Dollywoodshow security

Our family came to Dollywood this past Saturday, mainly because of the show my people. My mom loved the shows so much that she bought a season pass for this year. With her buddy pass she wanted me and her granddaughter to come and visit Dollywood for mother's day weekend. We saw every show we could during the day, especially My people since it was her favorite. Mr Parton is my mom's favorite, so I was trying to get a chance to get a decent picture of Mr Parton during the show. I was respectful of the request for no flash photography for the safety of the proformers, and I didn't video anything at the shows, but I did take 3 photos during the show. Due to no flash, a decent picture is hard with the lighting so I was patiently waited for preformers to move around the lights for a possible better chance to get a pic for my mom, when a security guard came over and yelled at me while leaning over my daughter, and said " You better not be recording", I assured him I was not, just waiting to take a photo. The security guard told my daughter that, " I know she was", this frightened my daughter! Then he stood at the the end of our aisle for a half hour of the show staring at me and our family.we were unable to enjoy the show because of this, and this show is the reason we drove from SC to Dollywood. We loved the park, but we're disappointed at this show. My daughter was so upset that we didn't ever stop at the gift shop to purchase the DVD of show like we had planned, and decided not to get season passes for us at this time. Lucky we had seen several shows before this one that were great, just wish we had a better experience at this one. Thanks for your time.

May 14, 2017

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