing rep and she said there was no record of a call on Dec 22 '10 but I have record of it on my phone bill. She asks for my tracking number and tells me my account is clear. I explain my situation, thrice burned and such, and she says she'll personally type and mail a letter stating I have been cleared. WT[censored] They are a dishonest, horrible company. All I can say is just when you think its over, its not!

  • Un
      18th of Feb, 2011
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    DSL ignored our tickets of inconsistent service for 2 months. They never fixed it so I cancelled. I didn't have any of their equipment thankfully, so I thought that was done, right? WRONG!!! They are now demanding some $83 now because none of their techs filed me "unrepairable", making me unable to cancel out of contract. Also all our tickets my boyfriend sent in to them to notify of them for our outages have magically disappeared!!! So I'm getting charged for 3-4 months of absolutely no internet service at all due to a company that ignored us when we tried to contact them on numerous occasions for consistent service? WT[censored] I might as well be an unsuspecting girl walking into a mechanic's garage with this scam!

  • Gr
      7th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have read the comments posted here and noticed two things: Mostly complaints and if it is NOT a complaint, there is praise but added a self-referral for profit/gain. If I may add, to this list of unhappy people, is this... Do your research (on the Internet) about the company you are "considering" to use. If you count the number of complaints and compare that to the number of successful service agreements, you may find that the complains may actually be a small percentage. That might be the case here, too. Here is some friendly advice: Check out the competition. If you do decide to go with DSL-Extreme, get into the tiny details of their contract and educate yourself with it because that "document" is what you will use against them AND make them comply with your terms. (By-the-way, you cannot change the terms to suite you especially after signing-up.) If they are signing you up for certain down/up speeds, make sure the contract has a "REMEDY" for failure to provide that level of service. If you are getting no service at all AND you are making your timely payments, collect your documents and (ONLY TRY to) get things corrected over the phone WITH A DEADLINE on making those corrections - do this politely, ALWAYS. If they fail to remedy the problem AND you are current on your service payments, DO NOT THREATEN to stop payments, DO NOT THREATEN to sue; just go to "SMALL CLAIMS COURT" and make sure you have researched your information on an "AGENT FOR SERVICE OF PROCESS" name & address. Usually it will not be the same as the corporate headquarters in Chatsworth California. (Usually!) Do not serve the lawsuit for "Breach of Contract" by yourself but instead have the Deputy Sheriffs do the Process Service for you (costs about $45-$85 more). Include all COPIES of your documents (include Certified Mail Numbers and copies of the Return Receipt) with the lawsuit (as Evidence) to be served. YOU WILL GET A RESPONSE from the company in a bend-over-backwards effort to making you happy in exchange for dismissing the lawsuit. Be careful here, get everything in writing to your satisfaction that falls within the guidelines of the original contract AND ALL ITEMS MAILED TO DSL-EXTREME MUST ALWAYS BE SENT "Certified Mail with RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED" - DO NOT USE UPS (United Parcel Service) because the U.S. Mail is officially recognized by the Judicial System (the Courts) when it applies to evidence entered into admission. Additionally, when sending corrospondence relating to the "Start" of the Breach Of Contract, have a person (NOT related to you) prepare a "Proof Of Service" letter stating what the contents of the envelope has (Itemize It) and you keep a copy of that Proof Of Service with each of your letters. Make a Special Folder for everything DSL-EXTREME, date them and keep all rocords safe. IF you agree to using their company supplied "modem, " make sure you keep the original box along with all contents including the packing materials, so that when it comes time to terminating their services, you can properly repack the modem the same way you received it and ship it back with the U.S. Postal Service with a MERCHANDISE/Certified Mail with RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED. You must keep records of your activity with DSL-EXTREME for at least four (4) years in California (other States statutes of limitations may be longer or shorter). When you think you are done with DSL-EXTREME, be prepared for any inquiries from DSL-EXTREME afterwards, such as "Where's Our Modem" we never sent you. (If they sent you a Modem, they will have a "Tracking Number" and the name of the Carrier on file. Ask them for that information in your letters and when they fail to provide you with such Tracking Information, USE that Failure (known as "WithHolding Material Information") in your lawsuit as evidence. Your response should always be to ask them (politely) to mail all "Letters Of Demands" to your current address of record. (Do NOT give them any address information, let them tell YOU what address they have and you can verify that it is correct - do not add anything.) The Judicial Courts System will NEVER permit "heresay" (phone conversations) to be admitted into evidence. This is why EVERYTHING MUST BE IN WRITING and sent Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested by someone (NOT related to you) who will provide a "Proof Of Service." If you are wondering what a Proof Of Service is, just google it. Do your research! When you walk into a contract fully educated, you'll stop others from walking all over you. You will be in control. You may even get the monies that you paid to DSL-EXTREME for services NOT rendered along with Court Costs AND the monies paid to file the lawsuit along with the Process Of Service fees paid to the Deputy Sheriffs station. You will be known as a "Litigant" to DSL-EXTREME and they will be afraid to do business with you again. So, afterwards (about 7-9 months later), make sure your Credit Report has nothing negative from DSL-EXTREME posted or you WILL go after them again for "Falsifying Records" on your Credit Report (research Public Law regarding incorrect information on credit reports pertaining to your State of Residence - Google it!). When you think first and think it through properly, you have the power. Trust me, you would not think about walking through a dark, seedy alley without paying any attention to what trouble you might get into half way into that alley, would you? The same goes for any Contract you plan to enter into. They say it harder to get out of a Cellphone Contract Relationship than it is to get out of a marriage via divorce. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  • Fa
      11th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Did anyone try DSLExtreme based an ad you heard on the Leo LaPorte radio show? If so, was it based on the advertised claim that the monthly rate would be either $14+ or $12+ with no mention of it being a promotional offer? If this is the case then you have been duped with a bait and switch game. I don't believe Mr. LaPorte was in on it other than being an advertiser but it is his responsibility to check the quality and truthfulness of the companies that advertise on his show. My bill went from $14+ and $2.88 for surcharge to $39.43 and $2.88 surcharge. When I called I was told that that I was on a promotional plan that had expired and the new price reflected the change. I told them that nobody had mentioned any promotional from Mr. LaPorte's show all the way to DSLExtreme, itself, when I placed the order. It you feel that you have been defrauded contact the state agency involve in false advertising and file a complaint. To get anything done about deception of this type there needs to be a large number of complaints.

