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Disney Movie Club / slammed my credit card, never signed up

1 Neenah, WI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-362-4587

My credit card was fraudulently charged for a membership to this club. They apparently obtained my cc number from another on-line business. When I returned the movies and explained I never ordered them I received a demand letter back that I pay for them plus "fulfill my membership obligations."

This company is a fraud. There is no way to phone them from information included in the original fraudulent shipment. The demand letter does give an 800 number and a Fax Number. They are [protected] and [protected]. I hope this helps someone else they victimize.

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  • El
      17th of Sep, 2008
    -7 Votes

    You claim that another online business gave them your name and cc number and picked out the movies to be shippped to you. For one thing you have to be very careful about what online sites you deal with. To join the disney movie club you have to go through a process of giving them your orders.

    There is something online now where if you complete the offers of a few companies you are given a high priced "prize" Disney movie club is involved with that but you would have put your information and clicked (or forgot to unclick) Disney movie club as one of the companies in which you wanted to complete their offers. At the end you would put in your information and credit card #. If this is the case you did this willingly and its not Disney's fault you can't read.

    By far your last paragraph really made you look like you have an IQ of 30. You say they INCLUDED a 800 number (which is Disney Movie club's customer service line) All you would have had to do is CALL the number and you would have been connected to a Disney cast member who would have taken care of it for you. They are very nice and that is the way to contact them there is no reason you needed to lie and say there's no way to contact them, If I could dry out your post I could use it for fertilizer.

    Although I do agree Disney movie club really isn't worth being a member unless you are a big movie fan. You are billed $1.99 for your first 4 movies. Then to fullfill your obligation you must purchase 5 movies within 2 years. The cost plus shipping is pretty high $25.90 (extra if you forget to pay the bill). They do offer movies or versions of movies not available in stores. Like National Treasure 5 disc movie set (includes both NT movies) it was offered for 3 months and sold out. Sometimes your given great savings but you have to buy one movie first before you get the savings on another title. If you do not fullfill your membership within two years you are billed the cost of your original shipment ($90).

    You weren't victimized Bob they gave you the tools to fix your problem yet you decide to waste our time and whine about it and not fix the problem that could so easily be fixed.

    You were only victimized by your Stupidity.

  • El
      10th of Nov, 2008
    -7 Votes

    To whom this may concern,
    A month ago I ordered a disney movie
    from the movie club in the VHS form, since I have no DVD player. I recieved that movie in DVD form instead. I think one of the kids pressed a button or someone stole my computer ID but I never ordered the extra 7 DVD's and 1 VHS I was charged 689.88 for according to my bank order. along with 7 other DVD's and one VHS movie I never ordered.
    they took the cost out of my account from my credit card for 689.88 charging me for them.
    I want my money back as soon as possible. I owe for One and only one DVD.
    I would like if the least you can do is exchange it for a VHS like I asked in the beginning.
    I'll return the other movies still sealed and unused since I never wanted them anyway
    I only want one and that's the one I
    ordered "The Fox and The Hound 2"
    In closing I just want to say I'm not the first person you've done this too and If I have to I'll sue you liars for my money if you refuse to refund or credit my account. This amount of money is more then I would or anyone else would be ignorant enough to pay for a few stupid movies anyhow

  • Gr
      4th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Wow, Elizabeth's emails are confusing -- first she slams Bob and then posts a complaint herself about the same company.

    I too have been victimized by Disney Movie Club. I was enrolled into about a dozen programs by a sleezy affiliate marketer who took my information from a legitimate purchase and "sold" my information, as well as my credit card information to several companies. I never signed up for any "high priced prize" scheme that was indicated above, and am VERY careful about which websites I use to make purchases -- in fact, I work for a credit card company and know the tricks often used.

    I have, on numerous occasions, contacted Disney Movie Club by email and by phone, but the shipments continued. All were sent "Return to Sender" or mailed back at MY expense since Disney did not care to stop the shipments for months after I advised them that the account was set up fraudently. They only stopped when I chamged my credit card number (go figure). They are still trying to hit me for $25 for an amount they claim was from a credit card chargeback.

    Horrible service and sleezy tactics.

  • An
      3rd of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    That first comment shows just how stupid and insensitive you are. Wait until you get scammed and you'll realize how much of a ### you come off in your response. As far as Disney movie club is concerned. The 800 number does nothing. The place is run by ###s. Do what I did, hit up BBB and that should resolve everything.

  • An
      3rd of Feb, 2009
    -2 Votes

    LOL GREG!! I would never have noticed Elizabeth's double take!

  • An
      25th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Obviously it's 2 different Elisabeths people. the writing style is different, as well as the name posted. there is more than 1 elisabeth out there.

