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Dr Daniel Man / mel practice and negligence

1 851 meadows road belle terre, suite 222, boca raton, fl, 334Boca Raton, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 561-395-5508

Put the wrong size implants in. I asked for 500 ccs he put 800ccs. I asked for under the muscle and he put one under and the other over the muscle. he then tried to do three more surgeries on right breast to correct his mistakes and punctured my right implant several times and caused infection. i had to have both implants removed for eight months. i have scarring from where the infection ate through my skin... emotional, physical, and financially hurt by all this! he is an arrogant man who simply is a butcher. I have my detailed written story if you would like it.

Dr Daniel Man

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  • Ma
      30th of Jun, 2012
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    This Dr its a jerk and a bad person, judge should be mad with him. he dont care anithyng about peoples, he cares only about money. i went to his office to get botox he charge me more of $500.00 without the good results that other profesional obtain for the same money. he is a jerk. im never will come back to him. when somebody ask me for him always i said hes is not a good person hes never listen his patients. i would not recommend him for any procediurs. becafull peoples dont go to this offoice dade county and palm beach county and broward had alot better doctors that him.

  • Hs
      12th of Oct, 2012
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  • Bu
      24th of Jul, 2013
    +5 Votes

    I tried to sue him for negligence and mal practice. The system protects this Mengele. He is a butcher. The crazy ironic twist to suing a doctor? The experts changed me $4, 500 to examine his charts on my case! They didn't find in HIS charts any evidence of malpractice or neglect! Duh! Is that not ridiculous? Of course HIS records are going to cover all his tracks. Of course he isn't going to put incriminating evidence in his own files. That Being said, I cannot find an expert to testify against him. The butcher of Boca gets a get out of jail free card and is able to destroy other patient's lives. He's destroyed mine for the past two years and I have no recourse inexhaustible the system protects him. I am scarred for life.

  • Ni
      22nd of Jan, 2015
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    This Daniel Man, I cannot type 'Dr' because he is nothing but a butcher, arrogant, bad person., sarcastic, liar, won't take responsibility of his butchery, we should all get together to stop him and make him reimbursed our monies. He made me a monster. HEY, sarcastic jerk, are you afraid of God ? I GUESS NOT. but don' t worry,
    Sooner or later you will pay, God will take care of YOU.

  • So
      19th of Oct, 2017
    +2 Votes

    @nilsa maceda I couldn’t agree more, he messed up on my surgery, refused to admit it, and treated me horribly.

  • Lm
      20th of Jan, 2016
    +3 Votes

    Subject: Refund for remaining services Med Spa

    To Whom It May Concern;

    I purchased a package from Dr. Man's Med Spa a couple of months ago. The services were as follows: (10) Viora treatments
    for each of the 2 areas (10) Arms/ (10) Abdomen as well as (3) Micro Needling treatments. First I will say that I will not be returning to your facility so please cancel any future bookings. I am very disappointed that I chose your Med spa specifically because there was an association with a plastic surgeon and yet the day of my consult no one explained that he would be out of town nor did they explain that I would not at any point meet with him.

    I spoke with both Aesthetician
    and Spa Manager
    during the consultation and was convinced to go through with the treatments as well as feedback from a few others with regard to Dr. Man. That being said, I believe that anyone who spends over $5, 000 in any facility should at least be afforded the courtesy of seeing the Dr. at some point to evaluate patient progress.

    The very first treatment was done by your Spa Manager which seemed quite perplexing and odd and although she is very personable and I'm sure a good manager her inexperience was obvious. I was advised that the Aesthetician would continue treatments.

    Again after the first couple of treatments with Viora she seemed incredibly inexperienced with the device and having had treatment elsewhere some time ago the treatment duration as well as application were poorly executed as I had significant bruising post treatment and at that point I had minimal faith or confidence as to her ability to do the micro needling and told her I would not be proceeding with that treatment.

    There were then delays in the treatment schedule due to the holidays which is somewhat understandable however it does negate the underlying consistency requirement. During the holiday schedule I again was given a treatment by your spa manager as I was told the Aesthetician was still on vacation. To my added dismay I was just told this last visit that the Aesthetician would not be returning, which is unacceptable as my experience based on the spend has been as I have had treatment with other providers over the years and spending that much money for an unqualified spa manager to execute the treatment is not what I would consider a "best practice" for your facility and customers should be made aware that they will not be seeing the Dr. at any point to evaluate the patient either before or during treatment.

