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Si Feb 14, 2019

Dorabjee viman nagar - first time I checked my bill and they had overcharged me. I went back for resolution, they asked to come next day. Then I went next day they said manager is not here and come afterwards. Then I submitted my bill asked them to resolve online because I can't just wast my time like this. And they have not resolved it till today. The staff who was supposed to resolve told his name was munna and was eating tabacco while at job and a pathetic behaviour and extreem idiotic man.
I think for such cases where they make wrong bill and add much much extra amount on mrp they should be very apologetic. Instead these guys where extreem careless and rude

Dorabjee & Co.

  • Updated by Siddhant Sharma, Feb 14, 2019

    This has been resolved, thanks Dorabjee's

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