  • Iz
      1st of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    That 800 number only takes you to a recorded automated system and NOT a real person. I was hit for 90.00 and I told them to stop sending movies! and they still sent them anyway

  • 18
      4th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Most of these comments are ###ed. Only ###ed people would complain. If this was a fraud account and you were charged for the title, you would need to contact your card company about that. It's fraud. They cannot just give you back your money because you say so. I am a disney club member. If you read the terms & conditions when you had signed up you would know that they have feature titles you need to respond it every four weeks. How hard is it for you to go online or over phone once a month to say no. If you can't even read the terms & conditions you shouldn't complain because you are the stupid one. If you don't like responding to feature titles you shouldn't have signed up in the first place. It's not Disney's fault your all dumb.

  • Ri
      4th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Disney Movie Club is obtaining "members" through the scam technique of "pharming, " where internet users are redirected to an unauthorized site so that credit information can be obtained. It happened to me. I don't think the company itself allows this, but the lack of contact information and lack of response from the company permits it to continue. I only was able to contact someone at DMC after Googling "consumer fraud" and "Disney Movie Club." I will report his to my credit card company as a fraud, but it is disturbing that it continues.

  • Ep
      4th of May, 2009
    -3 Votes

    For those who think that the 2 comments from a elisabeth are the same, you're either completely stupid (my bet) or can't read. It's clearly two different people. This, however, doesn't surprise me since you believe you're being 'scammed'. Companies such as this do not 'pharm', and to say so just really shows you have little to no intelligence. Pharming is done to steal money directly, get access to financial information, or get logins for various site -- as would a keylogger or other malware. They DON'T however, put you in a movie club. If you think that button you clicked, or that credit card form you filled out, or that laptop thats just X amount of purchases away is not going to result in something, you should be forced sterile. I'm amazed you were successful in turning on a computer... perhaps you wandered a library until you saw one on. For those about to join ANY club, media or otherwise, READ EVERYTHING. But of course you won't, and are the same type of people that will take out loans at high interest rates, apply for 40 billion credit cards and max all of them out, and have been credit agencies knocking and you claiming bankruptcy. In short, you should feel ashamed for being in the situation. It is your fault, stop blaming X company for your utter, utter stupidity.

  • Bi
      8th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    i no! i got my money stolen rite out frum under me by that no good disney movie club they done stolen my credit card and charged it . now they send me movies all the time and i ain't got no idea how to make it stop. now i got my credit and good name riuned by that disney movie club and i cant buy a new washtub for mama. dam movie club!

  • Ri
      13th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well I hope that phone number still works! I signed up early last fall & quickly fulfilled my Disney Movie Club DVD obligations. I even talked my friend into joining using a Refer-A-Friend postcard that was enclosed in my latest shipment. I filled out the top part with my name, membership number, and free DVD I wanted to receive. I double checked and asked my friend to look, and she confirmed all was correct. She sent it in and began buying her own DVDs, but the free DVD I was to receive for getting her to join NEVER came. After a couple months I began writing them, asking about my free DVD and regiving them all, what was becoming tired information, over and over again. Another month and another letter and so on and never my "Home On The Range" DVD! I stopped ordering, but I didn't quit. I KNEW they wanted to cheat me at this point and I was intent now on hanging on - at least till they gave me what they owed me. I have written them four times and it has been over 5 months I have waited for this $8.99 DVD. A shame really, since (until they ticked me off) I was buying tons of their DVDs. But it is only a mistake once. My friend even wrote them on her end about honoring their offer with me. This is sadly a HUGE scam and I never would have believed it of Disney. I don't know who they have minding the store, but I intend to blog at every consumer blog until someone takes action against Disney Movie Club!!!

    Rita M Cerniglia
    Fort Smith, Arkansas

  • Li
      14th of Jan, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Rita Cerniglia I was signed up by someone and everytime they sent a request for a movie we already had it Then in 2016 there was flood in Louisiana that August and I explained I was homeless why would I be concerned about movies when I lost everything and couldn't see the movies anyway. They were so inconsiderate the guy kept trying to explain I needed the movies and I was explaining what was MORE IMPORTANT to me which was trying to find somewhere to live. Still working on repairing the house but movies are the Last thing on my mind.