    I realize that this may not be your policy however again I feel that additional clarification as to what constitutes services being rendered should be more clearly defined with more oversight as to execution to avoid potential injury or risk to the patient. As far as I'm concerned a spa manager should not also be treating patients especially when the patient is spending over $5, 000 for service even though I'm sure this is not her fault as she was doing what she felt was in the best interest of the facility although in my mind it puts you at severe risk in the longer term. Therefore I am requesting a refund for remaining treatments which is more than fair as I don't feel that any treatment to date has been of value. I will add that I am quite fit and am realistic as to expectation however the treatments were minimally executed based on the limited capabilities of the operator (s) from my personal perspective based on treatment at another facility in the past on a different area.


  • An
      11th of Sep, 2016
    +5 Votes

    He destroyed my body. My breasts are horribly misshapen and scarred. He talked me into tickle lipo on my "muffin top, " and it seems that, not only did he take fat out of the wrong place, he left my whole left side completely numb. (And it's been two years -- no feeling has returned.) He really is a butcher.

  • Da
      9th of Jul, 2017
    +4 Votes

    Please file complaints with the Better Business Bureau so we can help others avoid this terrible business:

  • So
      19th of Oct, 2017
    +2 Votes

    @Damaged by Dr. Man Thank you for the info. I’ve been waiting to heal from my surgery to do this. He’s threatening to sue me for speaking out about what he did to me and how I was treated.

  • So
      19th of Oct, 2017
    +3 Votes

    This man is an egomaniac who refuses to admit when he has made a mistake. I had a ruptured implant, he operated on me in Jan. 2016 to replace both. I went from round saline to the new anatomical "gummy bear" silicone implants.
    I was immediately in so much pain on the left side. The implant was in my armpit & it felt like it was pushing through the middle of my chest. I went back several times in the first week in tears. He gave me 30 locals in each breast because the pain medication wasn't touching the pain. He refused to acknowledge the pain, told me he couldn't help anymore and advised I see a pain specialist after 10 days. I did as I was told & and I've had to see the pain specialist every month since Feb. 2016 for 3 medications. (The only thing I took prior to surgery was Benadryl).

    I went back weekly to Dr. Man until March 8, 2016, my last visit with him. This day was my last visit because he had me in tears, hyperventilating. He told me he was sure my fiancé had to be tired of this by now, to which my fiancé replied, “I just want her out of pain.”
    I was looking for hope that the pain would eventually subside or a date to have them removed. Instead, he became angry and hostile and informed me he would not operate on me again. I asked him, "as your patient, what am I supposed to do? How is that supposed to make me feel?" He put both his hands on my shoulders and began slowly squeezing harder and told me to calm down, as I was very upset & in tears. I finally pulled away and said ouch. His assistants who were in the room congratulated me for standing up to him. I asked what good it did me, as I was still in pain & he wasn't willing to do anything about it. He showed me in that moment that no one questions him. He told me to wait 6 months to a year and there was nothing he could do for me. He had no answer & left the room.
    I was so traumatized by that visit, I didn't go back until the 6 months was up. He finally said that I had a capsular contraction in the left breast AND the implant was rotated, explaining the pain I'd been in since day one! I then found out the reason I didn't get the insurance money (approx $2400) back from Allergen was because Pepper did not even send the implant back or the claim form in. I only discovered this because I requested my medical records in Dec 2016 (which I didn't get until March 2017 & the records are incomplete & in some cases WRONG), there was a fax from Allergan stating they closed my claim because Pepper failed to file the claim or send the ruptured implant back. I spoke to Allergan in March 2017 and they said to have Dr. Man fill out the form explaining what happened and they would resubmit the claim as this was no fault of my own. Dr. Man REFUSED & told me I was expecting too much because he was now willing to operate on me for the the cost of the operating room and anesthesiologist only. NOTE: it states in his contract that he would do this anyway under these circumstances.
    I finally decided I could not let this man operate on me again. He is an egomaniac who refuses to admit when he's wrong and he's clearly past his prime in breast augmentations or isn't well trained enough in the new anatomical implants he chose to put in me, in my opinion.
    There is no excuse for how I was treated and I would NOT recommend him to anyone! I have documentation, journals, recordings, and pictures to back up everything I've said if anyone is considering having this person operate on them. I'm more than happy to share my experience if it helps even one person.

  • Je
      16th of Apr, 2018
    +3 Votes

    Thank you lady’s! Was going to see this man for several things
    Now? No way in hell after reading these testimonies!

  • St
      17th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    May I suggest filing a complaint to the state of Florida. Link above to guide you.

