Dollar Rent A Car / charges for &unpaid toll& racket

Denver, United States

Beware folks - seems one of the latest scams run by DOLLAR / THRIFTY CAR RENTAL is to hit you with a "unpaid toll" charge long after you have rented a car from them (5 mos. in my case). Oh, it was a small $2.60 "unpaid toll" but with a $15 "administration fee". My wife and I never drove on a toll road, never crossed a toll bridge & never entered anything charging a toll. I was informed that it was to be charged to my credit card, the one the original rental was charged to.

Now just imagine millions of renters being scammed the same way - they wait until the customer is comfortably home again, then they send you the scam charge & they dare you to call and complain. I did and got...yep...the endless run-around of phone #'s to this recording, which sends you to that recording, which sends you to some complaint boiler room that shuttles you off to the original # again. Of course they plan on you just giving up, the result being a million customers charged an "unpaid toll" of a few bucks PLUS the "administrative fee" of $15 racks them up a cool $17 million a year...enough to pay the slimy vice president who came up with the scam his yearly "bonus".

I'm taking it to my credit card company now - I will NEVER pay this slime charge.

Apr 1, 2014

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