Disney Movie Cluborder history had been abreviated by two movies!

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Last winter I joined The Disney Movie Club in order to get movies for my granddaughter. I ordered the Three discount movies as well as the half price and the additional. I was told that I had four movies left to buy. I purchased at this time:

The Aristocats
The Incredibles
Monsters Inc.
Alice in Wonderland
Goofy Movie

After several months I then ordered Lady and the Tramp.

Because I had changed my CC and Disney had trouble getting it to submit I never received this title. Disney decided to drop this order and instead sent my Granddaughter Chronicles of Naria which I had declined online. I did nothing and my granddaughter also received Dumbo. These were all paid by me with my Visa.

I noticed that even though I started with 4 movies to buy after my initial shippment, according to my last featured title mailing I still had 4 movies to buy. Incredious, I logged on to disneyonline and found that my order history had been abreviated by two movies. Both the Incredibles and Monsters Inc. had disappeared. Nothing left of original shippment save the $1.99 three. Amazingly, according to this movie club 4-2=4. Now even with the changed order history I would only have 3 left to buy. But no I am told I still have 4. I seem unable to buy Lady and the Tramp (the original) even if I order it. And no matter how many I buy and pay commitment remains 4 movies left to buy.

My hopes are that either you or the Attorney General of California will be able to help me with this discrepency.



  • De
    Debra Seferyn Jun 04, 2008

    Disney Movie Club is the worst. I declined a monthly selection online. They sent the movie and charged my debit card. My payments to others started bouncing. I returned the movie and waited weeks for my refund. I was so angry, I wrote to them and quit the membership. Now I am being dunned and have received violent threats from a collection agency retained by DMC. Is this America? I wonder.

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  • Je
    Jessica Jun 07, 2008

    I was stupid and got in on one of those "5 movies for the price of 1" offers and figured, I'm a reasonably intelligent person, I read and understood the rules, and it'd be fine. Wrong. I was charged for movies I'd declined, three times. Their customer service is not open on the weekends because evidently they think the only people using this service are stay at home soccer moms. And their website is atrocious--so far as I can tell, there's no way to actually cancel on it. They sent the fraudulent charges to collections, screwing up my otherwise perfect credit report, and then had the audacity to charge me the full amount of the back movies because I was in breach of contract! The truly hilarious thing is that trying to pay online, the billing information is outdated and it wouldn't accept my card to register my payment--but it did manage to capture the information to charge me for another POS featured title I had declined.

    Billing issues aside, the movie selection sucks anyway, their Blu Ray offerings are an overpriced joke. EVERYTHING is far overpriced than what you would get with or Deep Discount DVD. And don't expect to get the latest releases. The "featured titles" are usually dreck they couldn't sell otherwise (Santa Clause 2 and 3? Really, Disney?), even the animated selections are crap that no one wants.

    It is a classic bait and switch scam. If you get one of these offers in the mail, TEAR IT UP. That is the last time I take advantage of anything my credit card company emails me about. If I could give them negative stars, I would.

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  • Ko
    Kostins Jul 30, 2008

    On April 2007 I have been entrapped by the Disney Movie Club SPAM (
    Mentioned spam advertisement promised:
    "How to get 4 Disney movies for $1.99 each at the Disney Movie Club"
    Joint the Disney Movie Club...
    and get latest Disney movie releases at Bargain Prices.
    Having the latest movies delivered to your home is easy. Just sign up, select the 4 movies you'd like to receive for the introductory offer and you're set. From then on, you will receive the latest releases at deeply discounted prices, which means it's a lot better than buying these from the stores or elsewhere. Plus, you won't find as complete a selected of Disney Movies and DVDs anywhere else".
    Walt Disney is very reputable company, so I bought it.
    But unfortunately it was a hundred per cent FALSEHOOD!!!
    In fact as per club "Terms and Conditions" (,
    The Disney Movie Club begun to force me to:
    " As a Disney Movie Club member, all you need to do is buy 5 movies at regular Club prices in the next 24 months (starting at $19.95 per DVD), plus shipping and processing of $3.95 for the first title in each order, and $1.00 for each additional title in that same order. You may cancel your membership at any time after purchasing the 5 movies. buy 5 DVDs for Regular Club Cost: starting at $19.95".
    In addition, according to club Terms and Conditions:
    "You agree to fulfill your purchase commitment within 24 months of sign-up. If you are unable to meet your commitment within your commitment period, your credit card may be charged for the value of the 4 reduced-priced titles you have received. This amount is dependent upon your initial sign up offer and the format of your introductory movies".
    In other words the true minimal price of the transaction is equal to regular price of 4 DVDs (starting at $19.95 each) plus shipping ($3.99 +$1+$1+$1), plus Applicable sales tax to orders shipped to California and Wisconsin.
    Which means that the true minimal value of the transaction is $79.80 + $7.99 = $87.79 instead of $1.99 x 4 = $7.96.
    Thereby each consumer of the Disney Movie Club has been defrauded to the minimal amount of $79.80 - $7.99 = $71.81!

