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I published a book with Dorrance a few years ago and they have not sent me anything kind of payment yet. Every time I call and ask them about this they always say that your book has not sold enough copies for a payment to be made at this point.


I don't care if my book only sold one copy. Pay me for that one sale.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Smithfield, PAI've sold a lot more than one copy of my book and they need to start sending out quarterly payments and a record of the number of sales for that quarter.
They've even sent me false records of sales that said your book had no sales this quarter. That's a big lie because I've had friends buy it and even I bought my own book so how can they say that there were no sales? That's a stupid statement because my friends and I have been buying copies.
If they don't start sending my payments I may have to take legal action.

May 09, 2017
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      Jul 05, 2018

    I also wrote a book and had it published by Dorrance. I told them in the beginning that my spelling wasn't the greatest and they assured me that they would check the spelling. When I wrote to ask why they didn't fix the spelling they said it is an electronic checker or something to that effect and I told them that I also have spell check when I wrote the book. There were some misused words such as "thrown" when I should have written "throne" and "know" when I should have written "no". I paid completely upfront and have gotten the run around ever since. I too have had friends and people from my Facebook group buy my book and they also told me that there were no sales of my book. When I tried to go to the website to check the status of sales for some reason they knew I was there checking and sent me an email saying that I can only get the figures twice a year. Once on January 1st and July 1st. July 1st has come and gone and no response from them. I just sent an email a few moments ago to them asking the status of my book. I will wait to see what they say. I strongly recommend that anyone reading this choose a different publisher.

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