Disneyland CA / Good Friend paid, but turned away due to overcrowding. Lives near Canada but only given some 2 year tickets

Anaheim, CA, United States
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Phone: My phone, Id like to hear someone cares

My friends, Angie and Chris Bosecker of Stanwood, WA bought tickets and traveled to California. They were turned away from Disneyland due to overcrowding while still selling fresh tickets to new victims. Why does this concern me? 2 reasons-this doesn't pay for room and gas to get there, forget the 15 hour drive. It doesn't help the discouragement of the kids. I am part of the working poor and I have told my children that I would try to take them to Disneyland. 3 years saving up and we are almost there. I am not willing to give up 3 years savings for a company too big to care. I am already breaking it to my 10 and 8 year old that I am not willing to take a risk on such a Company as Disneyland. Please prove me wrong and do what is right by the Boseckers. Here is their email [protected] It is not their fault that Disney overpacked itself to capacity. Please let me know you are making measures for this not to happen again. I still want to believe I can use my hard earned savings to take my children. Signed, Diane Wennerberg

Feb 17, 2015

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