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  • Di
    DisneyDVDSucks Dec 29, 2009

    The absolute worst company to risk your private information with. If you were already sucked into this mess, DELETE YOUR CREDIT CARD! Of course they will not let you do so unless you replace it with a new one. So I put in a card I knew I was going to cancel, and it expired soon anyway. But, use the impossible to find email form...
    and disregard the message
    "Please note: Our 'Contact Us' functionality is currently not working."
    because they are lying, it always works. They just don't want you to email them.
    Then in a couple weeks, they will reply with a mindless "we need you to call"... and NO, you do not.

    To remove your credit card, put this demand in the form:
    "I do NOT authorize the Disney company in any form to charge ANY credit card connected to my name. I demand you remove the card from your system immediately. Any actions on my credit card will be reported as fraud."
    Your card will magically disappear. But you will get the "You have message" link at the top of the page. This action also curbs the automatic selection as they will not ship unless they are able to charge.

    If you just want out and need to buy the last few of your "commitment", there is no way to override the "sale" price, and you might only get one regular price item per order, therefore, charging their excessive shipping costs. Say you have 3 to end it all, you CAN order by email, using the form that is "not working"...
    Again, they will tell you to call.

    Did you call to open the account? NO. Therefore, they accepted your business online, and they must continue it online.

    Just list the titles you want at regular price in the message. And they must ship the items. You can pay when you get the shipment. Use a check!

    With the check, tell them repeatedly to cancel the account, remove all information from their files and repeat the message on the form that is "not working"

    The most obnoxious, ridiculous, stupid, and inept company ever. I am surprised it's a Disney product... or am I?

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  • Bi
    BigJason Aug 12, 2010

    The Disney Movie Club (DMC) is committing a serious scam!!!
    They intentionally lure you to join their membership for FREE, and get the first 4 movies at discount. But what they hide from you is that you have to buy their other movies at REGULAR price (over priced, of course) before you can get rid if it.
    This is a generous business idea to reach into people’s wallets!!! I can not believe that Disney, with its reputation, would base its revenue on such a lame business.
    Technically, yeah, DMC is doing nothing wrong. It makes up its own rules, and reach out for you. All you need to do is to fall into their trap. However, as many people have been complaining, this is a serious scam that can catch people out of their guard. Who would think that Disney would set up a trap like this?
    I have cancelled the credit card I used to join the club. DMC didn’t spell out that they would store my credit card information. If everything about the membership itself stays on the edge of a crime, this definitely falls to the other side. All merchandise would ask for your permission to store your credit card information explicitly. But DMC does NOT!
    Well, I think they have great lawyers so they can spell anything legal.
    Anyway, this is the DMC. Shame On You!!!

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  • Je
    Jenna1028 Apr 12, 2011

    DO NOT JOIN THE Disney Movie Club!
    I joined last November, made a few purchases, and had not purchased anything since. Out of the blue, on 4/10, I get an email from DMC saying my credit card was declined. HUH? I hadn't made any transactions. Turns out they had tried to auto-send the featured selection, which I had already declined. I contacted them to complain, it took over a day for them to reply. They said my card would not be charged, but in the future to make sure to respond to each monthly featured title offer. I DID, DUH! Oh, but that's not the end of this, because today, 4/12, I got another email stating that they tried to charge me for the purchase AGAIN!!!
    Does anyone know if I have any recourse? Can I contact the Better Business Bureau or something like that?
    I'm appalled that Disney would resort to such tactics to make profits!!

