Disneyland ResortOvercharged and unresolved

I purchased a Pirates of the Caribbean jacket on October 13, 2009. Unfortunately, I did not look at my receipt until 10/14/09. I realized that I was charged twice ($56) and I called the number on the receipt and explained that I was charged twice for the purchase of a single jacket. I was told to go to Guest Communications in the Disneyland Resort to resolve the issue. On 10/15/09, I went to guest communications and spoke to someone, I was told that they do not handle credit card discrepancies and that I would need to call the credit card disputes department at [protected] and leave a detailed message of the situation. On that same day, I called and left a detailed message as instructed. On 10/19/09, I received a call from the credit card disputes department stating that they cannot do anything from there end and that I would need to call guest communications because they had given me the wrong information on how to handle this situation. I should have gone back to the store (Pieces of Eight). Unfortunately, on 10/19/09 I was leaving to return to Hawaii. I called guest communication back on 10/19/09 and was told that I signed the receipt stating that I agreed to those charges and I should verify items on the receipt before signing. That was my fault for not looking at the detailed receipt before signing but because I received the wrong information on how to handle this situation, I was ripped off for $56. Throughout my multiple conversations, I was also told more than once that there is no way that they could verify that I did not receive the item as charged. In other words, I was trying to get another jacket for free (is the assumption of that statement). I would not go through all this trouble if my statement was not true. Unfortunately, I am back in Hawaii and unable to do anything about it.


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