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$90 bucks for a 3 year old to enter the park???? A 3 YEAR OLD???? That's beyond ridiculous. I took my 3 year old son and my 5 year old daughter. My wife and son waited an hour for this kids ride. It's the airplanes that go around in a circle and you can raise and lower them as you circle. Waited for an hour and it lasted 20 seconds...

I've read all the comments here and it's sad how as soon as somebody writes about their bad experience they get attacked with childish insults. Real mature people. Do we not have a right to voice our opinions?

Back to bashing ###land. Which is actually a fitting name, this place stinks literally. I was waiting in line with my daughter at Minnie Mouses house in toon town cause she wanted the picture and autograph. When we got a little closer to the front of the house it's starts smelling like a sewer or a port o potty. I had random kids in line around me asking their parents why does it smell like a bathroom. That wasn't the only location that smelled. There were several locations. I guess Disney doesn't make enough money to address that issue? Lol or they just enjoy the stench.

Back to Minnie, we finally got the picture and autograph. Then we got in line for goofy. We get half way to him then he just leaves with people still in line.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Anaheim, CA At first people are thinking maybe he needed to use the restroom or maybe his shift was over and another person would be replacing him shortly. We waited and we waited. One by one people lost there patience and moved on. I stayed until there was just me my daughter and a lady and her daughter. Goofy never came back, wow is all I could say.

A couple hours of walking around looking for characters and not finding them passes so I decide to go to main street to the photo shop to get the only character photo we were able to get, Minnie. I gave them the photo card and they couldn't find the picture. I'm not going to go into all the the details but it took over an hour to get that issue resolved.

Can any of you Disneyland groupies give a good explanation as to why a bottle of water or an ice cream from one of those little stands is so over priced? Do they not make enough on parking, admission and everything else they ream you for?

In conclusion, Disneyland is a huge rip off, It stinks like a sewer, the lines are too long and rides to short. People were left stranded in the goofy line.

Instead of talking crap to me in response to my comment how about you defend your almighty precious Disneyland and explain to me why you think it's the happiest place on earth as they advertise.

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      Sep 22, 2016

    I like Disneyland, I have fun on the rides, though I do think the people who wait in line to meet characters are idiots (and anyone who waits more than 5 mim after the character walks away expecting them to come back without getting a confirmation from a cast member that the character is in fact coming back is a bad person).

    The sewer smell is unfortunate but seems to be a problem for the city of Anaheim in general and not just the theme park.

    Disneyland is a popular place and they can charge whatever they want, so if you don't think it's worth it then don't go. That place is crowded enough as it is, the last thing it needs is people who don't want to be there complaining about everything and making all the lines even longer.

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