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  • Dm
    DMC Member Advoce Apr 19, 2011

    I regret you are having a bad experience with the Disney Movie Club and I want to help you! Please contact me directly at [email protected] or 800-459-7002 so I can help you resolve all your concerns.
    I look forward to speaking with you soon!
    Member Advocate
    Disney Movie Club

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  • Al
    ALY85 Jan 17, 2013

    STAY AWAY!!! Complete scam! I joined to buy movies for my little girl. I bought the first 5 discounted movies, and opted in to buy 2 of the feature films. When looking at my comittment, Disney Movie Club still says I have a comittment of 4 regular priced movies to buy!!! I'm sorry, but don't the overpriced feature films I paid for count towards my comittment?! Trying to go to the website, now everytime I try to go into my account profile to take off my credit card information, I am "magically" taken back to the login screen every single time, even after successfully logging in before trying to access my account information. Seriously considering a lawsuit, since I have withheld my end of the bargain, and Disney Movie Club is not!!!

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  • De
    Deseray Aug 19, 2013

    I am freaking out about this. I am trying everyway in the book to figure out a way to just get either my information out of their hands or complete my commitment to them. I emailed them at the email from an above comment about not using my credit card and sending my the rest of my commitments at REGULAR PRICE and paying by check and I hope it works. I admit that I fully fell into a trap with this but I just want a way out!!! I don't have a credit card that is about to expire and I have no clue on how to cancel one without ruining my credit score. I am just freaked out.

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  • Sc
    scarleth Dec 17, 2014

    Disney is such a fraud,
    I signed up for the 3 movie deal and didn't realize I had to pay 5 full priced movies, (didn't real the fine description at the bottom) every time I have been accepting the featured title movies which are expensive and surprisingly the last one I bought didn't even go to my commitment status which was around 30$
    I honestly feel like I am being ripped off. I am going to find there number to call and send a complaint. I am so tired of this.
    Hopefully I get out of this mess soon and pay there ridiculous movies.
    oh and isn't it ridiculous enough that if you don't respond to a feature title it sends it anyways??
    How about letting us choose what movies we want. If we don't respond it should mean we don't want it not the opposite,
    they are so malicious.
    Guys stay away from this, literally the money I put it is a little over 100 and I still need two movies left.

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  • Fe
    Felicia Winnett Aug 22, 2016

    Well I am now being threatened to be sent to collections, because even though they accepted my payment in FULL for a movie My Neighbor Toto room, in 5/03/16...even have an email confirmation, they want the payment AGAIN. I am not paying twice for ONE movie. Now there's this "DOC-DUE ON COMMIT-BRD" charge for $94.80? Seriously? For what? Refusing to pay twice for the same item?! I think not!

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  • No
    Nor Rachel Abramson Sep 01, 2018

    So I am going back and forth with this god damn bank. They charged me which was over drafted. And they charged me three times for the SAME Movie. I really want to fucking sue.

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  • On
    Onefor11 Sep 01, 2018

    Invoices showing numerous orders days apart a credit card I don't have. Membership number 9231841 . A 18882579100 number that is a recording that doesn't lead to a way to talk to a person.Keep getting invoices with different prices. Tried calling numerous times. Im at a loss.

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  • Re
    red headed girl Aug 19, 2019

    To whom it may concern: I just want to cancel membership. Can not find any way to contact Disney movie club nor a customer service phone number to call. please let me know how I can cancel membership. My e-mail is [email protected] thank you for any information you can give me to help me to cancel my membership. Sincerely, Elizabeth Pickett

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  • Jo
    john zehr Aug 28, 2019

    i punch the correct email address and password and they won't let me in, they tell me it is a address and a password that don't exitest but they do so what gives and they just told me that i have vip benefits.

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  • Ru
    Ruby Ashe Oct 30, 2019

    They charged my bank account $39.99 for something i never even perchesed and u when i call the member people to cancle the stuff they didnt even answer bc i dont have kids to do anything with disney. Its really stupid and i need ot cancled and my card off there file

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  • Jo
    Joanne8179 Dec 11, 2019

    Signed up for the $1, thry charged me $5 and i never recieved my order (10/2019) and they "cant find me in the system" no one will help me at thier customer service nor will theu refund the money.

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  • St
    Steven Daniels Jan 11, 2020

    I would like to cancel my membership.It was only on a trial basis.

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  • Ma
    Maddieg Feb 29, 2020

    I was charged $31.18 when I didn't purchase any movies. I am also not a member of Disney Movie Club and have no idea why they would charge me for something I didn't purchase or have. I would like to get my money back and not to be charged again from this company and to refunded for the money they took without permission and for no reason at all.

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