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Hello, i would like to make you aware of a situation that happened to my family . We took a family vacation in March we purchased a 3 day hopper with a military Id we only used 2 day's. So we decided to call and see if we would be able to add days we were told we could add 1 more day for 20 dollars because we purchased it with a military Id. I was adamant about making sure we wouldn't have a problem with getting in to the park the lady i spoke with said no you will not have any problems getting in because you are adding a day and the military Id was already VFD the first time. I responded are you sure because we are coming from Albuquerque NM. So long story short We purchased the extra day at the window when we went to get in they wanted the military Id wich we could not pervade because my mom did not come with us the 2nd time around i tried to explain that we had just added a day to are tickets and the military id was already VFD the first time we had gone but they would not let us in because when they took the old tickets at the booth are pictures did not transfer to the new ones so we had to buy new tickets to save are trip. so this is suppose to be the happiest place on earth well not this time. Thank God we had the money to buy more tickets. I feel that you need to give every employ proper training. So other military family's aren't put in situations like the one my family was in. We were very humiliated and embarrassed because of someone who did not have the same training as the women that gave the information over the phone. I feel that you should be faire and send compensate my family for the embarrassing situation we put in because of your employs not knowing their job it is printed clearly on the ticket also military Id to be VFD the first time only. Very disappointing.

Jul 28, 2018

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