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lIVY eLivy E. Stoyka, DDS, PL General and Cosmetic
Unprofessional Dentis!!!

I’m impressed, I usually don’t google people, but from now I surely will. This is an unprofessional dentist. She is not considerate of her patients at all, she does not listen and neither takes the time to check you when you are in pain. When you go to her office be sure to agree with her and keep you mouth close even if they do not use protection for x-rays or use same wet and with blood cotton on you, because what they say they’ll call the police on you???. She loves calling you sweetie? And do not finish her job, be sure not to pay until the job is done. Now I’m stuck with a temporary crown, because she would not seat my permanent one. Plus she kept it and I had already pay for the service $1130.28, plus $81.00 more for 10 min in her office, getting an X-ray and being told I needed a root canal that I do not need. Another dentist fixed my gum that had only cement stuck causing great pain on me.
She is not mature enough to set her emotions apart for bad done job, that other dentist need to fix.


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A  9th of May, 2009 by 
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She is the worst dentist I have ever had the misfortune of visiting. Do yourself a favor and go to the Better Business Bureau website and see the multiple complaints against this dentist. She has an "F" rating from the BBB. She suggested over $6000 worth of unnecessary work that another dentist fixed for $100. She is condescending and her practice is top heavy with office staff that does nothing but find ways to overbill your insurance company. I received a collections notice less than a week after my initial visit even though I paid a co-pay and the rest was to be covered by insurance. They don't even wait for the insurance company to pay them before they are sending you off to collections. Just a horrible, horrible practice, I trust nothing the woman said to me because none of it was coming from a place of my best interest or health, it was all through the filter of generating maximum revenues for the dentist. She is the worst dentist I have ever seen.
D  21st of May, 2009 by 
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I have been going to Dr. Stoyka for many years and she is sweet and kind... I brought it to her attention these negative comments and she explained that she has a nasty abusive ex-husband who has posted all sorts of negative comments on the internet in an effort to discredit her. Apparently he has some problems, if you know what I mean - regadless, she is a realy great person and a good dentist and these comments are merely malicious and out in left field - Don't let other people tell you how she is - give her an opportunity to see you and you will be a patient for life!
D  26th of Oct, 2009 by 
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I Have been using Dr. Stoyka for a few years now, She has gone out of her way numerous times for me and my family! Does anyone else know a dentist that would open Their office on a weekend night?? I had severe tooth pain and got a call in to Dr. Stoyka, Within 20 minutes I was in her chair feeling 10 times better... I have been reading all of these negative comments over the internet and can't believe any of them!! She even called me later that night and the next morning to check on me! Not one of her assistants, THE DOCTOR!! I thought this was really cool! And NO I didn't get a huge bill for all of this, I was billed exactly what I would have been for an office visit with a filling! I am shocked and amazed by all of this garbage on the internet about this wonderful lady.. I really do believe it is her Ex-husband trying to sabotage her business, He wants her to loos everything and seems to be going to any length, I think its sick!
N  6th of Aug, 2010 by 
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"Doctor" Stoyka pulled the worn tooth from my 10 year old daughter's mouth. The typed letter from our Orthodontist read EXACTLY which tooth was to be removed, the "lower left primary first molar". This "dentist" pulled my child's SECOND primary molar! Then proceeded to charge me for the procedure and has since sent me not one, but TWO addition bills stating that I owe her another $146. PLUS, she took 3 x-rays of my child's mouth and is now charging me for those as well. My daughter had these same films done at the ortho's office 4 weeks earlier AND her pediatric dentist had send the same films to Dr. Stoyka with the patient records transfer!
Dr Stoyka has blamed everyone for this "mistake" and has taken absolutely NO responsibility for this mater!
This dentist was recommended to me by 2 different friends, so I assumed she was a qualified and capable professional. I WISH I had checked her out online BEFORE taking my child into that office. The only positive thing I can say is that I am VERY THANKFUL the wrong tooth pulled was a "baby" tooth. I will NEVER use this dentist again!
N  12th of Oct, 2010 by 
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I just went this mourning to her office and I had to leave before she start working, cause she was so "rude"; to start the first thing she told to me was that I was 30 minutes late when in worst case I only was 13 minutes late(I thought my appointment was at 9:15 and I've got there at 9:13, she told me that the appointment was at 9:00) I apologize and let her work. when she was ready to start working, she was going to apply the anestesia on a upper left tooth when I need the work done on a lower right tooth. Good thing she was not amputating something on my body cause right now I would be screwed. when I realize what she was doing I asked her what she was doing, and I told her that she was working on the wrong tooth and point to her to the right tooth to work, she left the office, came back like 10 minutes later and told me that I said on the phone wich tooth I need the work (# 15) like I am a dentist and know for sure my teeth by numbers.
Then she told me that she was way behing because of me. Then I got up and left the office and she told me that I am going to have to pay for the missing appointment and I respond that I went to the appointment and then she said that she was going to send me to collections (for what, work that is not done and never start) and then very nicely and with the education that everybody spect from a dentist she told me; get out of office. I have been in several appointments in my life and I have been late on some of them and belive me nobody never told me that I was late, I felt so humiliated the way she treat me today she is very unprofessional, she can be the only dentist on this planet I will think twice before I go back to her office.
N  1st of Apr, 2012 by 
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Manatee County Medical Negligence Civil Case #41 2007 CA 004658 Settled with Prejudice



A  7th of Aug, 2014 by 
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Dr. Stoyka called the police on my eightytwo year-old mother-in-law. Yes, you heard correct, Dr. Stoyka called the police on one of her patients. I won't bore you with all the awful details. Suffice it to say that when my mother-in-law returned to Dr. Stoyka's office today to have a crown reinstalled that had fallen out (that Dr. Stoyka has installed yesterday!), the doctor was instantly hostile, instantly aggressive and, in a word, frightening. When my mother-in-law asked her to please calm down, she "lost it". She literally chased this eightytwo year-old grandmother out of her office, stood screaming at her car window and then called the police ON HER! So now my mother-in-law has paid for a crown that was not installed properly and has been TRESPASSED from the office obligated to repair it.