  • Ni
      16th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes

    My experience with Dr Man had been horrendous. He inflicted excruciating physical pain on me with no appropriate management and was insensitive to my suffering. He performed procedures I did not request and did not perform procedures he was paid and contracted for.
    Currently, almost 4 months since my original facelift surgery, my lower lip pulls to the right, like someone who had a stroke, I have swelling and redness on the right cheek just below the right ear, both my ears are sensitive to touch, my nose is running all the time, my right side of the neck feels like it is too tight to turn my head, one nostril is bigger than the other and I have a small hole on the exterior part of my nostril.

    I had such a terrible experience with Dr Daniel Man. Read about my experience before planning to have Dr Man touch your face with a surgical blade.

    I came to see Dr Man for a facelift and doing my lower and upper eyelid. We discussed and agreed to have the upper and lower lids done and have a chin implant. He also suggested to do an upper lip enhancement, which I agreed to.

    I had my surgery at Dr Man’s office and stayed in the post op recovery suite for 3 days. During these 3 days, they provided me with frozen meals, which I could not chew. I had begged one of the nurses to get me soup, since I could barely open my mouth.

    I drove myself home after 3 days and that’s when I started to experience severe facial pains. My ears felt like they are on fire and I was not able to touch them . I had extreme and excruciating pain. I went through hell. My face was swollen and painful to touch with burning sensation along my chick bone and closer to my ears. I had expected the pain to subside over time and only experience numbness, but this pain was beyond control. I have not been able to sleep for days due to pain.

    I had visited Dr Man’s office frequently hoping he can treat my pain and ease my suffering. He had recommended that I would use gabapentin for nerve pain and also alternate Ibuprofen with Tylenol. I was on regimen every 3-4 hours with no relief. I also added Prilosec and yet developed epigastric / stomach pain and stopped all the pain medicine all together.

    I was frustrated from the severe pain which the doctor only offered” it will take time” or when he offered “ try some marijuana.” I have not been eating from the pain of moving my jaw, inside and out, and lack of sleep, complaining that I can barely open my jaw and have the ongoing swelling and burning pain in my neck and ear. During this painful period I have lost 12 lb, I did not intend to.

    When I came to see Dr Man for a follow up with these complaints, Dr Man suggested we get in to the treatment room and for him to see what can be done. He took me to a treatment room and tied my hands. He had an assistant in the room with him. He was injecting and opening sutures in the back of my right ear. The pain was unreal. I screamed in pain and asked him to stop. But, he kept going. I wanted to push myself off the treatment table, but I couldn’t, because I was tied down. I thought I was about to pass out from the pain and begged for them to stop and release my arms. I felt the cutting and the suturing of the skin behind my ear. It was a torture. At some point I lost consciousness and woke up an hour later.

    Dr Man said he though it all looked good, and that he had released a suture and hoped that would ease my facial discomfort and swelling.

    However, the agony with the pain continued. My face continued to be swollen, red and sensitive to blowing air. A simple touch felt like it was on fire. For relief, I would place iced towels on my face. I was not able to tolerate being outdoors, or going anywhere without iced towels to my ears, neck and cheeks for weeks. I slept with iced towels on my face fore weeks.

    A week later, I went to see Dr Man because of the same pain and pull of the left ear. He recommended I will take anti-anxiety pills and gabapentin. Indeed my anxiety was high- I was in constant pain. He had never offered me any narcotic pain control and insisted that the NSAID, and gabapentin should be sufficient.

    I had very little sleep and ongoing excruciating left facial pain with swelling and redness. When I contacted Dr Man about this, he admitted me to Boca regional hospital with a diagnosis of cellulitis and stated that he wanted me to see infectious disease doctor and a plastic surgeon to rule out infection and to make sure the surgical site was appropriately treated. I had to go through another left ear surgery with release of “ something” but he claimed all was good.

    As time went on, I discovered some disturbing findings.

    My upper lids were never done. He did operate on the lower lids but not the upper. In addition, he surgically operated on the ear lobe, claiming he thought I had too big of ear opening and decided to fix it. – With no consent

    The upper lip enhancement left me with super sensitive and irritated site inside the left nostril and ongoing runny nose (which I had never had before) that further irritate the nostril interior and exterior part.

    Dr Man also charged me for de-pigmentation treatment, for the pigmentation of my face. He did not perform that procedure either.

    Currently, almost 4 months since my original surgery, my lower lip pulls to the right, like someone who had a stroke, I have swelling and redness on the right cheek just below the right ear, both my ears are sensitive to touch, my nose is running all the time and my right side of the neck feels like it is too tight to turn my head.

    My experience with Dr Man had been horrendous. He inflicted excruciating physical pain on me with no appropriate management and was insensitive to my suffering. He performed procedures I did not request and did not perform procedures he was paid and contracted for.

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