  • Sg
      5th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    my card also was fraudulently charged for a new membership. I don't like disney and am just waiting until I can throw out all the Disney movies my mother in law gave us two years ago. So i know i did not make this purchase. Also there were 3 other fraudulent purchases on my card from other video places--I made NONE of those purchases. All are being credited to me through the bank.
    When I called the company to report the fraud and request a shipping label to ship the movies back, they did not act the least surprised to hear that the order was made by fraud and had a quick way already set up to deal with it--ALSO THEY TRIED TO SELL ME NEW PRODUCTS IN THE SAME PHONE CALL!!!
    Disney needs to stop this company now if they are going to maintain a good name. This disney movie company is NOT reputable.
    Also, in case anyone is wondering about ordering...the movies come in a thin cardboard box---not a standard hard plastic case for DVDs. Wonder how long those would last in a house full of kids!

  • Bi
      12th of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    The Disney Movie Club (DMC) is committing a serious scam!!!
    They intentionally lure you to join their membership for FREE, and get the first 4 movies at discount. But what they hide from you is that you have to buy their other movies at REGULAR price (over priced, of course) before you can get rid if it.
    This is a generous business idea to reach into people’s wallets!!! I can not believe that Disney, with its reputation, would base its revenue on such a lame business.
    Technically, yeah, DMC is doing nothing wrong. It makes up its own rules, and reach out for you. All you need to do is to fall into their trap. However, as many people have been complaining, this is a serious scam that can catch people out of their guard. Who would think that Disney would set up a trap like this?
    I have cancelled the credit card I used to join the club. DMC didn’t spell out that they would store my credit card information. If everything about the membership itself stays on the edge of a crime, this definitely falls to the other side. All merchandise would ask for your permission to store your credit card information explicitly. But DMC does NOT!
    Well, I think they have great lawyers so they can spell anything legal.
    Anyway, this is the DMC. Shame On You!!!

  • Fo
      3rd of Sep, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Wow. There are quite a few jerks on here.

    So... My situation is that someone got ahold of all of my personal information AND my credit card and then started signing up for a couple dozen memberships and purchasing trials of various products. I only caught this because I got an email receipt verifying my recent purchase! (Fraud monitoring for the bank also caught this and called shortly after I noticed things.) Yes. I know. What the heck would someone do that for!? Using my email in the purchases seemed bizarre. The kicker? Everything was in my name and getting mailed to my home address!!! Disney Movie Club just happened to be one of the many fraudulent charges. When I called (within 4 days and to the following number - (920) 521-4027) they were very nice, credited and canceled the account and removed my CC information while I was on the phone.

    I will not hold Disney or the Disney Movie Club accountable for the recent fraud activity on my account but I do find it odd that I'm not the only one... Come on folks. That's a pretty odd coincidence. I'm curious to find out if the end goal was just to cause trouble. I'm not sure how they got my info but I think I'm more concerned about what they really want with it. Is this just the start of a big nightmare?

  • Mi
      1st of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Today, I received an introductory package from the Disney Movie Club. Fraud, since I didn't knowingly join. I don't blame Disney Movie Club directly; someone, a middleman, probably signed me up without my knowledge. I suspect one of a third party vendor who sells through a major online retailer. No more third party vendors for me! I'll call DMC and see if they can resolve this. Also, I'm returning the package.

  • Mi
      1st of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Follow up to my Disney Movie Club comments:

    I called DMC at the 920 number given above. They were very professional and understanding. My membership has been cancelled, and they will send me a prepaid label to return the introductory packet. They also told me someone enrolled me online using my information. Scary.

    Besides DMC, I was signed up for two Netflix accounts ( I already had one) which Netflix has cancelled, and I also apparently enrolled in the Gevalia Coffee Club (they are cancelling, sending me a prepaid return label).

    Everyone was very helpful. The bank appreciated that I had contacted the merchants and verified the fradulent nature of the charges. Everyone was great except the jerk who stole my info.

  • Sa
      6th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    we live in italy, and have just received a credit card statement with a charge for disney movies monthly subscription. we had never heard of them, we don't subscribe to these movie companies, and american companies probably wouldn't ship to italy anyway. it is clearly a fraudulent charge, we have reported it, and our credit card has been cancelled, for reissue with a new number. there would appear to be a pattern of passing credit information to this company, so thank you to everyone who has contributed in a positive manner. we will send this link to our credit card company, for their information also. sarah in italy

  • Pi
      13th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I too have fallen victim to this scam. They keep sending me movies and charging my account. When I reply to emails requesting cancellation of the service, my emails bounce back because the addresses are no good. After 20 minutes of waiting, I finally got through to a live person who told me that I had a 5 movie purchase obligation to meet before I could cancel my membership. I informed her that no charges were to be made and this was a scam that I would be reporting. This is absolutely insane!

    Frustrated in Atlanta

  • Dm
      11th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    If you have any questions or concerns about the Disney Movie Club, please contact Priscilla the Member Advocate for assistance. Email or call me directly at 800-459-7002.
    I am here to help!
    Member Advocate
    Disney Movie Club

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