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Absolutely the WORST customer service ever - we signed up my sister-in-law in Sacramento 3 weeks ahead of time so we could go up from Southern California to get her started on email. We got 3 confirmation emails from DSL Extreme and modem mailed to her. Once we service! After two hours on the phone they couldn't tell us why - just that it was in their "order" dept and they were closed on Sunday. Having to leave the next morning by 9 a.m. to get back home they promised to call us at 6 a.m. when they opened - not only did they not really open at 6 a.m. but had a recording they opened at 7 a.m. except at 7:15 we were still getting the recording they weren't open yet. Finally got another tech person but they couldn't get through either - by 8 a.m we gave up and cancelled the order.

Sadly we never got any service for her and had to leave - we couldn't even get a competitor to provide for another 3 weeks because DSL extreme wouldn't cancel the order with AT&T so that another order could be placed!

Took forever to get the refund on the modem once it was returned (immediately by the way) and then blamed OUR CREDIT CARD company...stay away at all cost! Unless you like being frustrated, lied to and disconnected!

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      Apr 10, 2011

    (At relative's house with internet). I've used DSLExtreme many times and have never had so many problems until now. Before, I would always compliment this company for it's helpful and quick service, but now I'm one of those guests that have absolutely sided with the negative end. Ok, moved on March 18th, put an order request in to notify address change 2 weeks ahead already. Online appointment to have internet up at new home on March 20th. Internet not up. Called an apparently At&t had to come fix the phone line. Ok, got that settled in one day and we still use the same phone number. March 21st, phone lines working perfectly, No Internet. Called, DSLExtreme said it takes 7 to 10 days after At&T gets a working phone line to get internet back up. March 31, no internet. Called DSLExtreme up, they said they can't connect and need to put in a new line. That makes no sense, it's still the same phone number and service was available to the new area according to the service tracker online. It was quote on quote GUARANTEED that everything would be resolved and I'd have internet back up running again exactly on April 4. No Internet. April 5, called and tech support doesn't know what's going on and that Tier 2 will call me back in 24 hours. April 6th no call back so I called and complained to supervisor. Supervisor April said she'll find up what's going on and at least give me a follow up in 24 hours. April 8, no call back. I Called and complained to Manager Kathryn, who said she'll personally handle it and call me back. April 9, no call back. I Called at 2pm of which tech support said Tier 2 has too many calls and will call me back that day. 8pm no call back, I called tech support and they said Tier 2 will call me back in an hour. Oh yeah, did I not mention each time I call I literally had to wait more than 5 to 10 minutes on hold. WTF, I have not had internet for over 3 weeks and DSLExtreme doesn't even have the courtesy to call or email me and make a follow-up on why they can't resolve the "no sync" problem. On top of that, they refuse to wave my april bill and will charge me a late fee if I don't pay. So there you have it, I'm paying for service of which I'm NOT provided. I can't use a new internet service provider, because if I terminate my service with DSLExtreme they'll charge me a $250 early termination fee.

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