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I registered my baby for the Vitality Baby program on the 20th of April 2017. I received a letter in the post with the Vitality Baby discount card.
As per the Vitality website, I am entitled to receive a 25 % Healthy Care benefit, a 10 % Toys-R-Us discount card and a gift bag from Babies-R-Us.
My wife and I went to Toys-R-Us on Saturday, 5 May to collect the gift bag. I took my ID along and was told in the store that I needed to bring in both my ID and the card. The next day I returned with my card and was told that I did not need my card or my ID but instead I needed to bring the letter. I went back to the store with my letter, card and ID and was told that the letter did not have the reference number which was required by the store.
Upon phoning Vitality today I was told that the letter which I received did not contain the reference number because my baby is over 3 months old (she turned 4 months on Wednesday). This information was not communicated to me at any point. I went onto the Vitality website and there is no mention anywhere on the website that your baby must be under 3 months to receive the gift bag. In fact, the only way to find out the information is by clicking on the Vitality Baby benefits guide tab and then reading through the attached document which has a paragraph where it stipulates this clause.
This amounts to false advertising because Vitality led me to believe that my baby would receive a gift bag once I registered. If you go to the Vitality Baby website it clearly indicates that you will receive all 3 benefits.
The fact that crucial information such as the 3 month cut off period is not stated anywhere on the Vitality Baby webpage is very disappointing.
Moreover my wife and I were made to look like fools for going to the store so many times, only to find that we were wasting our time.
It is also very disappointing that once I registered my baby for the Vitality Baby program, I received several emails from Vitality, one welcoming us to the program, and follow up emails as well. But NONE of those emails bothered to mention that we would be denied the gift bag because of the hidden clause.
I actually had to phone into the Vitality call centre and then find out over the phone.

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May 08, 2017

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