  • Ti
      15th of Aug, 2015
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    We were with DSLExtreme for a couple of years in Pasadena, CA. We had to move and pulled out the service. We did not have trouble returning the modem. After having a service in another area we were told we could keep their modem so when we returned to the Los Angeles area we decided to reinstall DSLExtreme. We did not need to use their modem. The first year was fairly cheap, about $17.00 a month. After one year they raised our price to about $22.83. This went on for about another 4 years when DSLExtreme announced they were transferring over their service from Google to another service starting August 1, 2015. They told us they would raise their price to about $28.00 a month. We didn't feel their service was worth it because we had so many problems with it connecting to the Internet correctly. We checked around and found out we could get a bundle for cheaper as we had a separate landline phone company and a separate long distance company. We talked to DSLExtreme in July about the possibility of closing our account by August 1, 2015 . The rep said we could let them know by August 1 if we were closing our account with them. So on July 31 after we had the new bundle put in I had my husband call all three companies including DSLExtreme right after the new bundle was installed to inform them of the change. But DSLExtreme either is incompetent or did not want to acknowledge losing us. We alway paid our bills on time. Now they emailed my husband and told him they didn't close the account till August 7 when I guess they were forced out by the new bundle. They say we owe them $5.52. Really it isn't that much money but it is the principal of the thing. My husband called them about the matter and let them know he did call them before August 1 but they are denying receiving the phone call. They say the last notes they had indicate they only knew we were considering removing the account but never let them know we did. My husband talked to them about a possible misunderstanding and removing the charges but the young female manager he spoke to refuses to do this and so now he plans to let it go to a collection agency and when we get the letter he will dispute the matter. Really why would they send the bill to collections when it will probably cost them more than a tax write off. By the way the new bundle works much better than DSLExtreme ever did.

  • An
      20th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    I have already filed complaints with the FCC and the BBB. I fully intend to stop any further money being taken from my bank account by this company in order to take unearned early termination fees. As a senior on a fixed income, I can ill-afford anyone taking $250.00 extra out of my meager income, let alone this company that seems to thrive on not correcting any problems, but by making people upset, aggravated and frustrated. Their business practices and policies leave much to be desired. When dealing with DSL Extreme, I feel as if I'm dealing with someone from a third world country. Tech support is as bad as their deplorable customer service. Five days ago, I called and asked to speak with a supervisor; I was told that 'both' were on the phone and left my number for a return call from one of them. I finally received that call today, Friday, January 18, 2018. This company has no scruples, and no professionalism whatsoever, and it appears to teach its employees the same disgraceful values. Perhaps a class action lawsuit would make someone pay attention and take notice.

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