Please read the reviews. Trust me. They are not some vendetta by an angry ex-husband. The doctor should not be practicing. We are eager to spare others from her bizarre, hostile and bi-polar-like behavior. Be forewarned.
N  4th of Feb, 2016 by 
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She's a horrible person! And her office manager, Tami, is just as bad! I met Tami at Sarasota Memorial because our grandbabies were born in the same day. After talking for a while she had asked me if I would be interested in working with her as a receptionist. She needed one and she liked my personality. I had a job at the time but I was miserable so I agreed to come in and meet her and Dr. Stoyka. It was an answered prayer to get this opportunity! After meeting them at the office they both liked me and told me to start the next day. They both knew I had no experience but was willing to train me. My first day went great! At the end of the day, Tami told me what a great day it was and that she would see me Monday morning. I quit my miserable job over the weekend and was so excited! On Monday morning, I got into the office at 8 o'clock in the morning ready to start my day, when Tami told me that I was being let go because they need someone with more experience!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I had quit my job for them! How can someone do that to a person? I will let everyone I meet know how they done me!
N  8th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@Cindy Weaver Koffler iworked with the wonderful witch myself..This person isnt human.I assisted her while she ripped out teeth and tried to charge pts w OSHA fees...ya. Insurance companies and OSHA doesnt agree w that...also...its not how good u r are nothing to so w it. If she doesnt like u ...she finds anything and everything...Just bc ahe hates everyone and feels she is better than everyone.. You will be tortured then u will quit.. She provides NO training and talks and gives u orders while ur on the phone ..she expects u to be at her every whine and whimper bc she is paying u.. this person needs a therapist and meds and a little compassion
D  11th of Feb, 2016 by 
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Many things are being said that are absolutely false.. I am a patient of Dr Stoyka's and have read these comments. I have never expierenced any rudeness from Tami or Dr Stoyka herself. They go out of their way to accommodate any concerns. You know former employee, from the way you sound in the letter.. your very hostile and that they could recognize that. Normal people just let it go and move on, , maybe you didnt fit .. why so harsh??? just let it go but why trash people.. what does that serve.. thats why the world today is so crazy because of people like you.
A  16th of Mar, 2017 by 
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I was fooled, I did not dig far enough in the reviews. At first she was great, very likeable, worried about the work needing done, and how they were going to help. Informed her that had very low tolerance to narcotics, but she proceeded to give too much, then did the deep cleaning. Husband was out of it, shaking, barely walk let alone talk, all they did was have him take a seat in the lobby. He had to ask another patient to call me to pick him up, they did not even offer. No apology on overdosing him. Decided to give them the benefit of doubt. Went back, second cleaning went better. Decided to take daughter there. Hygeniest who barely speaks English jammed the xray mouth piece into her mouth. Then couldnt understand half of what the dentist was telling her about what work needs to be done. By this time, we had it. Asked them to give us copies of our xrays, was told it would take a week. Set up appointments at another dentist, believing that we would have the xrays in time. What a joke, 3 weeks later I still don't have them. She has very old equipment, and they just don't care that they are holding someone up. She only works mornings, no afternoon appointments, and no Fridays. As for the person who says that she did work late at night, give me a break. We called with an emergency during working hours, and I received no response, even though I tried three times. They had the gall to say they called us back, I have an answering machine and 2 cell phones, there was no message, and there wasn't a record of them calling. Had to call an oral surgeon to help, who got us in within the hour. Oh, by the way, she "farms" out all procedures besides the most easiest ones, even though she has a degree that says she is a "Dental Surgeon". Customer Service is horrible, no one talks to each other, for example Dr. Stoyka says set up afternoon appointment, Anna at the front desk, says Dr. doesn't take afternoon appointments. They give you an appointment, you get there early, still you wait past your time, and then if you are lucky, you see the doctor for 10 minutes. She leaves all the actual work to the hygeniests/assistants. And, if you disagree with her, you are the bad person. I was naturally upset that I didn't have my xrays for another appointment, I received a call from Dr. Stoyka blasting me for being "rude". Said I wouldn't get my xrays (i paid for them, they are now my property) until I apologized to the front desk help. Just to shut her up, I agreed and told her I would be there in the morning, when they open. She would not agree, as she comes into the office later, and she wanted to be there when I got there. Fine, i will come at lunch. Sat there for almost a 1/2 hour. Doctor refused to come out and deal with me. Paid my final bill with them, told them to mail me my xrays. Heard from the bank across the street, that the ambulance visits her office weekly. Word to the wise. DO NOT GO TO THIS DENTIST.
N  8th of Mar, 2018 by 
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Also the person on her catand dog cat lover ... Well...Dr get off of this board... We know ur sticking up for yourself bc ur just a emotional chid...I know ur secrects

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